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Monday, August 05, 2013


Question Of The Week August 5, 2013

What was the least favorite job you have ever had and why?

I worked as a telephone solicitor in 1965 selling magazine subscriptions. We worked out of a sleazy motel and used fake names.  It was embarrassing enough to go there for my job interview but even worse to go to a motel room every day for work. I hated that job and believe I only stayed a week. Can you imagine people asking me where I worked and I had to say "The Sundown Too Motel"? Some people suggested a few of the girls were selling more than magazine subscriptions.  I was 19 and very naive.


  1. Oh my - I'm glad you ditched that job!

    I worked as a legal assistant for a family owned law firm from 2005 - 2007. It was fine until September 2006, when a former partner decided to return to the firm. I've never met a more tightly wound woman and she hated me on sight. She would literally come in the door in the morning in a cloud of perfume, take two diet pills, wash them down with a large coffee and the screaming would begin. When they "downsized" me (I think I was fired), I knew exactly why and felt a bit of relief to never have to see her again. :)

  2. I had a job in a seafood restaurant back in the late 80's. I last two days because while I thought I could deal with handling food for others it turned out that I couldn't deal with handling food for others.

  3. Lynn -- That same person worked for an insurance company in Tulsa. Only she wasn't a partner there so she got to go instead of me:)

    G.B. Miller -- I have held many jobs but have never worked in the food industry. I could probably handle most food but not sure I could cook live lobster.

  4. Worked at a cosmetics company lab for 3 weeks - we did not see eye to eye about things and it was boring as well! I cannot say there were any other jobs i really diliked, but many i loved!

  5. Although while spending my entire life on the farm I've done a lot of disagreeable jobs, the worst was hauling market hogs with a semi trailer as an adult.
    I used to help a friend out and drive one of his trucks while he went fishing in Canada.
    His weekly pig haul meant loading and unloading some of the worst smelling animals on earth, confinement hogs.
    They didn't want to get on the truck and then when we got there they for sure didn't want to get off. Then I had to drive home from the plant smelling like a confinement manure pit.


  6. I worked at a "well known" cookie/small cakes company for 6 weeks when I was 19. I was on the line boxing the wrapped oatmeal cakes- the cakes make down the line-a machine wrapped them in plastic and I made sure 12 went in each box.
    so what was the issue with that?
    cause during my shift a bell would ring and we'd stop, the BOXES would change, same cakes started back down the line and I'd box them.. :)
    I learned all I ever needed to known right there about brand names for 3 timmes the cost and generic brands..
    I quit.

    love ya bunches

  7. I worked for a factory rep company that sold furniture to hotels and hospitals. It should have been a good job but it was bad for me because I was a dismal failure. I can, however, still identify the manufacturer of the fabric on any hotel chair I see.

  8. I worked in an insurance office when I was 18-19. The sleazy agents were always hitting on the office girls. I hated having to call clients to try to get them to renew their policies, buy new policies, etc. I don't like any job where I have to ask people for money...or deal with lecherous men.

  9. I worked at a Travel Agency at one time and the boss stared at me the whole entire time - It unnerved me. sandie

  10. I don't think I can top your telephone soliciting, Annie. Hmmmm...worst job was probably was one summer (back when I was in high school) a friend got me into a local cosmetics manufacturing place...and the first night was capping lip balms (I kid you not) and trying not to damage them. Yeah, I did that one shift and never did another. The repetition and tedium were not my cup of tea.

  11. All of them. I wasn't happy until I retired and I have never been busier but now it is doing things I enjoy.

  12. Right out of high school I went to work in a factory. It was miserable standing all day on a line doing tedious work in a closed building during the heat of summer. It convinced me that I never wanted to do such work ever again. I quit after 2 months and went to college to get a nursing degree.

  13. Wow! Yeah, I imagine some people were selling more than magazines.

    You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but hey, you asked.

    In high school I was part of a "work experience" program where you basically had a job and got school credit. You had to go to one or two night meetings and hear people from the business world talk about But anyhow. The job was at a university and they told the school that I'd be calling patients post-surgery for a study. Little did I know the study involved calling MEN WHO HAD PENILE IMPLANT SURGERY and asking them how it was, um, working out.

    Yes, I need to blog about this.

