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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Ganglion cyst on my knuckle
By the time I stop listing all my ailments we will be ready for our medical degrees.  This lovely knot appeared overnight on my knuckle much like my Bells Palsy (which is almost gone, I might add).  One of the remedies for a ganglion cyst suggests hitting it with a large book. I think I will pass on that suggestion.  

Worse than the cyst is the bad job painting my nails.  I used "fast drying" nail polish yesterday and could not wait for it to dry so I messed it up big time.  Obviously the polish makers and I have two different thoughts on the meaning of  "fast".

Notice the wall behind my hand.  That is my office color which my daughter painted when she was here last.  I love the new look.

P.S. You have been on many weight loss ventures with me.  Most recently I tried the diet pill Qsymia which was by prescription but insurance would not pay and cost $150 per month. I gave that up and have opted for trying Nutri-systems that is also expensive but includes food so should cut my grocery bill.  I start their 7 day trial period today. The food I received looks a bit frightening.


  1. I lost weight by taking a small amount of cinnamon every day. It really helped. I've stopped taking it now as my weight has balanced. Good luck with your diet!

    I had a large ganglion on my wrist for years and my partner used to hit it hard with a book and it disappeared immediately. It was like magic.

  2. I used to get those ganglion cysts on my wrist, but they would just suddenly go away. It hasn't come back in years. (Wonder why?) Yours will probably just go away.

    Let me know how Nutrasystem is - I've always wondered. I could totally take some cinnamon every day - what????

  3. LL Cool Joe -- My cousin sprinkled cayenne pepper on everything she ate, even ice cream, and lost weight. I'm still not gonna try the book thing.

    Lynn -- I'm hoping it will go away. It doesn't really hurt but it sure is ugly. I just had my NS granola cereal for breakfast and it was very good.

  4. Hope that cyst just goes away like it came and maybe the food will be good after all...hope so.

  5. I'm glad to hear that the Bells Palsy is better. I have also heard that the "book cure" works for the cyst, but I understand your reluctance to try it.
    Good luck with the Nutri-systems food. I will be interested to hear how it works for you.

  6. I cannot help but think your body is letting off steam because of the stress of losing you loving partner. I think we harbor stress and then it emerges as illness. My fingernails splits and shatter so easily I have NOTHING to paint...except for three fingers and two thumbs that seem to stay hard. So, is the food scary because there is so much or because it is so weird?

  7. David and I have tried NutriSystems several times. We managed to lose weight because of the low calories, but gained it back plus extra after we went off the diet. My doctor recommends exercising instead of dieting.

  8. Well, now you have me curious? Is the food scary because it looks yucky or because there is so much? I was on Weight Watchers a few years ago and you could eat a lot of food (volume)of the right things. Keep us posted on that food!

  9. I completely forgot about the cinnamon tea I used to drink I'll have to go back to it...

    Please don't try the book...I think the bruise might be worse than the cyst!

  10. My son had a ganglion cyst on his wrist as a teen and finally needed surgery. They sometimes grow back, but his seems gone for good. Gosh - I'm amazed at your nails - in my dreams!

  11. I am with Tabor. I think your immune system is down from stress. I work in palliative care and it is very common for loved ones to get sick after someone dies.

    I thought your nails looked great and I really like the walls!

  12. You had me at the headline! Geez, will this stuff ever let up on you?

    I am glad the BP is going away though.

  13. All I would have to do for that is go to work n catch my hands pinched in the heavy metal screens a few times, which I do all the time anyways! Why my hands are too sore for guitar playing.

    That looks very painful! I know fingers have alot of ultra-sensitive nerves to bother in them.

    Glad the smile problem is lifting for you at least!
    Good luck with the new diet trial.

    Yep, you should be teaching Med school!

  14. Changes in the wind – I think without trying the book cure the cyst is going to stay around longer than the palsy. The NS food tastes good, it is just such small amounts.

    Jeanie – I started out yesterday morning with the best intentions for my NS food but got side tracked at the Senior Center lunch and then …..and then....

    Tabor – I'm sure stress is a big factor in all my new ailments. Dangit! The food is not so much weird as it is small portions. It is filling enough but just the thought of such a small amount is scary. I like to fill up.

    gigihawaii – I do a great deal of exercise which includes a 40 minute exercise bike ride each morning but food still has to play a part in weight. I know about trying different things and after stopping, gaining beyond where I started.

    Aunt Betsy – The best weight loss success I ever had was on Weight Watchers but once I quit the meetings and tried to go out on my own, I gained it all back.

    Brown English Muffin – Guess it wouldn't hurt to add cinnamon to my NS meals:)

    Barb – Oh I can't stand the thought of surgery but I'll bet that is why it never came back. That must be the sure way to beat it. My nails are a mess if you look don't. Thanks!

    Birdie – Glad you liked the wall color. I need to post some pictures of all the decorating my daughter has done from walls to pictures to curtains to bedding. Yes, I'm sure Tabor is right.

    Riot Kitty – You will agree with Nancy Lietz who ask me on facebook if Locust were next. lol

    Snaggle Tooth – I don't know if I hit something to cause the cyst. I can't remember. Anyway there it is. Thankfully it is not painful. Probably it is from holding a fork and spoon so often:) Your comment about teaching at Medical school reminds me of what Ron kept telling people. He said since he had grown a beard he only needed a tweed jacket with patches on the elbows and a hat and pipe so he could go around giving medical lectures on his vast knowledge gathered through his many illnesses.

  15. My husband had the same kind of cyst - and they had to shoot it with a needle about 50 times to get rid of it.

    Can you get rid of Bells Palsy?

    And good luck on your diet! I need to go on one too.

  16. They used to use the family bible.
    You have lovely nails.

  17. Pretty paint colour, and pretty nail polish. I have so little patience waiting for nail polish to dry that I simply never paint my nails.

    Go on - you know you want to whack that cyst! Dooooo it! Dooooo it! Doooo it! ;-)

  18. Chatty Crone
    Oh no, please no needles for me. The Bells Palsy is gone. Sadly so is the diet.

    I'm betting they used a soft cover bible and not a hard cover one.

    Sparkling Red
    I still want to whack that cyst. Right now I am trying to apply heat every evening because someone said that would help get it to go away but nothing so far. It is UGLY!