Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, November 08, 2012


Yesterday I took a brief walk around our property.  The changing leaves, the fresh air, the fleeting glimpse of birds, squirrels and once in a while a deer. This is definitely a healing place.

West side of our house.
South side of our house.
East of the house.  When I can make it to the trees at the back I will be able to view the lake


  1. Love your Healing place. We have trees on three sides and yesterday as gray as it was outside I still saw some colorful trees in among the pines and thought that I need to get out there in some sunshine and take pictures. Mine won't be as pretty as yours. Hope today is good and you will soon be completely back to WELL. I value your friendship!!

  2. That is the best kind of healing...being in a place that helps you feel good.


  3. What a beautiful healing space you have. I am wishing it for you.

  4. That is gorgeous! I am so glad you were able to get up and go for a walk.

  5. I feel that you are looking at that beauty with new eyes. It's lovely.

  6. My goodness - you have beautiful acreage! Sandie

  7. Beautiful place. You have nature in your backyard and that's not far to go for healing. Keep walking, my friend. :)

  8. ancient one -- I am feeling great. Haven't taken any pain pills since the day before leaving the hospital. That's the difficult part of my recovery...I feel too good to be under so many restrictions. I value your friendship as well! Two Anns:)

    Jeanie -- It is so lovely and I dread the big falling of the leaves because they are so beautiful now.

    Sonny -- Our place is too big for our current limitations but I cannot imagine living anywhere else. We would certainly be unhappy in town after having all this nature.

    Riot Kitty -- It was just a short walk around the outside of our house. I am most eager to get back on my exercise bike but must wait the entire six weeks before I can try that. Thank you for your great card and cartoons!

    Lynn --You are so right about looking at this through new eyes. Everything is more lovely everywhere I turn.

    Chatty Crone -- Not a huge acreage but ten acres seem like a lot to us. Especially love that the majority is still under trees.

    Scarlet -- Thank you, it is a lovely spot. We have great neighbors but nobody is right up next to us except the animals. I shall gradually increase my walking.

  9. Pretty foliage going on there this week! You're walking around for fun, n that's good!
    I do love to walk, except in the rain. It's rained here all my time off this week. Well, better than the snow that had to get shoveled 20 minutes to the west at least!
    Hope your muscles bounce back quickly n the walks become much easier soon!

  10. Glad you are able to get out and enjoy those beautiful colors.

  11. The longer I survive the more I appreciate living in a place such as yours. I think the best part is walking outside and not being able to see another soul. (except for carpenters)
    You have a piece of the peace and quiet we all strive for.
    A piece of heaven on earth. Enjoy, get well soon, and then go get us picture of lake.

  12. It's beautiful. Like living in a park.

  13. You have a beautiful space which is perfect for recuperative walks, open-ended hours for reading, writing, and just plain thinking. Give yourself the time to heal.

  14. The fall colors look so beautiful Annie. You're lucky to have such a nurturing, peaceful, healing place.

  15. Snaggle Tooth -- I hope the beautiful colors and the nice days will remain for me to enjoy my walks.

    Changes in the wind -- The colors are very inspiring

    Cliff -- That's my goal, to get to the back and view the lake. Actually I could walk a short distance down our front road and be there more quickly but it's not as challenging.

    Marla and Steve -- Yes, and we would have picnic tables if Ron didn't hate mowing around them.

    cube -- It is definitely a great place to recuperate.

    Kay -- I must imagine that Hawaii "ain't too shabby" of a healing place as well! lol

  16. It does look lovely. You are taking it slowly aren't you?

  17. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos of your property. You are so lucky to have picture postcard views like this from every angle - wow! I hope you are recovering nicely and able to go out for longer walks each day. :-)
    best wishes,

  18. I am not sure how I landed up in your blog pages, but being a granny myself, I loved what I read.

    An inspiring blog.

    This place looks like a dream area to live in harmony with nature.It is god's gift.!

    Thanks for sharing .