Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Grandson Michael (right with cat) and his friends want to take Catness back to college.
Most of you will remember when Catness was born.  We had a naming contest and from all the suggested names my granddaughter Hope chose Cube's suggestion. Anyway, as soon as Catness was able to be on her own, she disappeared, as my cat's often do.  

A new kitten was born on our place and it looked so much like Catness, I named it Catness II.  All was well on the home front and the family that had adjusted to Catness  being gone, accepted the replacement.  

One of our cat loving neighbors visited us and when he left, lo and behold, Catness was back.  She must have been living at their home and hitched a ride in his truck.  We rejoiced in her first.  She returned a horrible and needy young cat.  Her mother David was not even very happy to see her.  Catness had been spoiled by the neighbor's granddaughter and expected the same from me and from Slim. 

Granddaughter Hope renamed the second kitten Cuteness.  Isn't that clever?  Anyway, back to the prodigal cat.

Catness was forever at the door and attempting to enter the house.  Definitely not allowed.   She would circle the house at night, crying loudly to come inside. She would appear out of nowhere at my feet when I walked around the property and try to trip me.  She climbed me like a tree when it was meal time and left scratch marks all over me.  Plus she would jump in the middle of the pan while I was carrying it and spill the food all over the barn floor. While Slim usually enjoyed the attention and playtime with cats, even she became annoyed by the forever pestering of Catness.  

When my grandson and his friends visited and wanted to take Catness back to school with them, I really wanted to let them have her, but they would have to hide her and could get in trouble for having a pet so I had to say no.

This past Thursday the neighbors drove over to bring me a light for my hen house.  We visited for a bit and when they got ready to leave, Catness hopped into their van.  They started to shoo her out but I insisted they take her back with them, so they did.  I know their granddaughter will be thrilled to see her and  if she misses us too much she can come in the morning with our cat Boomer who was born here a few years ago and moved to the neighbors but shows up for breakfast almost daily.

Okay, okay, truth be told, Slim and I both miss the little pest.


  1. "Shows ups for breakfast..." -- LOL! That is funny!

  2. You can share Catness with your neighbors just like my neighbors and I shared Sammy!

  3. Great tale of your dedication to fostering! So not a cat person here, give me a bunch of dogs any day.

  4. Catness and especially Cuteness are such fabulous names. Sounds like in the end , it was a perfect solution for everybody around.

  5. Hope this works out for all involved including the cats!!

  6. Aunt Betsy
    This is an area where you never know how many cats will show up for breakfast but all are welcome in hopes they might stay to become working barn cats.

    I had not thought of it that way. Very good.

    I like having barn cats but not house cats. I love my dog Slim and would probably have more than one dog but Slim would not stand for any more dogs.

    I was so tickled for our granddaughter to come up with that name Cuteness for the second cat. And Cuteness is very well behaved.

    It should work out nicely and I am just surprised Catness hasn't found her way back. It is not that far. It is my bet she is glad to be back with the people that let her in the house especially with the temperatures being in the 20's now.

  7. I don't know - I think sharing Catness will be good. She doesn't seem much like a farm cat.

  8. I really think the perfect solution has been found. Some animals are much more enjoyable in small doses. Great compromise.

  9. Cats are a rule unto themselves. I am not surprised that the little pest weaselled her way into your heart though

  10. Not many people can say they own a cat. They own themselves.


  11. A spoiled cat is something to behold or should I say impossible to hold. ;) I'm glad Catness has gone back to the pampered life to which she has become accustomed. She'll visit, Annie. I am smiling thinking of animals hitchhiking all over the country looking now!

  12. Lynn
    You are absolutely correct about Catness. She was born to be a princess. If she does end up back here I might get her to the SPCA and they will get her to a good home that might get her the life she dreams of having.

    Arkansas Patti
    Yes it does seem she might have ended up with the best of both worlds.

    Elephant's Child
    What I miss most about her is her talking and singing. She was never quiet a moment and seemed to have so much she was trying to communicate.

    Amen sister! By the way, I did add a video on my Dirty Dozen post showing the chickens.

    There is a book in there somewhere...THE HITCHHIKING CAT.

  13. Anonymous9:40 AM

    My cat is driving me crazy. He's inside for the winter now and he's such a pest. Ugh. The reason I got him was to keep the mice away. He does that here too, but not in the snow. He's hard to love. Lol!

  14. I'm sorry Catness didn't work out better, but you never know with pets. It's always a crap shoot. You never know what you're going to get.

  15. heartinhand
    They definitely play by their own rules don't them? lol

    Well I don't hold you accountable for Catness' ill behavior just because you named her:) I am eager to find out if she is getting all the attention she was craving.

  16. hmmm, my cats would go "catting" for a few days and then return (they were both fixed, but cats tend to have that instinct. No one ever kept them, but i do understand why they would. I also know why you let them go and miss them at the same time

  17. Bad kitty! I'm glad that she's back to her other home. Climbing people like trees is very bad manners.

  18. Sounds like a weekend lover to me! Shows up at random...spreads herself and her loving around ;)

  19. Brite Mist
    I had a tom cat named Mr. T and though he was fixed, he never ever stopped tom-catting around. He was huge and he would return home after a night out with battle scars. He lived 17 years.

    Sparkling Red
    That is exactly what I tried to tell Catness but she just would not listen. Once she climbed me and jumped into the food barrel. I snapped the lid back on and let her stay in there a little while. When I let her out, she did not ever do that again. Yet she still remained very greedy at meal time.

    Riot Kitty
    Perhaps you are right there. Awfully young to be a lover, but you never know.

  20. Sounds like the best solution.
    I'm sure you will see her from time to time.

  21. Cats can be such gypsies!