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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, July 10, 2014


WaiMei 20 days old
Okay, if you know me, you know that I absolutely love Pandas. Ron and I stood in line for hours at the San Diego Zoo to see the debut of WaiMei when she was introduced to the public at 6 months of age. I had watched her on my computer on the panda-cam since her birth. I was able to view her daily with her mother from the comfort of our Tulsa home. 

You can only imagine my delight when they announced at the senior center on Monday that the largest town near us,  Miami, Oklahoma was getting a Panda. I almost fainted and fell in the floor. How in the world could a place with such a small population rate a valued and on-loan Panda (China only lets us borrow Pandas and not own them) and where would they put such a prize? Did Miami even have a zoo? 

 My table mates then tried to break it to me gently that their excitement was over a new Panda restaurant coming to Miami.


  1. Oh, no, what a downer! Sorry. If you come to DC, we can take you to the zoo to see our pandas!

  2. Now you will have to drown your disappointment in a big plate of orange chicken.

  3. oh Gawd! What a fool! My mom loved pandas so much and lived about 3 hours from Denver when they had a panda (I think). Are your table mates still alive?

  4. Reminds me of our visit to Hong Kong to see the Giant Pandas there. Thrilling!

  5. I guess you will just have to grin and bear it...

  6. I don't want you to feel as though I'm pandering to you, but I want you to know that I have known your feeling of disappointment.

  7. I like pandas, too - this is a very cute story. I hope you at least get to go to the Panda restaurant. :)

  8. Drat. I was getting excited with and for you. A restaurant just doesn't have a fraction of the Panda charm.

  9. Aw crap, what a bummer. That is like getting a fake winning lottery ticket. So sorry.

  10. Sorry but I am totally laughing!

  11. I feel your pain:)

  12. I love pandas, too. They're such wonderful animals...they always seem to be in a world of their own.

    I can feel your disappointment. I would be too! lol

  13. Awwwwww. Dang. You had me there for a minute, getting excited too.

  14. You would like our zoo here too!

  15. Whoops! Well, I can't blame you for being confused. I would have believed that a shy panda would be a perfect guest for a small town.

  16. Oh what a letdown. You'll have to go for a meal at the Panda Restaurant just for spite.

  17. Tabor
    I wonder how many U.S. states have Pandas?

    They must be talking about a Panda Express but I haven't cleared that up yet.

    Brite Mist
    Thank you for feeling my pain. Yes my table mates are still alive but just barely.

    That would thrill my heart!

    Oh you are just too, too clever. lol!

    Of course you are “pandering” to me. lol

    I will be standing in that line too.

    Elephant's Child
    Yep, the restaurant is in a whole different category.

    Arkansas Patti
    A fake lottery ticket – yes, you got it.

    Olga Hebert
    Thanks. It was a bit sad for sure.

    Riot Kitty
    Somehow I knew you would be...right along with my son and daughter.


    Pandas definitely march to a different drummer.

    See, it is a big disappointment isn't it.

    Chatty Crone
    Does your zoo have pandas?

    Sparkling Red
    Such a critter would definitely put that neighboring town on the map.

    Pat MacKenzie
    Yes, I'm pretty sure I will line up with the rest of the seniors at the restaurant.

  18. Bummer! I never get excited over restaurants- Do you have a stuffed Panda collection?