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Slim and Franke
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Monday, September 23, 2013


Question Of The Week 9-23-13

What would you select for that last meal if you were on death row. 


Why would you be on death row?


  1. Drink - Top Shelf Margarita
    Appetizer - Spinach/Artichoke dip & chips
    Salad - Grilled chicken Caesar
    Entree - Fried shrimp with lobster side & loaded baked potato side.
    Bread - Garlic Cheese bread
    Dessert - Chocolate silk pie

    Then I would suggest it might be easier to just take me to Red Lobster where I would make my escape:)

  2. Oh and I fear I would be there for failure to get involved.

  3. What the locals here call 'Slicker Mushrooms.' I've always been afraid to try them and the last meal would make that point moot.

  4. I have thought about this when I see movies that have the last meal...I am afraid I would have no appetite at all and would just ask to get drunk!

  5. Cliff -- I tried to google "slicker mushrooms" and couldn't find them. I only found some reference to having to put on your slicker and rain boots to collect the mushrooms. Perhaps you find slicker mushrooms when you are snipe hunting?

    Tabor -- I don't guess you have to eat your last meal but you could still order it. However the getting drunk idea is probably the best. I really don't think they let the condemned have alcohol and I also heard that there is a price limit on the last meal.

  6. I would order my favorite Mughlai food:(fit for Mughal Kings)
    Punjabi Lassi, Tandoori Roti,Aloo Parantha,Paneer Butter Masala,Dal Fry, Aloo Gobi,Vegetable Pulao,Green Salad,Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, Basundi. Please google to find out more about these dishes.

    :) Ram

    ps. And of course a bottle of the finest wine.

  7. The last three are sweet dishes !

  8. Drink - Coke and a glass of wine
    Appetizer -
    Salad - wedge salad
    Entree - steak - asparagus - baked potato with butter
    Bread - warm health bread with butter
    Dessert - chocolate cake with chocolate icing and ice cream and nuts. Cup of coffee.

    I don't have to worry about dying from what I eat.

  9. Like Tabor above, I probably wouldn't have much appetite for a meal. If alcohol wasn't allowed I'd ask for a Valium laced milkshake. Well, maybe I'd ask for a hamburger and fries with that. :)

  10. Drink - a whole bottle of cold Pinot Grigio.
    Appetizer - homemade potato chips with hot blue cheese dip.
    Salad - Caesar
    Entree - Pasta Primavera
    Bread - those rolls from O'Charley's with actual butter.
    Dessert - Chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

    I can't think what I'd possibly do to be on death row, so I guess I'll never get this meal.

  11. I do not know what I would have for a last meal--can't imagine it bringing much joy or satisfaction. BUT I definitely would be ordering it because I took pot shots at the litterers who trash my road with their beer bottles and fast food debris. I am generally opposed to the death penalty, but I do make an exception for those who litter.:)

  12. Would love to have my Mom's roast beef dinner again with my raspberry tart for dessert. :)

  13. I have an artist friend who has been in the news this year for her ongoing project of painting the "last supper" of all death row inmates on record. She paints on dinner plates & fires them in a kiln. They range from lobster dinners to just a pack of cigarettes. If you google "Julie Green's Last Supper" you'll see.

  14. @Talon:
    One inmate was allowed to have his mother come to the prison kitchen and prepare her special lasagna.

  15. Drink: mocha
    Appetizer: edamame
    Salad: Korean seaweed, watercress, soba salad
    Entree: This is a hard one. Scallops
    Bread: Hawaiian Portuguese sweet bread
    Dessert: Ted's Bakery chocolate haupia pie

  16. Oh wait. I just saw your chocolate silk pie. Yum. That was always my favorite back in Illinois from Baker's Square.

  17. We all get there one way or another... so I would request a genie in a glass of Guiness...

  18. I'd pass on the dinner and hope I'd have more time with loved ones. Who knows why I'd be there - surely a case of mistaken identity.


  19. Does anyone remember the Three Stooges famous comment about what they wanted to eat?

    Moe said," Just give me a rotten egg and a piece of burnt toast. I have a tape worm and that's good enough for him."

    Personally, I would be very careful what I ate or drank..Suppose the Governor called at the last minute and cancelled the execution? THAT'S when I'd have the Filet Mignon and Gray Goose......

  20. i like Nancy's idea, but on the other hand i recieved your kind and thoughful gifts -thank you so much and i will be doing a pay it forward soon

  21. Wow! That's morbid.

    Hmm, so the blood sugar and allergies wouldn't matter...

    Tomato and mozzarella
    green salad
    Cheese enchiladas with rice and black beans
    Cheesecake with strawberries

    Probably for swearing too much.

  22. What a coincidence! I just read a novel by Liza Palmer in which the main character's job is to cook the last meal requests at a prison. It was a great book! But moving on, being from New Mexico my last meal request would be:
    Drink: largest Dr Pepper possible
    chips & fresh salsa
    Beef Chili Relleno
    Green Chili Posole
    Refried Beans topped with melted cheddar & salsa
    a double serving of Calabacitas
    Sopapillas with honey and butter

  23. I meant to add the book's title---it really was a great read--NOWHERE BUT HOME by Liza Palmer. And I want to add cheesecake drizzled with chocolate and caramel to my order! :)

  24. I wouldn't be able to eat a thing, I think I'd go with getting drunk too. :D

  25. I think I'm with those that wouldn't be all that hungry if I was going to be executed. If I'm nervous or stressed, I lose my appetite.

    Your meal looks mighty good to me under normal circumstances.

  26. Drink - starbucks
    Appetizer - hummus and pita chips
    Salad - some kind of spinach salad with craisins and feta cheese I think
    Entree - my mother chicken curry with dumplings (can my mother bring that to the prison?)
    Bread - garlic cheesy bread!
    Dessert - Apple Pie a la mode!

  27. I want teeth again to crunch on popcorn- but never plan on a last meal.

    Already eat all my soft favorites.

  28. Dessert and a excellent dessert wine.
    If only one is allowed I'll have the pud:)