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Slim and Franke
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Monday, August 12, 2013


Question Of The Week 8-12-13

Do you purchase the extended warranty that is always offered on electronic products at check out and if so, have you ever used that extended warranty or if you failed to purchase the extended warranty have you ever regretted not having purchased it? 

Extra credit:)
Let's say you do purchase the extended warranty, what price range would the product have to fall in to cause you to buy the warranty?


  1. I never purchase the extended warranty on products - my parents never did, so I guess that's why I continued the tradition.

    An ex-boyfriend's mother was excitedly telling me once that she had paid the extended warranty on her washing machine from Sears for 15 years. "And the motor went out and they had to replace it (the motor) for free!!!" I was thinking that she could have bought a new washer with the money she had spent on those warranties, but she took so much pleasure in it, I didn't have the heart.

  2. Often it is a rip off. Generally, we don't buy the extended warranty.

  3. It depends on how expensive the extended warranty is versus the cost of the product. I have purchased a two-year once or time it paid off and the other it did not.

  4. I have never purchased an extended warranty on anything and I have never regretted it.

  5. Lynn -- Your story reminds me of a gambling bank customer of mine. She lost her savings from gambling and she lost her home from gambling. Probably $150,000 at least. One day she came shouting happily into the bank because she had won $28,000 at the Casino.

    gigihawaii -- We normally do not purchase the extended warranty but should have when we bought our refrigerator in 2007. It broke down one month after the year warranty was up.

    Tabor -- My brother and my sister always buy the extended warranties even on low cost items. They recently went in together and bought me a new flat screen television (not a low cost item) and added the extended warranty. I think I am glad about that. I was certainly shocked at such a nice gift.

    Jeanie -- I have only regretted it one time. It seems like products are priced so low these days that paying for extended warranties can almost pay for the items over. I always feel torn about whether to buy or not.


  6. I did a few times when I was very young- cause I didnt know better.

    Then I realized it was a waste of money and havent done it since.

    When I bought my first Electric Heat Pump system for the new house we built in '86-- it was 3000.00 -- they extended warrenty for 5 years was gonna be 1100.00. I decided to go take an HVAC course to repair it myself, just on case and the course was only 450.00:)
    I have been able to do my own yearly maintence ever since which is 200.00 a year if you sign a contract with any local hvac company.. I also maintain my neighbors so we've all saved thousands in the last 15 years.
    so with that said- your best extended warrenty for repair and maintenance is to " Move close to me and bring fresh veggies from your garden during the summer" lol..

    love ya bunches and bushels

  7. I never get the extended warranty. Never understood the need for that. If I took that money and invested it in some form I come out ahead.

  8. I have never bought one of those extended warranties and I've never regretted it. Now, having typed that, the new laptop I purchased is probably chuckling and rubbing its keyboard with glee, plotting against me! :)

  9. I usually turn them down unless I'm buying a big item. I've had good experiences with a computer and a fridge, but I wouldn't bother with smaller items.

  10. I don't buy it very often but once in a while depending on the product.

  11. I never buy and have not regretted so far :)

  12. These things don't usually pay off, but I have done it twice. Once for a vacuum and it did pay for itself. Vacuums go on the fritz so often! The other time was on a used car & it paid itself off over and over and over. That car was a lemon.

  13. I haven't...but I always LOOK at how long the warranty lasts after I had a computer monitor break after a super short warranty expired. Like the day after. And yes, the price makes a difference.

  14. The only time I bought an extended warranty was for my dishwasher. The circuit board went out on it 3 days after the original warranty expired on it. *wipes brow*

    When I bought my fridge(3 year warranty) and my laundry set (10 year), I weighed the cost of cheaper appliances & their warranty.

    My fridge crapped out 1 day after the warranty expired, but the appliance store went good for the parts to fix it.

  15. Answer to the extra credit question: I paid $299 for my dishwasher & $10 for the extended warranty. Got that at a big box store. My fridge was $800 & laundry set was $1700. Got those from our hometown downtown retailer.

    Similar dishwasher at the downtown retailer would have been $329 & $5 for the warranty. Leaned my lesson.

  16. This might be an interesting website for you about extended warranties.

    To be honest we rarely buy the extended warranties, but we did get it for our iPad because I thought I might drop it. Other than this, we don't usually get them.

  17. No Annie we have never bought them and so far have had no trouble with anything until way way down the track and its ususally time for a new one anyway.
    Congratulations on taking the car for a drive - its opened the door to many more trips down the road
    Take care

  18. It varies. On big stuff I might. Seldom on small electronic things figuring that if my printer, scanner, shoots craps, I won't want to mess with it. I'm more prone to just driving to the city and bringing a new one home and plugging it in.

  19. Sonny – Of course you took a course and learned to make your own repairs. That is because you are a champion!

    Brighid – The idea of investing the extended warranty money would have been a good one in the days past but currently the interest rates aren't enough to make a hoot.

    Talon – I'm pretty sure I heard laughter emitting from your comment.

    cube – I think I might get the warranty on big items over $500.

    Changes in the wind – Yes, I think it depends on the product.

    ashok – I only have regretted that one refrigerator.

    Kerry – I worked with a woman who was so tough she recovered on her lemon car without a warranty just because she persevered and hung on like a bulldog. Plus she still had some fight left when it was over.

    Riot Kitty – I am convinced there is a timer that goes off as soon as the original warranty expires so the items when know when to break down.

    Bonnie (BIZ) – The extended warranty on my big screen TV was $4.00 and the extended warranty on my night vision video surveillance with flat screen monitor (64.99 on sale) was $12.00. I thought that was a very strange difference since the price ranges were so different. My siblings bought them.

    Kay – That was a helpful site. Thanks for sharing. I did purchase extended warranty on my Kindle. I have already had to replace the first one even before the original warranty was up so I think I'm going to be glad for the extended one.

    Cathy – I was proud to have taken the trip but it was an emotional one and I'll wait a while before I try it again.

    Cliff – It does seem that a lot of our electronic gadgets are become disposable these days.

  20. Let's see, we do pay for the extended warranty for fridge once and it works :) On the number 5th year, the fridge broke down and we were still covered hehehhehe....

    But nowadays, it seems like things are not made to last so I would go with my guts....need not extend anymore ;D

  21. I don't do it anymore. It's just a way of getting more $$ out of you.

  22. I have had several which expired just before needed! Like my Catalytic converter, n my computer repairs...

  23. This hits a nerve.
    My - less then a year old kettle - has broken. That is to say the blue light comes on but there's no-one home.
    There is actually a video instructing you how to return it.
    After a few days of boiling a pan of water on the Aga I bought a kettle locally and will try to continue to do that.
    Please excuse my French but I can't be arsed.