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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, September 05, 2013


Yes there was another post here yesterday.  It was both religious and political.  I deleted it even though it was a good post and several friends commented.  Once in a while I get on a soap box. Plus it took me away from my personal vow not to take my blog in that direction anymore. There were doubts lingering after I posted it and my daddy always said, "When in doubt, don't". 

Now I feel bad about it because my friends who commented made some really great statements.  Perhaps I am just in a funk. 

Have you ever deleted one of your posts after others have commented?

At least can leave the responses.  Thanks friends.

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Oxymorons come in many shapes and sizes. (and definitions)

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LOVE is all there Is.

Love you Bunches ad Bushels and Barrels plum full Annie.


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It's crazy isn't it? Makes me hum Lennon's "Imagine" in my head.

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 Tis to weep... that the divides among us are becoming huge chasms...

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And then there are all the other religions and their factions. Yikes!


  1. awww (((Annie)))

    yes I have deleted a few posts.

    no worries sweetums, all is well.

  2. Sonny -- You are a good friend:)

  3. Yes I have deleted a few posts. A couple of times the comments got terse and I deleted the whole thing.
    But that's back before all of my readers died or where ever they went and I had a good mix of opinions.

  4. I have never done it on a blog but I have on facebook only after seeing a post may have been taken the wrong way. I, too, try to take the tact that political points of view are sometimes best left out of the public domain if my stamp appears on it (Rob)

  5. Cliff -- Good to know I'm not alone. At least no one was terse on my post.

  6. I had a calculus professor who used to say, "When in doubt, take the derivative. And if you're still in doubt, take the second derivative".

    I guess that doesn't apply here.

    To answer your question, no I have never deleted a post, but I'm not against it in principle. It's just a blog... don't worry about it.

  7. I once deleted a post after someone left a comment saying it sounded like I was making fun of dementia....which of course I wasn't. I guess we never know how people will take things.

  8. I remember reading the post Jeanie is talking about. But I don't remember what it said.

  9. Yes, I have deleted posts as well as comments that disturbed me. No problem with that. It's my blog, after all.

  10. I am sorry that I missed out on that post yesterday. I am sure that it was fine, but hey if you have doubts, you did what you needed to, you know best. You are the writer.

    I don't remember deleting any post as yet. One of my comments on someone else's blog was deleted. I just hope that I not did offend the writer. sometimes I don't remember what I wrote as comments.
    I hope that things are going good for you.

  11. Your blog is a reflection of your view on the world and you're entitled to write as you see fit. I try to avoid politics and religion as they're too controversial. I've adopted the first line of your introduction as my motto (the Angie Worth quote). To answer your question, no, I've never deleted a post but I would if it got a lot of negative comments.

  12. Yes, I have deleted posts. My blog is written for my mental health, and some days are healthier than others...

  13. I missed the post, sorry.

    Hmm, I don't think I've deleted any posts but I have edited them back to drafts when I've been getting ridiculous amounts of hits on them that I can only assume are bots. But that gives me the option to republish them again in the future.

  14. I am sorry I missed it. I have only deleted drafts, but for the same reasons.

  15. I have deleted post especially those that I get really EMO. Now, it is mostly happy happy stuff :D

  16. cube – “just a blog”! Them's fightin' words.

    Jeanie – Well, I hope you read Cliff's comment after yours.

    Cliff – It's just a guess but I have a feeling you were the class clown at one time

    gigihawaii – Yes, I guess it is my blog. Still I want to be able to make a Sally Field speech someday. “The like me, they really, really like me.”

    Munir – Somehow I woke up that morning thinking I had something valuable to say. That was my first mistake. lol

    Pat MacKenzie – I used to be a rebel and make a lot of incendiary comments and do a lot of negative writing but I learned it doesn't get me anywhere but trouble. If I could wave a magic wand the world would be a place where everyone got along...and believed what I believe. Oops:)

    Brighid – Oh dear, right now my mental health is borderline.

    LL Cool Joe – It's just as well you missed the post.

    Riot Kitty – I should always just make a draft and think about it before I click the post button.

    Shionge – Happy, happy stuff is hard to find these days. Guess I need to look harder and stop having this pity party.

  17. I'm always deleting posts. Something about it will strike me as wrong later on and I will strike it out.

  18. I don't think I ever have...but I've 99.9% of the time stuck to poetry and short stories so other than someone hating what I wrote...not too personal or political or religious.

    Your father's advice was great (is that his pic because it's an amazing one!).

    And life is too short to stress over blog posts. Those who know you, know your heart, Annie.

  19. I've commented on this post two times now and it's not showing up (I don't always check, but I like to read your comments back to everyone.) So I'm trying again.

  20. Rae - I can't imagine you having to delete a post. Yours are so creative. I'm loving your new blog.

    Talon -- Your posts are all worthy of publication. No that isn't my dad, that's my Ron when he was a new young sailor.

    Lynn -- It is there this time. I wonder why you couldn't post before. Sometimes I think my comments have disappeared from other blogs but I'm so confused these days, I probably didn't comment.

  21. Have to say I try not to post religious or political stuff. Occasionally I get on my high horse about things. Once I posted about Richard Murdoch & how I despised the effects of his business on broadcasting. It led to a few posts which disagreed totally & they never commented again. Well that was their prerogative. You can't please all the people all the time can you. It's a bad job if you can't have different thoughts & opinions about things.

    I didn't delete it. I still stand by what I said about that awful bloke and later events proved I was right about him. In fact he's even worse than I thought!

    So Annie, don't you worry about it. Just keep posting.

  22. Hmmm... I don't think I have, buuut... perhaps I should have. Doggone it! I must have missed something interesting here.

  23. I don't think so but have had a few sticky moments over six years.
    I think your Dad was probably right.
    Religion and politics are not apart of my blog but I trust my faith is apparent without thrusting it down folk's craw.

  24. Not counting about three dozen posts that I purged for publishing reaons (posted a short story in which I later self-pubished), I have nuked one that had qualified under your stated criteria.

    Had quite a few people comment on it (dealt with a very personal work related issue back in 2011) before it was actually mentioned in a disciplinary meeting the next day.

    When I got home, I nuked it, then posted an apology for nuking it.

  25. thats a useful philosophy there...when in doubt- dont!

  26. 1st, I would love the person. If they say/do something that I don't agree with. I love them ANYway! So, don't be in any "funk" that's just the adversary trying to keep you from feeling the sunshine. =)

    2nd, I do love the the saying, "if in doubt, don't". My prob is that I'm usually in doubt! =P

    3rd...I'm sending you a, gynourmously humongous cyber hug!! Look out! here it comes!! =D

  27. Nope, I have never done that. I play it pretty safe on my blog. But I certainly don't see a problem with you doing it. Sometimes we need to take things back and have a do-over.

  28. I'd feel a lot better about my blog if it made me some money.

  29. Never deleted a post yet.

    When I'm really PO'd I sit on it a day usually before posting.