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Slim and Franke

Monday, December 03, 2012


Question Of The Week 12-03-12

What is the funniest or strangest thing you, or someone you know, has overheard in a public place?

My friend Karen and her sister overheard this in a stall in a public restroom: "Corn!  When did I eat corn?"

My daughter Chelle overheard in a department store dressing room: "Why did my mother have to pray that I wouldn't have chicken legs?  That was her one concern that I not have chicken legs.  She couldn't pray for my health or for beauty but for no chicken legs and now I'm stuck with these tree trunks!" 


Lynn said...

I was on an elevator with some women discussing a coworker's outfit: "And I was thinking...just because they make it in your size!..."

Granny Annie said...

Lynn -- Love it. Hum, wonder if they were talking about me. lol

Tabor said...

Well, I have not heard anything too funny except a mother telling her toddler "Don't touch that!" that several times with panic in her voice which I was in the next stall.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

a few weeks ago I was shopping behind this guy talking on his cell phone. soon I could tell it was to his wife/partner who was no doubt asking " did ya get - this n that??" he kept saying yes he had~! but he was writing it down the whole time- so he'd remember to get whatever it was. I laughed and he turned around - rolled his eyes and smiled big.. too funny.

Whitemist said...

Usually in the elevator - people talking bad about city workers, until they realize that i am one and they start apologizing

Ileana said...

I once eavesdropped on a conversation between two Puerto Rican girls who thought I was American and didn't know English (back when I was a kid). They were talking about ME, believe it or not, and as I walked away I said, "Gracias por todo. Buen día" (thanks for everything...have a good day).

Nancy said...

We had stopped at a McDonald's for a cup of coffee one morning and the "Old guys" were sitting in there,as usual. This was the conversation I overheard.

"I seen Walt yesterday"
"That weren't Walt."
"Yeah, that were Walt. It were wrote right on his shirt."
"That weren't his shirt."

Granny Annie said...

Tabor -- That is one of those things we really are better off NOT knowing. Yikes!

Sonny -- Well that sound just about like every husband in the world!!

Whitemist -- Uh oh:)

Ileana -- I want to learn Spanish for that very reason. I am always certain small groups of Hispanic people are talking about me. At least I never hear "Puta". lol

Nancy -- Doesn't sound like they were worried about Walt. How funny!

Ileana said... neither, chica! lol

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh I hear a great many people discussing me. The one that makes me smile is when they try and work out my sexuality.

Granny Annie said...

Ileana -- I am glad:)

LL Cool Joe -- hear this? Do you ever respond?

Shionge said...

Hmmmmmmmm.....a group of teenagers waiting for the train when the one of the girl's cell phone rung....she told her Mom : "I'm at Mary's house now studying...."

In the train station??? Hope that's not my daughter LOL

Riot Kitty said...

OK I just nearly peed myself laughing!

In line, behind a woman in the DMV renewing her license, in Washington, when I first moved to the Northwest 12 years ago.

Clerk: "And are you still an organ donor?"

Horrified woman: "Well, I haven't yet!"

Riot Kitty said...

And I also love it when people assume I don't speak Spanish and talk right in front of me.

An ex-boyfriend's friend came to his house and said, "Hey, what is this cheap shit?" It was cologne I bought for him...and I told his friend that in Spanish :)

kenju said...

I can't recall overhearing anything funny, but if I think of something, I'll come back.

G. B. Miller said...

Loaded question.

I wrote a post around four small snippets of words that have stayed with me for about two decades. Only one was actually heard by me in the real world.

The time: mid-80's.

The place: outside Madison Square Garden.

I was with some friends and while we were trying to figure out what to do next, I happen to overhear some drunken bum yell at the top of his voice to a very hot looking blonde, "Hey blondie! I love you 'cause you're all nice and wet!"

Cliff said...

We were in the midst of thousands of people in a hallway in Vegas trying to enter the event center to watch the NFRodeo. It was so tight that we were all touching each other. It really was a dangerous situation.
I overheard the guy behind me quietly say to his wife, "Don't worry, it's only a movie."

Granny Annie said...

Shionge -- If there had been cell phones in my youth, that is a conversation someone would have heard me having with my mother. lol

Riot Kitty -- I'm going to start using that line when I am asked the same question. Funny! So what did the friend say when you told him the cologne comment?

kenju -- What? You can't think of anything? I'm betting you have heard a lot.

G.B. Miller -- Oh I think drunk comments could be a post on its own. I'm guessing the waiting crowd found this amusing.

Cliff -- Was he leading her blindfolded? I trust Ron to guide me almost anywhere, but even he couldn't lead me through that kind of crowd.

cube said...

Overheard in the bathroom of the church during intermission of long graduation services for my daughters' school:

Thanks to the astoundingly acute acoustics of the room, parents and teachers in line heard a resounding "PLOP" and a very loud and prolonged "AHHHHHH". The teacher then came out of the stall and walked right by us and out the door - without washing her hands!

This teacher prided herself in having the fastest bathroom breaks.


The appalling thing was that both of my daughters had had this teacher for years and complained about her handing out unwrapped candy as a treat for a right answer to a lecture question.

Funny how so many students were too full to eat her candy.

What subject did this teacher teach?

Computer science.

Pat said...

The memory of this always tickles me although I realise the humour may escape most people.
Many years ago, one February night I was waiting outside our local telephone booth. It was bitterly cold, I was slowly turning to ice and it started to snow. I overheard the woman in the booth - phoning a lodging house in Blackpool -in the strongest Lancashire accent shout over the phone (the wind was howling)
"Are ye booked up for September?"

Granny Annie said...

cube -- Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive!! Reminds me of the commercial, "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is."

Pat -- I find that it tickles me also. lol Did you start shaking the phone booth to get her out of there?

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow- reading these comments is very amusing!

I must not be paying attention lately, I haven't heard any good ones I remember in awhile-

Granny Annie said...

Snaggle Tooth -- Well come back when you do:)

LL Cool Joe said...

Trying to explain to a stranger that I'm pansexual would probably be quite difficult. :D

Cliff said...

I was at the DMV a few years ago and as I walked in I heard the last 60 seconds of a phone conversation that one of the two examiners was having with someone. The side of the conversation I could hear was all "yes sir" and "no sir" and "it won't happen again sir."
He put the phone down and said to the other examiner, "Did you think we were rude to that old lady that was here about an hour ago?" His buddy replied, "No, why who was that?" He replied, "It was the Governor."

Granny Annie said...

LL Cool Joe -- Why would you be explaining that to strangers?

Cliff -- Now THAT is a conversation to overhear. LOL Sounds like the guy wasn't too impressed that it was the Governor.

Kay said...

Oh my that IS funny. I'm afraid I can't think of anything off hand just because I have such a poor memory. With my luck I'll think of something after I turn my computer off.

Granny Annie said...

Kay -- Of course you will and it will be so good you will turn the computer back on to post it, only you will have forgotten it by the time you get to my page. Just sayin...

Munir said...

Once I overheard someone talking about me and wondering if I was a mix of black and white. I guess that they did not know that I was from India and the mixture must have taken place decades and decades ago if not centuries ago.

Munir said...

Once I overheard someone talking about me and wondering if I was a mix of black and white. I guess that they did not know that I was from India and the mixture must have taken place decades and decades ago if not centuries ago.