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Slim and Franke
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Monday, December 23, 2013


Question Of The Week 12-23-13

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  1. In charge of the course...not always. But I am in charge in how I choose to travel that course.

  2. Yes, pretty much, but the problem is I did not know it!

  3. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Control?! Is an illusion. I learned this when I was working on my Self during the years I suffered extreme anxiety. No one can control anything, much to my dismay, you can only control your own reaction to things, and even that is sometimes precarious.
    Olga is right, we are all in charge of how we choose to navigate the speed bumps and road blocks that life hands you.

  4. Olga
    Isn't the course often amazing and you wonder what set you upon it?

    Realizing we always could have made a huge difference by taking a different path is always disconcerting but at the same time, thrilling.

    I lived with such phobias until I learned to control my own reactions to many different things. It is a whole new world when constant fear is removed.

  5. Much more now, hopefully, than at some other times in my life.

  6. Oh, this made me stop and think...hard...until my brain hurt. Sure, I've had some control. The whole illusion of being in the driver's seat...but then you hit roadblocks, accident sites...detours...that you never planned for or expected and you make adjustments to your life map and keep on trucking.

  7. Yes - it was all me. It hasn't been bad (mostly good), but I would change a few things if I could go back.

  8. I try hard to make good choices, and enjoy the journey. Life is amazing in so many ways.

  9. No, I don't think that I have had my hands on the wheel for a good bit of it. Too many things have blindsided me to really believe that.

  10. I thought that I did , until my husband had to go through open heart surgery four years ago. Now I have to watch every meal he eats to make sure that he is eating right anfd make sure he exercises which he hates.
    I hope that you get to have some fun around these Holidays.Stay healthy and safe - - please

  11. In control? Nope. I like Olga's response though. It is indeed up to me how I react to what comes my way.

  12. I have not been in control of anything. However I am sure my personality has played into the way things went. You? sandie

  13. Sure--once I find myself on a course. How I got there is often a surprise. I don't plan well but follow through like a champ.

  14. Hmmm--- hard one. I like to THINK I am control, more than I actually am. I think. Several years ago I told my therapist when I have the worst anxiety is when I am no longer in control of things and she told me "you know, you never are in control, right?" Well, I can't control what others do that has an effect on me, or what they say or think but all I can do is be in control of my response. I try to sail my ship, not just be carried by the waves. You?

  15. Sort of. I look at it in two parts: pre 2003 and post 2003.

    Pre 2003 (prior to being laid off from work) I was definitely in control of what I did and where I went.

    Post 2003, not so much. Events in my personal life that I had no control over allowed me to take the road less traveled and thus almost 11 years later, here I is on the road less traveled.

  16. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Yes, I have been in charge. Definitely.

  17. I also like Olga's response. Another problem is that we have to make vital life choices before we have the wisdom to choose well. So then we have to work within those choices.

  18. Talon said it for me. The cards are dealt and I am in charge of how I play them.
    At time of going to press:)

  19. Not really. I've made some important life decisions but mostly I'm a 'trust in The Lord and roll with the punches' type of person. It's worked well for me.

  20. I believe I chose what not to do!

    The rest, society n powers over us is way beyond our control! Sometimes there is no "opt out!"

  21. I think so.... partly... but not all. I directed what I could and accepted what I couldn't.

    Have a peaceful holiday, Annie.

  22. Hmm, interesting. Parts of it - childhood - I had no control over; over all, as an adult, I've tried to navigate my best. Control, though? Who has that? :)

  23. Jeanie
    Perhaps we gain more control as we get older. Everything else seems to come to us as we age, like creaky bones and graying hair, etc.

    I wish I had just an ounce of whatever controls you.

    Would the few things you could change, then change the entire course of your life?

    Life is indeed amazing. The path is good and bad but we cannot have regrets because that would only mean we would have to regret the good as well.

    Lisa (aka Mollie's mom)
    I have let go of the wheel a few times but have had no problem grabbing it back just in the nick of time. There is none of this “Jesus take the wheel” business for me. I am pretty sure it's my problem to steer this vessel.

    The holidays were fine and my family took control of my direction. It was easy to let them lead. Keep an eye on your guy, he needs to pay attention and let you take the lead in his life for a while.

    Elephant's Child
    Olga is, indeed, a good example of good responses to life's changes.

    Chatty Crone
    I made a lot of right choices and believe I was directed to those choices by proper upbringing and my knowing to be alert to danger. Also I had a conscience and my children have accused me of “cursing them with a conscience.” lol

    Arkansas Patti
    Amen sister! I could not have said it better.

    Aunt Betsy
    My son had control issues as a very young child. The doctor said it was like he was in the deep end of a swimming pool and did not know how to swim. He was flailing about in the pool going deeper and deeper and he needed to learn to relax, gain control and without panic, move safely to the shallow end of the pool.


    G.B. Miller
    .....and that has made all the difference:)

    I could guess that about you:)

    Susan Adcox
    Do you think we ever have the wisdom to choose well, because the choices seem to always come on new subjects?

    Very good this time of going to press:)

    Pat MacKenzie
    My mother always said she put her trust in the Lord but never hesitated to give Him some good advice.

    Snaggle Tooth
    Well, there is ALWAYS an “opt out” but never without consequences.

    I absolutely love it that you said “directed what I could” and not “controlled”. You definitely are a director in life.

    Riot Kitty
    Good question! Hey, I'm supposed to be asking the questions here.

    My sweet Ron and I often commented on the choices we made in life that led us to each other and if we had made different choices at different times, we might never have met. Somehow that never seemed something we actually had any control over. Perhaps it was just more romantic to believe we were led to each other.