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Monday, April 14, 2014


Question Of The Week 4-14-14

What is 
 in your heart 
the heart 
of  your


  1. Hmmm - I don't think I have any enemies, but there are a couple of people I've fired as friends for being evil control freaks. :)

  2. I had an enemy at work and actually she had mental I just tried to avoid her. Down here I have one person who annoys the hell out of me with put downs on others...and eventually she must have turned to me behind my back as people behaved strangely around me at who knows what is in her heart?? I do not waste time on worrying about it, though.

  3. Anonymous7:16 AM

    I don't think I have any enemies. Except my extended family and I would have to say the difference between us is that they are angry and I'm indifferent, which probably makes them angry.

  4. When I had to work with someone whom I found difficult or challenging, I would try to have only the minimum required contact. I also was given the advise once to find one thing I could admire about the person who was stressing me--even if it was as small as his/her white teeth--and focus on that during any interactions. Benefit of retirement: the people in my life are the ones I choose to have there.

  5. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Making an enemy a friend?
    No thanks!

  6. I once had a long, contentious relationship with a board member and after lunch one day we stayed to argue privately. After about an hour he said "I guess we're pretty close to believing the same things, aren't we?" I said 'yep' and we've been good friends ever since.


  7. Its said in esoteric circles I have been a part of that the thing we dislike most about others is what we dislike about ourselves and they are simply the physical manifestion of that...

    my Papa always said--
    friends Close, enemies closer:) not sure about that as some so called friends have hurt me worse and damaged me more than any enemy I ever knew.
    Maybe we need not label friend or foe as in the blink of an eye, one can become the other:)

    love ya big~!

  8. Lynn
    Did you tell them "I unfriend you" like the lady in the commercial? lol

    Is it a waste of time? Hum?

    First you have to define "anger".

    I was in the same situation loving retirement and not getting stuck with just anybody until I got involved with the local church then I got a bunch of people I did not choose.

    You mean you disagree with Abe?

    I wonder how many people that would work with the exact same way.

    I think about that often. Usually the things I dislike about others are personifications of things I dislike about myself only they seem to be afflicted to a much greater degree. Guess they might be thinking the same about me. Oops.

    Notice we are all discussing domestic enemies. What about the hearts of foreign enemies?

  9. There are two women at work (they are best friends) that make life miserable for everyone else. They have been reprimanded again and again for how mean they are to other employees but nothing ever happens. As to what is different? In my heart I know it is best to treat everyone with kindness.

  10. I play well with others whether I like them or not. Civility goes a long way to getting along with people you don't agree with, but whom you must work with.

  11. Not a lot. And I don't think I have any enemies - there are people I avoid, but that is a long long way away from having them as enemies. Mind you I once worked with a woman who I would go to great lengths to go to lunch as she came back to maximise my time away from her...

  12. There is this guy at work that from day one was a true jerk. Dumps his works on others with the wrong information or instructions and then blames them when the work is done incorrectly. I built up such animosity toward him. I drove him crazy because I would ask for approval on things before they were finished. Why build the whole spread sheet only to be told he gave me the wrong list. He was whiney and bitter. One year I decided to give up animosity toward him for Lent. I actually did that about three years in a row. I stopped hiding from him. Stopped doing things that annoyed him etc. Everytime I dealt with him I did so with openess and kindness. Even invited him to the lunch table when he was eating alone. He actually got better. Now we don't have a hard time with each other. He checks to make sure he's given me the information I need and I update him on the progress of projects. We aren't best friends, but at least the atmosphere of the department is better.

  13. You make me think - there has to some good thing in both of our hearts.

  14. It'd be a better world if all enemies became friends.

    I believed in fairy tales when I was a little girl...I believed in happy endings.

    I may no longer believe in the above, but dreams can be anything you wish them to be.

    Reality...that's another thing entirely...unfortunately.

  15. Can't remember if I have ever had a memory. Either I am easy to get along with or have rotten memory.

  16. Hmmm...I don't believe I have any enemies though others may consider me their enemy! I hope not! (Rob)

  17. It is a waste of time "worrying" about it. Unless I have to work closely with the person, I do not feel my efforts would be rewarded. They can move on and so can I.

  18. I'm the one with Neil Diamond in my head? :) I don't have any enemies, at least that i know of.

  19. No real enemies that I'm aware of, but there are a few people I don't care for. I just ignore them. They only have the power to hurt me if I let them.

  20. Wish I knew. I've made quite a few enemies (mostly online) and a few in the real world and for the life of me, I really don't know why.

    Father Nature's Corner

  21. There may be those who think of me as an enemy, but I don't think of anyone as an enemy. There are some that I have no respect for and some who frustrate me and some who get on my nerves. But I've never known anyone who was bad enough to make me hate. I guess I've been lucky.

  22. My enemies usually mis-understand I'm trying to be nice anyway, n only treat others as I want to be treated. Takes awhile for the young ones to get it sometimes.

  23. Birdie
    I had a problem at work with two women who actually had all the power. They were mean to the other staff members and that was their intended purpose. They were to drive out those who had served their purpose by making their lives as miserable as possible while management looked the other way. This way the President could smile and brag that he had never had to fire one person from the company. He just unleashed his best killer dogs (aka bitches) and sanctioned their every move.

    No two people can ever totally agree with each other so there has got to be some happy medium in the workplace or nothing would ever be accomplished.

    Elephant's Child
    I have tried to read and re-read this and I'm not sure if I understand or not. I do know you didn't count them as enemies and that is good.

    Oh this made me laugh because it made me think of the episode of Seinfeld when Elaine had the guy who did nothing but follow her around and step in from no where and steal her ideas. She did everything short of tying a bell on him to know he was coming (tic tacs in his pocket,etc.) but she still ended up losing in the end.

    Don't you believe we are all born with clean slates for hearts and then they form based on what is poured into them to fill them up?

    You are right. Now let's make that happen. You lead and I will follow.

    Arkansas Patti
    Re-read you comment. Did you mean “enemy”? Perhaps you didn't have a memory. Lol

    Rob and Monica
    I bet you would have an enemy if someone tried to steal Monica.

    What if you couldn't move on? What if you were locked in a room with an enemy?

    Riot Kitty
    Is Neil in an ET suit?

    Sticks and stones........

    G.B. Miller
    Well, you do tend to “tell it like it is”.

    Susan Adcox
    I think you definitely are a person who could not possibly have any enemies.

    Snaggle Tooth
    I had several employees tell me that it took them a long time to get over being afraid of me when they first came top work. I frightened them. Then they learned I was just a big ole marshmallow.

  24. I hope I don't have any enemies...well, I might have one or two. But I'm oblivious and that's okay. :)

  25. I only have one enemy, that I'm aware of, a vicious man that beat up his wife until she nearly died, and only stopped when he became injured himself. I'd like to think that our hearts are very different.