Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Be prepared for power outages by making sure all of your computer devices are fully charged.  I have a great light
on my Kindle Fire HD and could carry it all through the house.  I put my smart phone on "power save" to make sure it lasted me through the outage and I was able to play games and work on writing project on my laptop for three hours.  

You might ask why I didn't just go to bed.  Well I tried but my bi-pap (aka Tonto) needed electric power to operate and I am addicted to it for my sleep.

At least the house was comfortable and I did not miss having heat or ac working.  It is time to seriously look into a generator I guess. Especially as I remember last winter. Meanwhile I made it through this storm just fine. Needless to say Slim had no trouble going to sleep. 


  1. Coincidental you mention this subject now. I have been gathering information this week myself about getting a natural gas emergency generator installed. Almost seems like a necessity as I have gotten older!

  2. Alan, I keep putting off getting my storm shelter built as well as purchasing a generator. Hope I won't regret these delays.

  3. You know what the Boy Scouts to be prepared.

  4. It is actually painful for me to sleep without my CPAP. I have been hooked on it since the night they interrupted my sleep study and went straight to the titration study. I wish my insurance company would cover a battery for it.

  5. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Glad the storm has passed!

  6. These storms are getting worse and worse. We on the EAst Coast have been spared the last two years, but I am sure our number will come up. Right now I am worrying about the lava stream in Hawaii and the fires in California.

  7. Anonymous10:00 AM

    We in Hawaii have been told to conserve electricity between 5 pm and 9 pm. Otherwise, there might be a power outage.

    Glad you survived.

  8. A generator would be good:)and a easy accomplishment.

  9. Happy to know you're safe and you were able to keep yourself entertained with some good thinking. Yes, a generator is a must as the cooler weather hits! Be safe and warm while you read/play. If you like Ruzzle, look me up, ilyzu1665. I challenge you! :)

  10. We have three generators. They're noisy and require gas every four hours. My husband and I spelled ourselves when we had the ten day power failure in Tampa when two hurricanes crossed our state.

    You might want to invest in one of those fancy-schmancy generators that work on their own. They're very expensive, but some folks find them worth every penny.

  11. Oh dear. How did our ancestors do it?
    I would choose a generator too. I am soft.

  12. Look at Slim just lying up there on your bed! So funny.

    My sis and her husband got a generator at the farm a few years ago and it has been wonderful for them.

    Sounds like you made good use of your time and those are great tips!

  13. I empathise, GA....make sure you're well prepared. I think the older I get the more concerned I am about storms and cyclones.

    I'm glad to hear all is well with you. I have no idea what a "bi-pap" is, though. I doubt that I've heard that name before.

    Take good care. :)

  14. I do all that you do also. If you are prepared, outages can be almost fun. Two other things I do. I have a solar charger for my Kindle and cell phone plus I have solar lights outside that I can bring in when the power is off for a while. They last all night.
    Considering your medical needs, a generator might be a good idea for a long term outage. Hopefully you won't get any of those.


  15. so happy you're safe..
    yes yes, do see about that generator.
    the closer to cold weather the more expensive they get..
    we lost power for 4 days last winter. I had candles and matches- a radio andd lots of extra batteries and luckily we'd just move to the new place and had gas heat.. your post reminded me I need a few large print books and a board game to play with my daughter. we have cards but tire or that quickly..

  16. Anonymous11:00 PM

    My power has only gone out once since I have had my CPAP and I woke up gasping. I understand the feeling like you are addicted to it. It is a breathing machine! We can die without it.

    My CPAP provider tried to sell me a battery back-up that is more expensive then the machine. Do you know of any other way besides a generator?

  17. Olga Hebert
    If more Boy Scouts were "prepared" we wouldn't have as many unwanted pregnancies. Sorry I couldn't resist.

    I too had a double sleep apnea study. My number was 57. Stopped breathing 57 times in an hour.

    One is passed and another is on the way.

    Mother Nature is on a roll.

    What do you do to conserve during those hours?

    Changes in the wind
    Is it an easy thing to set up? I always imagine it as being very difficult.

    Don't know what Ruzzle is. Does it have to do with art?

    How can a generator work on its own without some other power source? They all would need a battery or gasoline wouldn't they?

    Elephant's Child
    Good question EC. Even I remember times of no air conditioning and wonder how we survived those times. Guess if we don't know better we can't care.

    Slim likes to get to bed early to get the best spot. lol

    A Bi-pap is almost the same as a CPAP only I have to cover mouth and nose instead of just nose.

    Arkansas Patti
    I can't remember the longest power outage I have been through but some have been days. I know others who have had to go weeks without power. I don't see how they survive.

    Sonny Gianetti
    My son is coming again this weekend to make sure I am totally prepared for this winter. Don't want to get caught like last year. If I can warm the chicken water and keep their feed bin filled, I should be able to wake up on a snowy morning and not have to venture out to the hen house.

    I was in so much danger before I knew about my sleep apnea and try to remind myself that I survived all those years, so what could a night or two without it do now.

  18. Oh that sounds awful Annie but at least you have done your leg work.

    Thankfully I can't remember the last time we had a power cut. There aren't many pluses to living here but I suppose that's one of them. We don't get much brilliant weather but we don't get really bad weather either. Pretty boring really!

  19. Why do our pets get so much more rest than we do?

    I have a rechargeable 12-volt battery portable Husky "emergency power" case which has a car battery jumper, a tire air compressor (now dead), a light, n the best part is a ac / DC ports which you can plug a light or phone charger into. One like a wall-plug and one light a car lighter outlet.

    I wonder if one of these could power Tonto for a few hours- Way cheaper than a generator (about $60) and rechargeable when the power comes back for the next time.

    Someone gave it to me free when the tire part died- but it has been wonderful in power outs. Check out Camping gear for the 6 volt ones too.

  20. Oh man. Not having power sucks. Slim didn't seem to mind though!

  21. I've been wondering about a generator, but they're so expensive and I don't know where we'd store it.