Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, June 10, 2016


WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY are provided by River DRIFTING THROUGH LIFE this month.  I think it is okay to post on Friday instead of Wednesday. We were given two sets for words to choose from and one short phrase.  I choose write a poem each week but so many write short stories and they are great.  You must go read them. I picked the first set of words again plus the one phrase.  Good selections River

Be sure and read the other stories and poems, etc. written for this week posted in comments on River's DRIFTING THROUGH LIFE.

Here are the words:

1. energy
2. caravan
3. drop
4. whispering
5. farmer
6. tracker


1. slinging
2. risking
3. young
4. absolute
5. morsels
6. contain


"the headlights were the only illumination on the single lane road"


We planned our trip
It was meant to be
Now if only I
Would have the energy

To contact and organize
Our entire clan
And designate each a place
In the caravan.

The travel time would
Help us plan our crop.
What produce to add
And what we should drop.

There would be
Much talk of everything
Lots of demands
Lots of whispering.

It was important to be tactful
To be quite the charmer
To get my way.
Not a lover just a farmer.

It would not be wise
To become a slacker
So I must stay tuned
To my GPS tracker.

Thus we headed out
Each with a heavy load
“The headlights were the only illumination
On the single road.”


  1. I like the way you led into your closing phrase.

  2. Oh course it is ok to post on a Friday. Or a Thursday, or indeed any day you like.
    And I love the way you wove the words together.

  3. Well, good to see your creativity in action even if it isn't a Wednesday.

  4. I like this poem very much, thank you for joining in. It's okay to post any day you like. Just leave us a comment when you've posted and we'll come over to read it.

  5. I like this poem. It is beautiful. :) Erika

  6. You are really quite talented! I loved it. Thanks for posting it!

  7. I love what you say in your profile comment! And in the post before this one I like what somebody Miller said about political correctness running amok. Thanks for visiting the pansies on my last week's post. Somehow all my emails are not reaching me so I am late on this. And happy birthday a bit late. I fall about halfway between you and your mother in age.

  8. I really enjoyed this fun adventure through your words and how you tied the ending! Bravo, well done.