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Monday, December 16, 2013


Question Of The Week 12-16-13


LL Cool Joe said...

I try to yes. I have a great deal and try to be grateful. The only thing about "celebrating" it, is that it can seem a bit showy off to me. But I quietly appreciate the things and people I have in my life. But I also believe in the expression "The higher they climb, the harder they fall", so I know it can all be taken away from me at any moment. It's a sobering thought.

ashok said...

Yes I a subtle way ofcourse

Granny Annie said...

LL Cool Joe
How is it "showy" to celebrate the things we do have? I celebrate faith, family and friends. My home my animals. I want to be showy with those celebrations. What is taken can never be forever lost. You have much to celebrate.

Your child, your photography and your poetry are celebrations!

Arkansas Patti said...

Yes I do. Often things most people would not consider celebrating, I do. Rarely do the things I really celebrate come from a store.

Olga said...

I appreciate the things i have. Is giving thanks the same as celebrating? I celebrate the people I have or have had in my life.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I celebrate a lot:) folks that love me, I even show off, brag about too..

and simple things-- toilet paper is one of those. Yep , thats right I celebrate toilet paper and what a wonderful thing it is to have as well as some extra .. that makes me smile BIG..
When the dogs do funny stuff I celebrate that and how wonderful it feels to laugh out loud ..

love ya bunches

Chatty Crone said...

I do every day in my grateful journal.

Brighid said...

I often do, they are not paid for with money... only tears, love and laughter.

gigihawaii said...

Oh, I always count my blessings and feel so grateful and happy.

Elephant's Child said...

Gratitude is part of each and every day. I have a great deal to be thankful for - and I am.

Lynn said...

I do - I think decorating my home for Christmas counts as that. I loved putting out my mother's Nativity scene. The next two weeks will be such a pleasure - looking at all the decorations - old and new.

TALON said...

I always find something to celebrate in a day...little things. They add up, though, so I take a moment to be grateful. Life is too short not to celebrate those times when life is really and truly good.

Munir said...

I celebrate by thanking God for my family and my friends ( now blogger friends too). Also every deep breath I can take I thank God as my breathing can get very hard and shallow sometimes.

Susan Adcox said...

I do celebrate, but mostly to myself. I'm happy for my health and a body that's still relatively strong. I'm soooo grateful that I have good relationships with all my family members and that they don't live far away so that we can be together for the holidays!

Susan Adcox said...

Forgot to say that I love the new picture!

Riot Kitty said...

I do! I am constantly reminding myself, when, say, I get pissed off that I can't go eat a piece of cake, that it's better than being dead. No joke.

Aunt Betsy said...

I do, in my own way. I don't know about "celebrate" but I say thank you Lord and write in a journal. Years ago Oprah had a show about gratitude journals. I started writing down things I am grateful for and don't allow myself to write the same thing twice.

Ileana said...

Every day of my life!

Snaggle Tooth said...

This time of year is always a bit sad for me (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
I don't buy into commercialism of the holiday- Tho I do want a large flatscreen tv, computer, n iphone.
I'm always grateful to be alive with a roof over my head n good food to eat. Aslo for my kids n their kids- n all the abilities I still have.
Every little bit of freedom is a treasure to me.

cube said...

I try to celebrate what I do have because I've been blessed. It's not always easy, but I try my best.

Birdie said...

I do. It is hard some days but I do.

Brown English Muffin said...

no I don't think so...but maybe I should read the comments and it might jog my memory...

Brite Mist said...

celebration, being thankful is a continual process! It begins every day!

Granny Annie said...

Arkansas Patti
The word that seems to confuse here is “things”. Often we think of material possessions rather than those things that fill our hearts. It is difficult for me to think of anything of intrinsic value that makes me want to celebrate.

Yes, I think giving thanks is exactly the same as celebrating. My heart, even when heavy, can be filled with thanks for the warmth that is wrapped around me by others.

You and me both. Toilet paper is a really big deal for me. I once told Ron it was important that I never run out of toilet paper and/or gasoline. Having been so poor at one time, being able to fill my car tank with gas was a very big thing as was never running out of toilet paper.

Chatty Crone
A grateful journal. What a wonderful idea. It is always obvious that you are a person who counts your blessings.

And sometimes don't forking over a few dollars to pay for them would be a lot easier wouldn't it? But oh the celebrations earned when paid in tears, love and laughter.

I believe you and David are celebrating something now – David's new job. WooHoo!

Elephant's Child
Sometimes we forget to make gratitude a part of each day and it is important that we try to do that.

You are a perfect example of someone who celebrates the good things life brings.

“ is really and truly good” and that is something too easily forgotten at times.

Then one of the things I shall add to my personal celebrations is every breath you take:)
Your continued breathing is important to my my friend.

Granny Annie said...

Susan Adcox
Yes, those are the important “things” aren't they. Especially having the family close. Thanks for liking the picture. It was a treasured moment of celebration.

Riot Kitty
Where do you get all this cake? I really need to know.

Aunt Betsy
I would really love to see your journals and wonder how you can fill them with so much joy that you never have to repeat yourself. That is celebrating things for sure.

We certainly know that about you chica!

Snaggle Tooth
I would trade some of my celebrating to arrange some more freedom for you. The stresses of your life worry me and I want you to have more bliss.

Some say lucky and some say blessed. Often we fail to realized that there is so much good in our lives.

You are doing great my friend!

Brown English Muffin
Certainly they are not “things” but Big C and Baby C cause you much celebration as you do them as well.

Brite Mist
It is a continual process and it should begin every day, but often we forget and let too much stress close ranks and seal our minds off from joy.

Cliff said...

Every day I get older makes me feel like celebrating everything.

cube said...

Lucky, blessed... I'll take it any which way I can get it ;-)

heartinhand said...

I often reflect on times when we've had so little to remind myself to be grateful for what we have. Most importantly, I have someone who loves me in spite of myself so for that I'm most grateful.

Granny Annie said...

A celebration of everything is the best way to go.

Yes, lucky blessed is a good way to put it.

Do count your blessings to have someone who loves you just the way you are. I have known that as well.

Kay said...

Oh yes... I try.

Pat said...