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Slim and Franke
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Friday, August 15, 2014


You all know that I do not get involved with politics.  My "About Me" on the sidebar of this blog says it best.  Yet as much as I try to  hold to my mostly conservative views, Rush Limbaugh is certainly the one person who will drive me Left. I avoid listening to his show but the internet caught my attention with this one.  In a time of crisis, sadness, reflection on mental illness and depression, he chooses to make it a political issue.  After making some fairly decent and respectful comments about the death of Robin Williams he had to turn it into a Liberal issue instead of an issue on mental health by saying:  

"He (Robin Williams) had everything, everything that you would think would make you happy.  But it didn't.  Now, what is the left's worldview in general?  What is it? If you had to attach not a philosophy but an attitude to a leftist worldview, it's one of pessimism and darkness, sadness.  They're never happy, are they?  They're always angry about something. No matter what they get, they're always angry."

.....and Rush Limbaugh is saying WHO is angry???

I have just returned from the West Coast and saw my goddaughter happier than she has ever been in her life.  As much as I regret it, I know she will never return to Oklahoma.  It was also a privilege to meet her happy co-workers and friends. Polite in the horrible traffic jams, kind to grocery store clerks and waiters and waitresses.  Calming my angry comments that erupted by the fast paced, crowded, drought ridden and bankrupt state. It would be a  horrible inconvenience for me to live on the west coast because I would have to buy my grocery bags or bring my own and learn things like tolerance for a woman with a grocery cart in the middle of an intersection trying to be a toreador while a motorcyclist (her imaginary bull) was simply trying to  pass through.

This is not a political statement it is simply a statement that we have wrapped too many issues in politics that actually have nothing to do with the governing of our country but with simple kindness, tolerance, understanding and freedom.


  1. To pardon my language, Rush is a dumb@ss.

    Some people can thrive living in the city (not necessarily just the West Coast), and it's nice to hear that your goddaughter is loving it.

    Father Nature's Corner

  2. That R.L. statement is a blow to anyone who suffers from the terrible disease of depression. I am quite certain it does not assign itself along political lines.

    I think your side bar quote sys it better than anything: I long for a world where chickens can cross the road and not have their motives questioned.

  3. I'm with you. I can't listen to any of those fools on the radio no matter which side of the fence they chose to park on. I'm for which ever party will shut up and listen to what the other is saying and then try to work on a reasonable solution. I don't see much of that happening.

    But depression has no political party, no race, no gender, no age, no religion or creed. People don't choose to have it but it can affect anyone at any time. If I could change just one thing about depression it would be that people would understand that it really is a disease, not a lifestyle choice.

  4. I would not give Rush Limbaugh one minute of air time or afford him any credibility. He is all about getting his voice out there - no matter what he says. His comment shows no compassion.


  5. Its a great day to be a lifelong Liberal..

    not even a speck of Rush's dust touches
    me..if I saw a particle of the air he breaths float into my path, I'd hold my breath till it passed.

  6. Hiss and spit. Depression and mental illness are MUCH less prejudiced than R.L. Which is about the only good thing I can say about them.
    I am very glad that your goddaughter is happy.

  7. You know that I tend towards conservative views myself, but I will say that sometimes Rush has rubbed me the wrong way, too.

    Rush purports his lack of education as a good thing, but sometimes his lack of knowledge is stunning and I don't mean stunning in a good way.

    I'm not writing him off because he is a voice for conservatism and I appreciate that in light of the monolithic liberal media.

    I'll just say that we all have our bad days, don't we?

  8. People on the fringes (left or right) always get under my skin for being so completely thoughtless!

    I doubt that his goal is to do anything but get people riled up, which is rather disgusting, since someone died.

    You can always come to Oregon. You don't have to buy or bring your own bags, and there is no bullfighting here!

  9. So glad you daughter has found a happy home though it is so far away. Guess you will just have to visit more often.
    I am always amazed when pundits blame natural disasters or individual tragedies as either God getting even or as a political statement. Good grief.

  10. Well said, GA.

    Politicians the world over must all study from the same books. And unfortunately, they learn very little from whatever it is they're studying. They're all a mob of heartless, quote G. B. Miller above...."dumb-asses"!

    Everything has to be brought back to politics. There is no empathy. They can't spell the words.

    It is very sad; and it makes me angry. When they should be the ones helping boost morale, they destroy it by trying to gain points from the pain of others.

  11. I am glad you left this post, because I (a complete liberal) still try to find those things where there is a common ground, still feel we are 75% in agreement in goals, but not methods. The ugly folks (such as RL) spew this stuff because they make money from it, not because they have deep seated beliefs. I am listening this morning to a former RNC chairman (Michael Steele) who is black and after almost a decade starting realizing that racism is rampant among his colleagues. Bill Maher is our foul-mouthed spewer, and because I am liberal I do find him less difficult to listen to. The media likes to keep us angry, and my vacation really helped me let go of the cliff.

  12. Ugh. I'm with G.B. Miller. Can you get any lower than trying to use someone's suicide for your own political advantage? Not much, I think.

  13. Not a fan of Rush either, especially after that comment of his.

  14. G.B. Miller
    The scary thing about Rush is that he has a following and is allowed to stay on the air.

    Olga Hebert
    My cousin gave me that sidebar quote. I love it too.

    Politics has it's finger in too many pies.

    I cannot believe the man has been married once much less three times. But I also can't believe he remains on the air. I miss listening to the radio before talk radio.

    It is people like Rush who taint life long conservatives such as myself. I am embarrassed that he is allowed to speak on our behalf.

    Elephant's Child
    Definitely a time for “hiss and spit”.

    Rush definitely has more than his fair share of bad days.

    Riot Kitty
    I am surprised that you don't have to buy your grocery bags I Oregon. You don't still use plastic bags there do you?

    Arkansas Patti
    It became real easy to place blame when God was labeled as a Republican.

    The key in your comment is “no empathy”. Too many people have had too few experiences in life these days.

    My life would be easier on the political scene if I could be a complete liberal or a complete conservative but I am pretty much split in half. Think that is called a Centerist.

    Sparkling Red
    I think we're all with G.B. Miller because dumb ass summed it up so well.

    Hopefully one day Rush will go far enough that the networks can justify dropping his program.