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Slim and Franke
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Friday, September 21, 2012


Hope and Dixie on June 18, 2010
Perhaps it is time to let my secret out of the bag to my blog friends ....without any disclosure to our granddaughter Hope.  In case you noticed that I haven't mentioned my goats lately, we sold them in July.

It was taxing to care for them in the heat of another drought and with Ron's health needs and my own medical concerns, it was a decision that had to be made.  We had been advised at our local feed store that goats were hard to sell at that time.  Undaunted, I put a notice on Craig s List and Elizabeth, Polly, Tina, Dixie, Lord Voldemort, Dr. Cole an Ashley-Asher were sold in an hour.  It was a God-thing.

The man who bought them only lives about 30 miles from us and he has a lot of land.  He has a small herd of pygmy goats to clear his land and added our bunch to his.  I gave him the name of each goat as he and his grandson loaded them and they both looked at me like I was crazy. Oh dear.

It was the practical thing to do.  It was a difficult thing to do.  It is going to be very difficult to tell Hope because she loved the goats, was with us when we got the first four and had picked Dixie as her goat.  However I believe she is at an age where she can be bought and am thinking about giving her the money we got for Dixie when I tell her. 

Meanwhile my daily chores have been an whole lot easier to deal with since the goats moved away.  They were more labor intensive than I realized. 


  1. It was the right thing to do. And perhaps the money for Dixie will ease Hope's sorrow.

    I'm glad your days have eased up some and tomorrow is the first day of fall! Yee ha!

  2. How bittersweet. Sorry you had to sell your goats, but it will make life easier. I know Hope will be a little heartbroken, but I'm sure she'll understand. And $$ always helps with that, lol.

  3. I am glad you have eased your work load, but I know it must have been hard to sell the goats. I hope it goes well when you tell your granddaughter.

  4. Hey I think that was a great idea. You need to do what you can and let go of the rest. I bet it was hard though.

  5. All animals require a lot of time and sometimes it is best to place them in a different home. Glad you know who got them and can see them if you want.

  6. Ya gotta know when to HOLD 'em and know when to Fold 'em - and you did.

    I'm sure they are loved and well cared for in their new home.

  7. Lynn -- Hope won't even think of the goats until she visits next time so I've got a while. Yes my days eased up a great deal when the goats moved away.

    Bonnie -- Oh yes the money will probably satisfy her and that is a bit sad too. (PS: I've got the funniest bull riding cartoon I'm going to email you.)

    Jeanie -- Thanks. I'm thinking it will. It helped me to finally tell my blog friends and get the good advice offered here.

    Chatty Crone -- Yep, it was hard but all is well that ends well.

    Changes in the wind -- Yes we know where the fellow lives and guess we could go visit them, but probably won't. Still it's nice to know we could.

    Sonny -- I do not doubt that the goats are well cared for in their new home and I'm very glad they got to all go together but I sincerely doubt the are loved. The brush clearing that they do is greatly loved I am sure:)

  8. Well I hope you enjoy your free time! It sounds like the goats have gone to a good home. :)

  9. Bend with the changes and you will not break. This is a good lesson for your little gal as well.

  10. Oh dear. I'm sorry that you had to say goodbye to the little trouble-makers. They really did seem to be a part of your family. I hope they're happy in their new home.

  11. That much have been hard, but clearly you need things to be easier. Hang in there! Did my card get there btw?

  12. I'd been wondering when you'd write about the goats again.
    I hope Hope won't take it really hard. At least they all went together n will have a good home. The head-butting did sound a bit painful.
    You'll be able to enjoy the chickens n kitties with all the extra time too.

  13. Husband got a call yesterday and the three we had for sale will be picked up tomorrow. Not quite as much as he had advertised, but still good. Another person called and we might have a younger one sold also. He has twenty and some of the nannies are expecting again so something has to be done. Today on Craig's list, I noticed some horse give aways. I still wonder if the man who was giving away his 22 chickens and 17 goats had any takers.

  14. you did the right thing i guess..

  15. I hope the money will help to lift Hope's spirits. I can imagine how much work caring for all the goats was.

  16. LL Cool Joe -- It does sound like a good home and it does sound like the goats are living the life they were intended to live.

    Tabor -- It is a good lesson for everyone.

    Sparkling Red -- It made me laugh for you to call them the little "trouble-makers" because they were that and I didn't realize it half as much until they were gone.

    Riot Kitty -- Goats! What was I thinking. It was a wonderful experience to have them and a wonderful experience to let them go. (Yes now you know I got your sweet card)

    Snaggle Tooth -- Yes I am enjoying the chickens, guinea fowl, cats and my dog Slim a lot more. Nice of you to remind me about all the butting. The goats were good at that and I had bruises to prove it.

    ancient one -- You can see what my disclosure on your post did for me. It freed me to tell that the goats were gone. Glad you managed to sell your batch. Yes, I had to come down on my price also but I listed them a bit higher to have wiggle room. People around here need to negotiate in order to believe the purchase is successful.

    ashok -- My feelings exactly...."the right thing...i guess".

    Kay -- I didn't think it was that much work taking care of them until they were gone.