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Slim and Franke
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Monday, June 23, 2014


Question Of The Week June 23, 2014

What vendor or industry that serves you (or should be serving you) is causing the most stress in your life lately?

This week for me it has been the medical industry (pretty much ongoing) and the telecommunications industry (also pretty much ongoing).


  1. can i make a long list?
    Seriously i am on pins and needles because i have some medical issues being resolved, so i am not thinking clearly.

  2. Definitely blogger. Now they've screwed up everyone's reading list so you can only see one post and can't view anymore.

    I'm having a tough time blogging as it it is, but now I'm wondering if this is the last straw for me.

  3. HUD & my employer's auditors. The last couple of jobs at work have been a nightmare. I understand HUD rules and my employer's $5000 limit before you have to get bids. It's been scary working with contractors from 90 miles away and you've never seen their workmanship. Especially when they call you late at home on a Sunday night to see if they can still put in a bid. Sure... bid closing isn't until 8am Monday. It was dropped off at my house.

  4. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Our medical insurance company. They are drinking around regarding some dental work I had done months ago. Bastards.

  5. To a very small degree Blogger and to a large degree Microsoft.

    Blogger because they still haven't worked out the compatibility issues with IE 11.

    Microsoft for force-feeding IE 11 on an unsuspecting public to begin with.

    Father Nature's Corner

  6. I don't know....probably the ice cream vendor, if there was one around hereabouts, for not calling by regularly with my favourite brand of ice cream... ;)

  7. Again - my workplace is my biggest source of stress.

  8. Work causes me the most stress, hands down.
    Then there's the sky-high electric bill, n Parent Student loans from the US Dept of Edu which are all relentless.
    Not much I do is easy lately!

    I was unaware of Joe's blogger reader thing- I never use the reading list! I still have a non-updated template without even labels! I'm still feeling hassled with the keep learning n upgrading bit getting foisted upon me continually...

  9. Gotta be Blogger right now. Thanks for commenting so I could trail you back here. I am following you all ready which puts you on my reading list but needed to put you on my blog list which is my only back up weapon right now that Blogger is being contrary. Grrr.

  10. Brite Mist
    Glad to know the MRI is over but sorry your headaches are not resolved.

    LL Cool Joe
    Read on and you will see from other comments that you are not alone in being bugged by blogger.

    Bonnie (BIZ)
    Grrrrrrrrrr! Sounds like you've got a huge government albatross around your neck.

    Bless your heart having to climb that mountain of paperwork.

    G.B. Miller
    Blogger is really getting people in an uproar.

    Make mine Vanilla:)

    Oh dear, still worried about you. We need to talk.

    Snaggle Tooth
    Yes what is with the electric company anyway. Cannot believe how rates have gone up. And I don't use the blogger reading list either. I have my favorite blogs on my sidebar and simply follow them daily. I like going to the homepages so I can see their headings and any sidebar updates they might have.

    Arkansas Patti
    As you and others have said, Grrrrrrrrr to blogger reading list. I'm glad I don't use it. I am so happy about your new doggy. Name her MsChips – sounds like Mischief:)

  11. Comcast for one… need I say more. And then there is Humana who approved a new $400 (retail) prescription of mine and then promptly sent me a letter saying they would no longer approve it in the future! I ask you, how boring would life be for us old folk without wonderful corporations like Humana to challenge our life’s longevity aspirations? :?

    Some Final Thoughts

  12. I know - again with the grumpiness! Such is the life of an account manager / customer service representative - most of the time I'm putting out fires, which can be stressful. Maybe all jobs are stressful. These days that's about all the villainous activity I have to report. :)

  13. Oi! Where do I start? Yesterday I took my daughter to see a pediatric cardiologist and her family doctor failed to forward the necessary paperwork so he could see the rest results. It was a two hour drive and a wasted trip.

  14. Certainly the cable and telecommunications people with their mediocre service and increasing luxury prices.

  15. You know, I am at the moment not feeling much stress. I might just be stupidly oblivious to real problems, though. That's probably it.

  16. Alan Ginocchio
    Comcast and selected some real trouble makers. Thanks for commenting and for visiting my blog. Often a visitor who includes a link will get dumped as spam but your comment that met with the post caught my attention so I followed the link to your blog and am glad that I did. You have quite a creation going over there at Some Final Thoughts.

    Time, yes a villain to us all while also a cherished friend:)

    I remember dealing in customer service and having days I would smile in the office then run to the bank storage vault and cuss and scream before emerging with my sweet smile again.

    Oh man that is the worst!! I have made one of those two hour drives only to learn the doctor had to leave on and emergency and “Oops, we forgot to call you.”

    We need these products but someday they just might price us out of any hopes of keeping them, then what? Can we live again with three channels of television and a land-line phone? Can you see phone booths coming back?

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it:)

  17. Insurance is killing us right now. We are self-employed and must carry ridiculous amounts of business liability and workers comp. coverage just to stay in business.

    Then then there's the medical insurance which is going to DOUBLE from an already astronomical rate when it renews in August.

    Don't even get me started on auto insurance... my daughters have caused our rates to sky rocket.

    As far as home insurance goes, we just recently had a home inspection to change companies because our old company was lowering coverage AND raising rates.

    We're getting hit every which way.
    I've been busy trying to find lower cost providers, but basically we're just buying time until the next increase.

  18. cube
    Now my biggest villain is the headache I got from reading your comment. Yikes! Bless your heart.

  19. The death industry. Ease up, people!