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Slim and Franke
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Monday, February 17, 2014


Question Of The Week 02-17-14

Did you ever open an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola, 
pour in a package of Tom's Salted Peanuts, and 
drink it down for a special treat?

If you never did, would you?  Have you ever heard of this delight?


  1. I've never done it or heard of it!!

  2. NO I haven't lol
    Who in the world started that weird performance??

  3. LL Cool Joe
    I did this the other day and was shocked to learn my good friend had never heard of it. All my friends did this growing up.

    Don't knock it til you try it. I have no idea who started it but it's a delight. One teacher used to stand in front of the class and drink his Coke and pour in a few peanuts as he talked.

  4. I kind of remember that from my youth but not the results. I no longer drink coke, darn.

  5. Arkansas Patti
    I never drink carbonated drinks of any kind but at least once a year I have to have my one coke with peanuts when the craving hits.

  6. I'm old enough to (auhummm) have heard of this, but haven't tried it. My mother is from the South and the only thing she pushed was boiled okra!

  7. I did, but didn't like it. I did it because I saw older kids doing that at the high school football games back in the day. :)

    I'm a Diet Coke gal now, but I just have one every now and then on advice of my doctor. :(

  8. This must be a Deep South thing? I never heard of it before. We eat sugar on snow in VT. Boiled maple syrup poured over snow to cool it to a taffy consistency, served with dill pickles. So I make not judgements and I would give the Coke and peanuts one try at least.

  9. I actually think I did...or perhaps remember someone else doing it. It was sort of a fad in the day.

  10. Brighid
    If she boiled okra (which I hate, by the way) she probably boiled peanuts. Eating boiled peanuts is also a southern tradition. I like fried okra or pickled okra, but not boiled okra. Too slimy.

    Hum, so you didn't like it? Well, I guess to each her own. If it was the fad thing to do, I could force myself to like it. Just like smoking. I almost killed myself learning to inhale but I was determined. Then it almost did kill me in 2003. I was a terrible follower.

    I was right with you until you got to serving it will dill pickles. Yikes!

    Yes it was a fad in the day. Wonder if Coke started it or if Tom's Peanuts started it?

    Changes in the wind
    You sound pretty definite about that.

  11. Oh man, if I had a nickel for every time I drank a Coke with peanuts in it when I was a teenager! I haven't had that in a long time because you have to have the glass bottle. When my 4 kids were young teenagers I splurged and got Cokes in bottles so they could try it. They failed to see the thrill of it ... I guess I built it up too much! Dang! Now I am craving Coke & peanuts!

  12. Aunt Betsy
    You are absolutely right about the glass bottle. I tried one once in a plastic bottle. Yuk! Also, the Coke has to be very, very cold. Yea, my kids don't get it either.

  13. I have a cousin who constantly drank coke with peanuts. I know I tried it but never got into it in a big way.

  14. You mean put the peanuts IN the bottle? Then drink/chew them? OK, I'll do it. Game for anything. This is the best part about blogging; I learn so much!
    I lived in the South for some time, and worked diligently at liking boiled peanuts, but moved away before acquiring the taste (they're so chewy and weird). So I'm hoping the peanuts retain their crunchiness while immersed in the coke.

  15. Never tried it. I guess I will get a bottle of Coke from a machine to try it.

  16. I have heard of it (not certain where) but don't like coke so am not tempted.

  17. Is it good and where do you get Tom's peanuts?

  18. I haven't had a pop in years. Or soda, I guess Americans call them. When I do, it's root beer. And I don't like nuts (of any sort) in my drinks, ever. Lol! I'll leave it at that.

  19. I've done it, but not in a very long time. Remember the Barbara Mandrell song, "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool"? It says, "I remember when no one was lookin'/I was puttin' peanuts in my Coke." So I guess it's a country thing and a Southern thing, and I qualify on both counts.

  20. Annie, boiled okra (which I hate) was a staple in mother's cooking repertory. That was the only way she fixed it! slimy, slimy...

  21. Never heard of that - I'd try it with Diet Coke. :)

  22. No. What the hell is that?

  23. Good gosh! I have never heard of this. Now I'm curious. I'm going to have to try this some day.

  24. Nope haven't ever heard of it.

    No longer drink caramel colored soda, n can't chew peanuts. Used to love unsalted Planters when I could, n usually would drink Pepsi, unless putting rum in it!

  25. Jeanie
    “Constantly” drinking coke with peanuts might be a bit much.

    Just sprinkle a few in at a time. If you can't find Tom's peanuts, try some Planter's salted nuts. (The original kind, not dry roasted.)

    Let me know what you think:)

    Elephant's Child
    I like it that you have at least heard of it before.

    Chatty Crone
    Tom's peanuts are difficult to find. As I told Kerry, Planter's salted can be substituted.

    We call it pop, soda, coke (for any carbonated drink) sodie pop, You should eat some nuts, at least and ounce per day for good women's health.

    Susan Adcox
    I just knew you were a country girl!

    Let's not talk about slimy okra anymore, okay?

    Riot Kitty
    Don't try it with Diet Coke. Somehow that would just ruin the nuance.

    Yikes, a bit gruff my friend.

    Bravo for considering.

    Snaggle Tooth
    Yes Rum and Coke, never Rum and Pepsi:)

  26. Wow! I have never heard of this. It must not be a well known practice in the north! I'll bet it tastes good though! (Rob)


  27. Annie,

    I have never heard of the peanuts and Coca Cola treat before you told us about it.

    I just started a new book today called "The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks and darned if he doesn't have one of his characters putting salted peanuts in a Pepsi..I guess he didn't have a Coke..

    Anyway, it sounds like I would like that so I am going to try it

    Thanks for the tip!

  28. Rob and Monica
    As much as you and Monica like the 50's this definitely was a taste treat in the South in the 50's so you must try it Rob.

    I have a difficult time imagining Pepsi, but I guess it would work, especially if Nicholas Sparks puts it in a novel that way. When you try it,just make sure the pop is very cold:)

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  30. Did no-one choke on the peanuts?