Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, November 16, 2012


There is no bridge over our troubled waters. We cannot bridge the gap and we shall be a country forever divided by labels and name calling.

An adamant right
And an adamant right
In an adamant fight.

Listing each wrong
Creating a song

Each quite certain
Who does not belong.

One says “I Win!”
The other “I Win!”
As they interpret
And categorize sin.

Neither admits a mistake
Both sincere -- not a fake.
None to bend,
Each attempting a break.

For the subject at hand
Each takes a clear stand
Determined to know best
For this land -- My land.

This adamant right
And that adamant right
Taking aim at a target
Moved out of sight.

Granny Annie aka
Angie Worth
© 11/07/02
I am weary of crying about it. I see that my friend Talon mentioned in my previous post had the correct idea to go into hiding.


  1. yes, Grannie - I share your thoughts!
    Some of my conservative friends have been very correct in their way of looking at it - this is democracy - they might not agree with the election, but it proves that it still works - there was no violence or killing and the majority won.
    on the other hand... do not fear apples nd onions and garlic and apples - they are very, very good together! when cooked, not raw...

  2. Many feel the same way. This was a nice read. I think more people should see this.

  3. Whitemist -- I'm not sure what I am anymore. I could not be a Democrat or a Republican by the way they have both demonstrated hostility. I am simply an American.

    Seriously Though -- I wrote that years ago and have repeated it on my blog before. It is a voice of reason that it seems no one wants to hear.


  4. Dear Annie,

    You are mistaken about one thing, dear friend. I want to hear it. I loved that poem and the sentiments it expressed.

    I am very sorry about Talon.

  5. Indeed, polarization is dangerous. I know both lefties and righties who are unwilling to listen to the other side's point of view. Only those people who are willing to hear both sides of each story have any hope of knowing the whole scope of the truth.

  6. I watched MSNBC (which I had not watched before the election at all) and saw the interview with Christ Christie and the President of the New Jersey Teachers Association talking about the agreement they had reached which, while complicated, was moving in the right direction. He got this down while running around trying to repair damages from Sandy. (Looks like he lost some weight!) I do not agree with everything Christie believes, but I do love his honesty and his love of people. He would be a GOP candidate I might support, if they would let him keep his independence. Jindel was also impressive with his comments on what conservatives need to do to get back in the game. I am not giving up!

  7. Nancy -- Thanks. It is seeming to be a difficult time for me and perhaps it stems from my health concerns. I am taking a lot of things too personally.

    Sparkling Red -- Where are the people willing to listen. Strangers have created arguments where there was no disagreement. It leaves me speechless.

  8. I don't know what to think about the polarization of political parties - it was so evident on facebook. I would have accepted the other man as president and would have supported him.

  9. I think both major parties have alienated the majority of the people in this country - I think they're polarizing, not the bulk of us. Most people I know weren't in love with either candidate...But maybe I am an optimist :)

  10. It's sad when I always end up voting "Against" instead of "For" a candidate! No one can do the actual job, tho they are good at campaigning n raising (n wasting) tons of cash. They did a pretty good job of insulting each other too.

    I'm a fatigued tv viewer here myself!
    Like your poem!


  11. Tabor -- Jindel would make a good candidate for 2016. I have liked his direction for a long time. You sure opened a can of worms with your last post. No half-way for many

    Lynn -- Not many will or would say that.

    Riot Kitty -- I have tried so hard to be optimistic but many refuse to let it happen and keep yanking my chain,.

    Snaggle Tooth -- The most hurtful thing to me when expressing my vote for Romney is the "racist" label that is thrown at me. There were differences of governing promises that caused my selection but some will never believe any Republican is anything but racially motivated. That hurts me to my core. I accepted Obama as our President in 2008 and I accept him again in 2012 and will pray for success on a daily basis. Yes a "fatigued" viewer is a good description and thank you for complimenting my poem.

  12. I'm right with you, Angie. This is such a fabulous poem. Beautifully done!