Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Their names are Annette, Emilie, Yvonne, Cecile and Marie
Yes I can count.  Yes there are only four birds pictured and five names.  There is one hen in hiding.  These are adult buff orphington sisters that have joined our flock.  They will be beautiful when they are no longer molting.  I bought them at a discount from our neighbor.  Our roosters believe they are already beautiful and they have taken a great deal of the attention from our other hens who greatly need a rest.  We have kept the buff orphs  in separate cages before letting them mix in with the flock then we allowed them loose inside the hen house and now the quints are free ranging with the others.  Everyone seems very happy and these girls have been laying eggs since day one.  WooHoo!

Can anyone guess how I selected their names?  You might have to be pretty old to know the celebrities they are named for.  It will be difficult for me to tell them apart so I hope they can remember the name I gave each one. 


  1. Yvonne DeCarlo? That's the only one I can think might be a celebrity from years gone by.

    They look as if they are about to dance the Virginia Reel or something. :) Beautiful hens!

  2. Are they Mousketeers? I might be so old that that is totally off base, but they are pretty girls.


  3. they are so pretty..
    as for the names:) annette funichello? Cecil B DeMille?- I'm ready for my close up, Mr Demille- envision eyes open to a scary amount lol.
    Yvonne Decarlo- who never got he recognition for her extreme beauty she deserved.
    Emilie POST from whom I learned my manner but rarely use them-- lol..
    Marie Antionette? let them eat CAKE..

    big hugs and lots of love to you.

  4. Well, I at first thought Annette Funnicello (sp). Then the rest left me scratching my head.

  5. OK, I get Yvonne and Annette, but I'm going to need help with the others.

  6. There's something about a baby bird or any kind...when I see the baby ducklings along the side of the road with their parents it touches me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  7. I know I know! They're named for the Dionne Quintuplets. :-D I might not be old, but I'm Canadian.

  8. Annette Fenicello ? Yevon Strahofsky?
    Marie Osmond? Emile Post?
    I am glad that you have adopted them:0

  9. If the last one Cecile Richards - - - oh oh ! LOL

  10. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I vote with Sparkling Red, Dionne Quintuplets. I'm not Canadian, just old.

  11. Lynn -- The Virginia Reel??!! lol

    Jeanie -- Love it. Mouseketeers. I will have to see if I can get some ears on them.

    Sonny -- Obviously one of my hens wasn't ready for a close up. She was hiding under the van.

    Tabor -- Keep scratching.

    cube -- I am afraid you need help with all five.

    Brown English Muffin -- Where do you see lots of baby ducklings along side the road? I would worry about them a lot. I have got to get over to you blog. Did I miss Baby C's 10th Birthday??

    Sparkling Red -- O' Canada!

    Munir -- I am glad to have adopted them also. They are already give us some mighty nice eggs. Read my last comment in the group for the answer.

    tulsamom -- Old is good:) Read my next comment:)

    I have been gone all day but loved returning to these guesses. Sparkling Red and tulsamom were correct. My five sister hens were named for the Dionne Quintuplets. I felt bad keeping them in a cage for even a few days because that is almost what happened for the famous Quints. Then I hated locking them in the hen house with the walls around them like the Quints. But unlike the Dionne Quintuplets, we let our girls out to free range and face the dangers of the world. Oh I hope they can survive the predators because they lay some mighty fine eggs. You should have seen how happy they were to get out and they sure don't like to go in at night.

  12. I was late to arrive... but I thought of the Quintuplets because my Aunt had the quint dolls... We don't name the chickens. Our neighbor names all our goats and probably names her chickens. The goats are allowed to roam in the pasture next to their house.

  13. I had no idea but laughed at the idea of the resident 'old ladies' being spurned for the younger ones - just like a man lol
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  14. Well you seem to be solving the crazy rooster problem beautifully. I think your new additions are lovely.

    If you lived nearby I'd be pawning off about a million saved egg cartons onto you.

  15. I haven't heard of the Dionne quintuplets...onto Google!

  16. I know the name origins and remember the story well!

  17. I would've guessed Mouseketeers also- Never heard Dion Quints names n remembered them. Thought that was Sara Burnhart will the "Mr. Deville, I'm ready for my close-up" line?

    They are pretty- hope you have good luck with them, n maybe get some fun looking chicks too-
    I wonder how you tell them apart? They look so similar.

  18. I knew it was the quins - honestly. They were so famous way back when. I can't remember exactly when.

  19. Anonymous7:27 AM

    No, I can't guess how you named them. Lol. I guess that it would be difficult to tell those chickens apart, though.

  20. Annette Funachello, Cecil B. DeMill, and Yvonne DeCarlo - I just can't spell. Woohoo to them. sandie

  21. ancient one -- For some reason my mother talked a lot about the Dionne Quintuplets when we were growing up. It was such a tragic story. I never should have started naming my chickens but we don't eat our girls and boys. It does make it difficult when a predator takes one though. I always swear I'm going to stop naming them but .....

    Cathy -- Well these girls certainly aren't spring chickens (no pun intended) so in a way I guess they are cougars because they could be older than a couple of our roosters. lol

    Kerry -- Oh no egg cartons please!!! Our egg production has been down but hopeful family and friends have continued to bring us cartons and I have run out of space to store them. Hoe we can start filing them up soon. At least I was able to give some to my housekeeper this week and she is the one person I most want to keep happy:)

    Riot Kitty -- Oh you must search them. It is an amazing as well as sad story.

    Jean Mac -- I am pretty sure all of my Canadian blog friends knew the names.

    Snaggle Tooth -- You should research the Dionne Quintuplets like Riot Kitty is going to do. They are well remembered in Canada but in the US too. My mother talked about them often. I told each of the hens their own name and I admonished them to remember the names given because I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. It is all up to them. lol

    Pat -- I can't remember what year either. But now quintuplets are no big deal. Then it was a huge deal. Their father put these sweet children in the cirucs as a side show!!!

    gigihawaii -- If you read the comments above you will see the were named for the famous Canadian Dionne Quintuplets many years ago.

    Chatty Crone -- They were named for the Dionne Quintuplets. Read some of the comments above to learn who guessed the right answer first.

  22. I have no idea on the names...started thinking Andrew Sisters, but there weren't five of them, were there? They were a bit before my time, but I remember my Mom loving them. :) Beautiful hens, Annie!

  23. Those are very pretty hens! I figured out Annette. She was my sister's favorite Mousekateer.

  24. 2...over medium.
    Oh yeah, and original recipe. Scratch that, if they're layers they're too old for frying so I'll go with chicken and noodles.

  25. My younger daughter's middle name is Annette, well that was the name she was given in hospital by a nurse.

  26. OK, so I have once again failed in my life...

  27. Hello,

    What a great photo! It brought back memories of the hens we used to have on our poultry farm in New Jersey. Ha! Ha! But we never gave them names because there were so many of them. In those days they were all range free and happy. I sometimes think about how wonderful it was to live on a farm. But when I was growing up I wanted to be a "city Child" or at least live in the town. Maybe because of all our chores but I do think being farm children you are expected to help out a lot. Anyway now I live in London and think of those handsome chicken way back then.
    Best Wishes, Nina