  14. I'd have to say I wouldn't have enjoyed that job either.

    My least favorite job would be trimming pineapples at Dole Pineapple Factory. However, it made me go on to college so that was a good thing. It also taught me the value of money. And yet... you know what? I'm glad I did work there because it did teach me things.

  15. Brite Mist – I would imagine that for a chemist the cosmetics industry would not be very challenging.

    Cliff – Once again you and Ron have something else in common. He also hauled hogs to market. One of the funniest things I ever saw was watching him watch a friend try to load just two pigs on a pickup truck. Ron watched and watched until he had all the laughter he could take and then sauntered over and easily loaded the two pigs by himself.

    Sonny – An excellent reason we all should avoid the name brands. That higher cost is all advertising. I know that would not have set well with you.

    Jeanie – You a “dismal failure” at anything? I would not believe it.

    Pat MacKenzie – Oh boy Pat can I relate to that. I would have to say my second worse job was working in a steno pool with an Insurance company. If you watch the show Mad Men I know you can relate to the Insurance business. At least it reminds me of the offices in the late 60's when I worked there.

    Chatty Crone – Did you stare back?

    Talon –Really there is such a job? Surely now they have that automated.

    tulsamom – I have to agree that retirement is pretty nice.

    Rae – Factory work is indeed designed to direct people to college:)

    Riot Kitty – Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear RK you are such a hoot. Really you had to ask how their penile implant surgery went? If I didn't know you I would have to say you were making this up but I guess it is true and yes, you must blog about this someday. Hey, did any of the patients mention visiting the Sundown Too Motel? LOL

    Kay – Again the factory worker is directed to college and proves my point. Seems like it works it's charm everywhere. Molding those precious children's minds had to be more rewarding than trimming pineapples.

  16. Oh gosh...I'm in my current job for the past 29 years reaching 30 soon so I'm really blessed :D

  17. I worked in a gift shop that made gift baskets full of nuts and candies. They said that the total weight was three pounds of six different items which should have been half pound of each item, but in actuality it was .40 instead of .50. The job was very nice, but I did not like that practice.
    Other than this all my jobs were good.

  18. Beauty Counselling. I didn't enjoy selling to people in their own homes working for a large firm
    Once I had my shop and my own business and they came to me I loved it.

  19. Shionge -- Betty, does that mean your current job is the only job you have ever had? That's very interesting.

    Munir -- It seems that many of us have worked for employers who were a bit shady in their practices. It is always better to leave those places.

    Pat -- How wonderful that you ended up with your own shop. That would have been a dream of mine in the past but not in the economy today.

  20. Aged 17 - Weighing broken toffee and other sweets in (what is called in England) a sweety shop. The toffee was broken with a hammer and then put into bags - and the owner demanded that each bag weigh the precise amount - trouble was she would do spot checks and I could never get the amount exact. By mutual agreement we parted company!

  21. My very first job was the worst. It was as a telephone solicitor trying to talk people into having a salesperson come over to sell them vinyl siding.

    I tried to quit after the second day. The manager begged my to stay. I ended up lasting another three days.

    It was very depressing for my first attempt at tackling the work force.

  22. My current job where we are treated like machines that don't need breaks takes the cake. (automated food production) It's physically demanding n gets me too sore in my free time. I don't enjoy missing all holidays n week-ends with family. I've had to learn 2 new languages to get folks to do their jobs... A big cake- 7 years

    N I'd thought Managing Fast Food was a bad job before this.

    Not other FT jobs here- n the summertime businesses are about to lay a bunch of workers off again after Labor Day.

  23. My least favourite job was when I worked in an unheated store in the middle of a very cold winter. They did food wholesale as well as retail, and the place was full of fridges and freezers. The owner didn't want to pay to heat the place up just to cool it down again. I went to work every day dressed up in so many layers of clothes I could barely move. There were also roaches and rats in the place. Yucko! I stayed there for two months, and that was two months too long.

  24. Cathy – At least your employer was trying to get the weight of the candy right. Read Munir's comment. She was supposed to bag her product light to cheat the customer. Regardless it had to be tough to try to be so accurate. Guess that is one place where automation would definitely be better.

    Cube – Looks like telephone soliciting wasn't in the cards for you or for me.

    Snaggle Tooth – How does a company get by with not allowing employees to take two ten minute breaks? Why, why, why aren't you working somewhere else?

    Sparkling Red – How did the roaches and rates survive the cold. Guess that is why it is said they will still be around when mankind is long gone.