Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


"Hey Lady, you lookin' for me?"
"I'm outta here."
I have been watching this chicken hawk swoop down on my chickens and have tried to catch his picture but Slim is faster than a speeding bullet and chases him away which is a very good thing. So far the amazing predator hasn't managed to catch one of my hens.

Wasn't it nice of Mr. Hawk to fly right up to my surveillance camera and pose for this shot? Do you think he might have been saying, "I have not yet begun to fight?" Guess I will name him John Paul Jones:)


  1. Hope the hawk goes hunting elsewhere...
    We get so attached to our chickens! Others see a messy, squawking bird, I see another mom trying to do her best to survive. Miss my Maude.

  2. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I never see such things in my neighborhood. Lol.

  3. I know everyone has to eat but me and hawks don't get along.

  4. Brighid
    He has been hanging around here for several weeks. My neighbors are watching him too and so far he hasn't gotten any of our girls. Surely he will give up soon and find a new hunting ground. He sure dive bombs mine a lot.

    I do hear that Hawaii has a lot of feral chickens. Any of those around your home?

    Changes in the wind
    We certainly don't get along but of course it is illegal to shoot them. Never thought I would name a predator but then I never thought I would see one so up close and personal.

  5. John Paul Jones is swift all right. LOL
    Like Brighid says it is better if he hunts else where.

  6. And do you have a Foghorn Leghorn to bedevil that chicken hawk?

  7. I hope he was flying by the camera to say goodbye on his way to better hunting grounds.

  8. Hope he doesn't get your chickens.

  9. Munir
    John Paul Jones is indeed swift, but Slim is swifter. So far she has thwarted his every effort. My son and I actually got to catch one display in action. It was a sight to behold. It looks like this hawk would give us very soon.

    I have five Foghorn Leghorns. One is in the infirmary and perhaps JPJ put him there. The other four keep a close watch as do the guinea fowl. They sound the alarm and Slim goes running.

    Now that is a very good thought. Hope that was the case Jeanie.

    Chatty Crone
    That is my main desire.

  10. Thank goodness Slim is on the job and fast enough the chase John Paul Jones off. I am with Jeanie---maybe he was waving goodbye.

  11. Lets hope he hates paparazzi and moves on.
    I have one that cruises my bird feeder. Haven't seen any lose feathers yet. He doesn't seem too skilled.

  12. That's awesome! Glad he hasn't caught any chickens yet, but how cool to find him on your camera.

    When birds fly by my game-cam they are out of the frame before it has a chance to capture them.

  13. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Thank god it was a surveillance camera! I'd have been freaking if that had been a camera you were holding!

    Birds freak me out.

  14. Hope he stays away from your chicks. Perhaps you should invite Mr. RK to come take pictures. Every time he has a camera, the hawks don't come out. Every time he is empty handed, they're everywhere, posing.

  15. These are amazing shots.Maybe Slim and him are playing a dog and hawk game :)

  16. Good name for a Bad hawk. Sherif Slim to the rescue- Yay!
    I keep remembering the chicken Hawk cartoon- but not his name... n that Rooster with swagger he kept trying to get.

  17. Aunt Betsy
    Of course! That parting shot was a wave goodbye. Hooray!

    Arkansas Patti
    Yes, their seeming lack of skill makes you wonder how they manage to stay alive. What are they eating. I fear they use great cunning and are going to pounce on my hens at just the right moment. Still at the bedtime count all are far.

    That is often the case here. Something will trigger the camera but the scene is blank before they are gone before it can film them. I do have a neat shot of a fox sitting at the edge of a clearing and suddenly it bolts in the opposite direction and Slim is right behind him. It is so cool. I also have lots of shots of deer grazing and lots of close ups of wasps. lol This was such a prize.

    If I had been holding a camera and a chicken hawk came that close the camera would have ended up on the ground as I ran screaming into the house. lol

    Riot Kitty
    Send him over with his camera. What does he charge to use his presence as insurance against chicken hawks?

    Yes, it could be a the hawk maybe. But when Slim is on the chase, she is all business. Serious business. All that running is what keeps Slim slim:)

    Snaggle Tooth
    Sheriff it. Maybe I will get her a badge for her collar. That rooster with the swagger was Foghorn Leghorn (mentioned by Olga above).

  18. Marilyn had a customers dog (chihuahua) carried away from the backyard by one the those.
    Never saw it again.

  19. ashok
    "Oops" is right. lol

    What in the world did Marilyn tell the owners? That would be awful. That bird doesn't look big enough to carry off a chicken but I saw one take off with one of my Polish hens before. We were caregivers for some friend's parakeet while they were on vacation and it died while we had it. Don't think they ever forgave us and we never knew why it died.

  20. At least 'He' saved you going out in the cold to get his picture lol
    We see hawks out in the bush but not in the suburbs where we are - not sure if we have one with a penchant for chooks tho'
    Take care

  21. Let me clarify. The dog was home when that happened. It would be impossible at Morrow Kennels.
    Everyone got that??

  22. Though I sure don't want you to lose a chicken, I would love to see a chicken hawk so up close and personal!

  23. I LOVE that name for that hawk. Oooh - good for Slim, doing her job!

  24. Mr Chicken Hawk is cool but I hope he leaves your chickens alone!!! (Rob)

  25. I'm glad birds aren't bigger than they are because we'd all be in big trouble. They are constantly at war because they have to eat their weight or more everyday. Imagine how bad it would be if humans were like that?

  26. Gracious! A hawk could pick up a chicken? Thank goodness Slim is on duty.

  27. That's just barefaced cheek!