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Slim and Franke
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Friday, April 11, 2014


"Here I go again, headfirst into the ground!"
My daughter and her family have moved a lot in 21 years of marriage.  It took a couple of moves before they learned about St. Joseph.  A few weeks ago my son-in-law got a nice promotion that involved a move so the St. Joseph statue was the first thing they ordered.  

Poor St. Joe took a dive into the ground before their home was even listed with a realtor.  Last Saturday they had their first showing of their home and that evening they had an offer they accepted. 

Tuesday my daughter went to their new town and found their new home.  She made an offer and before they left town the next day, a counter offer came and they accepted and their new home closing was set. 

While they were touring the new school their daughter would attend an office worker identified the house they were buying and said, "Oh that is the blank, blank's house.  It has been on the market a little while with few lookers.  I just ordered them a St. Joseph statue and we buried it in their yard three days ago."

Their new home.  Plus they will be 30 minutes closer to me:)
I don't really believe in this St. Joseph statue stuff but......


  1. Looks like St. Joseph helped! (Rob)

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    That's such a beautiful house. Blessings!

  3. Going through rituals always seems to assure some folks. I myself am not superstitious about this stuff. I think opportunity knocks on the doors of those who prepare well.

  4. congrats on thier sale and purchase~!
    Like so many things, not believing doesnt mean it isnt true:)

    love ya

  5. I have seen St. Joseph's mysterious prayers work for many people. I have several amazing stories I could tell that are beyond coincidence. He is an expert on issues of faith, having lived a life of incredible faith on earth protecting and guarding Christ.

  6. I must get to know St Joseph a little more. Lovely house and how great they are closer.

  7. never heard of this mumbo jumbo! Nice house !

  8. Congrats on the sale and purchase by the kids. Wonderful that they will be closer. Keep'n the faith!!!

  9. I have never heard of the St. Joseph real estate statue. I could have used it half a dozen times over the years.

  10. Wow - that is fast. I am so happy for them to have what can be a difficult and stressful time cut short.

  11. I hadn't heard of this either, but that doesn't mean a thing. There's a lot I have to learn...

    “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

  12. I had never heard of this before. I lead a sheltered life, apparently. Anyway, if it helps someone relax around the whole moving process, why not.

  13. Did not know about St. Joseph. I will keep him in mind should I move again.

  14. It could be coincidence...or it could be St. Joseph. :) Either way, congrats to them! May their move be smooth and the settling into their new home be amazing!

  15. well, burying statues might work. Must be.

  16. Rob and Monica
    I guess it is nice to know you don't have to be a Catholic to get help from one of their Saints:)

    Isn't it a beauty! The house they are leaving is very nice but this one is larger.

    My daughter and son-in-law have so much experience with moving they could almost do it blindfolded. I am sure their awareness and calm was helpful too.

    Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

    Seriously Though
    I must read up on St. Joseph's mysterious prayers.

    Not only will they be closer, they will be close to the property I still own in Kansas, so I can go there more often to check on it when I go see them.

    lol! Haven't heard the term “mumbo jumbo” in ages. I think my dad said that a lot.

    Keep'n the faith always!

    Pat MacKenzie
    Aint' it the truth about needing that statue over the years! I know one time especially when we paid on two mortgages for almost a year and it nearly bankrupt us.

    Elephant's Child
    Yes it was fast and I hope it is a sign that our economy is improving and the housing market is finally getting better in the United States.

    Good old Bill Shakespeare! Lol

    Olga Herbert
    They needed something good to happen. While this move is a good one financially and for his future with the company, it is the most difficult they have ever made. Their friendships where the are will be the most difficult to leave of their married life.

    Arkansas Patti
    I didn't either until my kids started burying him. I really need to find out why he has to be buried head first.

    Like you say, either way, it is amazing.

    Wonder what archeologists will say one day when they start digging up all these little upside down statues?

  17. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Nice digs!!

  18. They thought my sister's house in the DC suburbs would never sell, so she heard about St. Joseph, went into a shop where Catholic icons are sold and the woman behind the counter said, "How long as your house been on the market?" I helped her bury it. :) It still took another few months for them though.

  19. I'm unfamiliar with this? Glad they will be closer to you!

  20. I believe in saints tho not statues to help out in the prayer department. That's cool how it seemed to do the trick- Perhaps it was the confidence, or belief- or maybe God was listening! Closer- Yay!
    I've had good lick praying to the former Pope John Paul II