Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, June 30, 2016


This week I used all the words River provided for the last in June.  She has done a good job supplying us with challenging words for the fun.

virus, business, instrument, special, complex, superhuman, hottest, reconnect, interactive, driftwood, mystery, continental and the phrase, "there is a Prince Charming in all good fairy stories".

JUNGLE FEVER by Granny Annie

Traveling through the Land of the Lost
A virus infected our hiking tour.
It was our business to seek out care
To find some instrument of a cure.

Jungle scenery and animals
Seemed less than special now.
Superhumans we were not
For complex rescue to allow.

What shelter on a hottest day?
Would we ever reconnect?
A burning fever plagued us
As interactive minds reflect.

Was it driftwood that infected us?
What could solve this mystery?
Moving like a continental army
We headed toward a churning sea.

But, “there is a Prince Charming
In all good fairy stories” still.
Kissing was found to be the cure
Ending a need for any medical pill.

A few might go again someday.
The Land of the Lost was in each heart.
We went home healthy and happy.
We had enjoyed the kissing part.


  1. This is great poem. It sounds like maybe you were in the rain forest on vacation-at least mentally-when you wrote it. Hugs-Erika

  2. Interesting how your mind works.....LOL

  3. coping this hope to find home time to think on it

  4. Love it. You always really rock this challenge.

  5. You took impossible words and a phrase and made it all work. You rock.

  6. What a fun poem! Masterful use of words.