Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


New bathroom being constructed in our bedroom with lots of room and handicap access I am already wishing we had not gone with Quapaw Plumbing out of Miami, OK. 
At least the new shower is going to be great.  Can't wait.
Remodeling our guest bathroom and the plumbers removed the old tub to make room for a shower.  This is the deconstruction part.
Oops!  Toilet will be a bit close to the new shower edge.  Ron said it would be fine for a one legged person.  A frantic search began for a smaller shower and they could not and we could not find a smaller shower to fit that had any satisfactory reviews.  The job foreman with Quapaw plumbing suggested moving  the toilet over.  When the plumber mentioned added hourly charged for the correction I asked him it it had been my responsibility to measure or his?  I then ask him to put the tub back in and was told it was destroyed in the removal.  They are moving the toilet over at no additional cost. I still cannot believe they tried to leave us with this arrangement! 
We have another bathroom that remains operational until the first two projects are complete and then it will be turned into a half bath.  Also they are adding the washer hookups in the utility room and cutting a second door into the half bath.

My house is topsy-turvy with all the construction, supplies and workers inside the house  Ron is sleeping through most of it and Slim is loving all the free pats that are delivered plus the constant inside-outside access that is provided her.  Meanwhile if you have ever seen the famous painting called SCREAM, you know what I look like:)


  1. We have a few of those types of projects over the years and they usually drive me crazy. A few years back we were having the carpet removed and hardwood floors installed. I came home one night and the look on my face must have said it all. The guy who was installing it looked at me and said, "Ralph, we have to make it look like hell before we can make it look nice." He was right and I remembered that phrase throughout the years.
    You'll like it when it is done.

  2. Oh oh oh, but it will be sooo nice when complete.

    Steve and I did an addition ONCE in the early years of our marriage. Not only did we almost get divorced over it - we still refer to it as the A word. Did I mention we had 3 kids, two of those in diapers during the A word?

  3. In spite of the current construction mess, I think it will be wonderful and you will love it when it is done. Good job on getting the toilet moved at no charge.

  4. But it will be so nice. I'm glad the toilet is being moved. I hate it when I have to have one foot in the shower while sitting on the toilet.
    We have 8 people working in the new kennel building today. 1 electrical. 2 carpenters. 2 HVAC. 3 Builders. All I can see when I'm in there is an imaginery $ meter rolling really fast.

  5. very familiar sight!

  6. Ralph -- Thanks. I will keep repeating that over and over:)

    Marla and Steve -- No problems about a divorce because I am the only one stressed! I am struggling with the "A" word. Which word is that?

    Jeanie -- After my candid discussion with the head dude (no pun intended) he left and Ron grinned at me and said "You handled that well." Praise like that from Ron is like gold.

    Cliff -- You cannot imagine how often I think how momentous this project is and suddenly I remember you and Marilyn and your big project and don't feel quite a overwhelmed. I'm making sure this sticks to the proposed amount!

    ashok -- Really? Got some plumbing going on at your place too?

  7. Good for you - getting them to do that at no additional cost. Good job. And it will be wonderful when it's all over.

  8. Good for you for calling him out on the mistake! Seeing as how you're not planning on giving up any legs.

    I would hate to run up a flight of stairs to pee.

  9. It will be great when it's finished. I felt like that when we had a conservatory built last year. I kept thinking our lovely little old cat would love it in there sitting on the low window sills enjoying the sun. I wanted to leave home when I had to have him put to sleep just before it was finished.

    I do like it but I keep thinking about Oscar & wishing he could be there enjoying it with me.

    Enjoy your new en suite bathroom. How swish!

  10. Having workman in the house is so stressful but worth it in the end. It's gonna be great!

  11. Construction while living there is tough but it will be worth it when it is all done.

  12. Living in the midst of construction is frustrating but you'll be so happy with the finished result that you'll soon forget about the inconvenience. I'm glad you won the battle of the toilet/shower proximity.

  13. Yay you're getting a closer facility, Boo the work is driving you nuts! I hate having noise n no privacy- I wouldn't be sleeping much there. I'm not here either, n I'm driving myself nuts with all my moving stuff here-
    Have finally decided not much more is getting done this week- I'm zonked!

    Just keep looking for the other side of done!

  14. Hello Annie
    As others have said 'you won't know yourself' when its finished. No more trips down the hallway in the middle of the night!

    Good on you for out thinking (is that a word??) the plumber on who should have done the measuring. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall that day lol

    Take care

  15. Lynn -- It is starting to look wonderful already thank goodness!

    Riot Kitty -- They got the toilet moved over and now two-legged persons can use it.

    Winifred --Know how you miss Oscar. Don't know what I would do without my dog Slim.

    LL Cool Joe -- This weekend is going to be a hoot. My son and granddaughter are here and the plumbers are coming which means we'll have water shut off some of the time. Not sure my granddaughter can survive without running water.

    Changes in the wind -- I hope it will be worth it. We are paying a fortune and catching little problems here and there. I panic at the thought of ending the job, paying the balance and then finding tons of problems we didn't catch.

    Pat MacKenzie -- I am glad to have won that particular round but wonder what will be added when the job is done?

    Snaggle tooth -- Son and granddaughter will help a lot this weekend. Plus they will relieve the pressure and stress with their delightful company.

    cranethie -- Ron's comment made me think of him as a fly on the wall. He just let me go with it and then praised me. That made it worth the effort.

  16. Are you sure you want to move the toilet? I mean, you could soak one of your feet in a warm bath while on the can. It might be nice. ;-)

  17. Sparkling Red -- Too late, it's already moved and looks like it will work our great. Can't believe they even showed it to us expecting us to say we would let them install the shower that close! Maybe they thought the foot soak would be nice too:)

  18. Home renovation is always a bit of a headache. Sometimes a lot of a headache. We will have to think of modifying our bathroom into a more handicap accessible one too.

  19. My sister had a bidet in her house in Portugal for a one- legged person.
    YOur renovations will be great.