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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Entering a restaurant the hostess will inquire, "How many?"  You respond two or three, etc. and you are led to a table.  If you respond "One" the hostess will ALWAYS reply, "Just one?" in an accusatory tone. (I think we all know how Riot Kitty would handle this.)

My last Question Of The Week caused  heartinhand  to comment:   "I was once asked what I did for a living and I said 'I'm just a waitress.' The lady who asked said 'Oh honey, you're not JUST anything. Be proud of who you are!' I still try to remember that in times of insecurity."

I can remember saying "I am just a  housewife" when I was a stay at home mom, but I can never remember saying "I am just a banker" when I worked outside the home. 

This got me to thinking about the negative connotation the word "just" can bring with it.  Have you ever said "I am just....."

It is a bit of a cold word that seems to demean us in some way. Perhaps we should start a campaign to eliminate its use as an adverb:)


  1. I agree..

    I am proud of who you Are..

    love ya bunches

  2. Sonny
    I am proud of who you are and the MANY talents you possess:)

  3. Anonymous5:55 AM

    That word JUST is just about the ugliest word there is. Lol.

  4. gigihawaii
    Pick one
    You are just so right.
    You are so right.

  5. Well, I just don't know what to say about this. I am just beside myself at the thought of just giving up a word...and just such a useful one, too.
    Oh, you are right...who would miss it?

  6. Anonymous6:54 AM

    :) I try to stay away from "just" but I've probably used it way more than I should. I'm just a stay at home mom...blah. I always forget I'm way more than that.

  7. I discovered long ago that just is not a word to be used lightly. When the waitress asks "Just one." you need to remind her how the word "just" or "only" sounds to others. Speak up girl.

  8. I forgot to add that Roseanne Bar was the best when she called herself a "Domestic Goddess."

  9. Olga
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I looked at the number of times that word is used in my blog posts and every time it could be eliminated. How did this habit develop. I just blows my mind. Oops....

    I truly will make a concentrated effort to lessen the use of that word. It really is not necessary. Neither is "truly" or "really".

    I remember when Roseanne Barr said a lot of funny things. She definitely could speak up. Perhaps I could re-train some restaurant hostesses. It is often difficult for any person to dine alone without insult added.

  10. A checkout person at the grocery store said to me once (in an accusatory tone), "Just ONE banana? ONE banana?" I think she was attempting to joke, but I replied that was all I usually buy, not liking too ripe bananas. :) Yes - just can be a rude word. I hadn't thought of that before.

  11. It is a word with lots of meanings that can be used in a good way, but I agree that we probably use it way to often in a demeaning way that says something is merely.....or not enough. I am sure I will catch myself using it in that way way too often now.

  12. I have been trying to make my sister see herself as a business woman who runs a cleaning and catering company. If you ask her what she does, she will tell you that she is just a maid. It makes me crazy.

  13. Oh, those labels we insist on putting on others and ourselves...limiting who we are to just one word? Impossible. When someone asks what I do for a living, I always say, "Everything I can." :)

  14. I say it all the time. I know I need to work on this but it is hard when I actually feel so..just.

  15. I use it too often too. Self depreciation is sometimes indistinguishable from self condemnation.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  16. Interesting. I do use it a lot and wasn't aware how limiting that word it is. Of course if someone says I am just perfect, I don't mind if that is all I am.

  17. You make a good point. The word 'just' can diminish much accomplishment.

    I myself have said many times when asked if I was a professional that no, I just had a biology degree.

    I'm the only person in my family who's ever gotten a college degree. It shouldn't just be just a college degree.

  18. Haha! Now I am thinking of all of the things I could come up with to, "Just one?" Because there are lots of times I'm out on my own.

    Maybe I could do a blog post about that. ;)

    I think the only thing I have said after "I am just" is "tired of this shit!" Seriously. :)

  19. Good post and witty title, too!

  20. Anonymous2:16 AM

    I ditto and agree with all that spoke before me!


  21. I have used the word "just" with great frequency.

    Mostly as 1) When I'm amongst my unit co-workers talking disparagingly about the serious lack of smarts with the rest of my agency; and 2) as an adjective when people ask me about/to do something that I obviously do not have the permission/access to do. Kind like Al Jaffee's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.

    So I use the word "Just" as an insult to others, because I certainly don't see it as an insult to me.

  22. Just a darn minute, I like just, we have been friends for a while, if hesitant ...

  23. The best use of the word is as in: "I'll just have the banana split."
    'Just' removes many of the calories while ordering.

  24. It's just a way of trivializing n diffusing intensity, I guess. N very effective.
    Self-assurance is still possible, even if "It's just me-" *Which I tend to say alot)

    Seems the point you're making has more to do with the fact even low-paid employment is seen by society as "righteous". When unpaid isin't... n Yes, I studied this for years in women's Studies n Sociology.

    Some myths are just incorrect n unjustified!

    Talon has a great answer!

  25. I say just all the time constantly down playing myself which I know is terrible and I don't want Baby C to copy it...but playing myself up to be something big just seems so pompous to me!

  26. Lynn
    What is wrong with buying one banana? I never thought about it. Did you tell her the monkey was just about full?

    Now I'm thinking about it all the time. Just what did I think I was doing bringing this up?

    Lisa (aka Mollie's mom)
    Cleaning company and catering and she says “just a maid”? Yikes, she needs counseling.

    Now there is my new answer:)


    Elephant's Child
    We narrow the vision of ourselves.

    Arkansas Patti

    No one should have “just” a college degree.

    Riot Kitty
    Seriously! lol

    Thanks for commenting on my title:)

    Ditto you:)

    G.B. Miller
    You worry me:)

    ?? I believe I am just confused.

    Now we know the perfect use of the word. You are just right!

    Snaggle Tooth
    Oh man, I wish I had used “unjustified” for my blog title.

    Brown English Muffin
    It all seems like Baby C has a pretty good self image:)

  27. No worries, I'm just confused too.

  28. You're absolutely right, Annie and we need to all value ourselves and not use that word.

  29. I also agree. No need ever to put ourselves down.