Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, June 08, 2012


Question:  Have  you ever seen a goat turd? There are lots of them on our property.  

Until I owned goats I never really understood the story told by a coworker. It seems he would trick his cousins when they were all children.  He would carry around a paper bag of goat turds and get his much younger cousins to eat them telling these innocents it was candy.

Question: Have you ever seen Sugar Babies candy?  I got some at the picture show last week.  

The left over candy was in the cabinet and when I got them down I accidentally spilled a few on the floor.  This sound is an automatic summons for Slim to come see what goodie might have dropped.  She usually looks at the food then at me and if I point to the food with my toe it means she can eat it.  

She looked at the spilled Sugar Babies and then looked at my toe pointing out the food.  Slim simply walked away with a "You've got to be kidding" look on her face.

Me thinks Slim might have sampled a goat turd before:)


  1. I would think the smell of the sugar would have. Good thing you don't have babies crawling!

  2. Tabor -- If we had babies here they would not be crawling outside and there are no goat turds in the house. of course we wouldn't want them to get the sugar babies either. Yes I wondered why Slim didn't trust the caramel and sugar smell. She is more of a meat and potatoes dog:)

  3. Poor Slim!

    I've never seen a goat except at the zoo. I grew up in the suburbs and I live in a relatively urban area now.

    Remind me never, ever to eat Sugar Babies again.

  4. This reminds me of the the kid who used to bring raisins for the teacher every day. She loved them and ate them right down..

    When he didn't bring her any raisins for two days she questioned him. "Jimmy, why haven't you brought me any raisins for the last two days."


  5. Riot Kitty -- Darn I didn't want to ruin Sugar Babies for you:) Actually goat turds really look more like milk duds. LOL

    Nancy -- Oh Nancy, Nancy ...that is a good one. Yikes, no more raisins because the rabbit died!!!

  6. lol - they kind of look like big bunny turds, Annie.

    Slim missed a chance, but you can't blame her. Smart dog :)

  7. Yeah - I'm thinking I cannot eat Sugar Babies again now. :)

  8. Talon -- Be sure and read Nancy's comment above. Obviously it reminded her of rabbit turds also:)

    Lynn -- Now I really feel bad and need to write a letter apology to the Sugar Babies company. Don't blame the poor candy. It didn't choose to look like a goat turd.

  9. Next time I'm at the petting zoo I'll make sure to take a closer look in the goat pen. :-)

  10. I'm back on the story where that boy got others to eat goat turds! sandie

  11. Hilarious. Smart Slim.

  12. Well, they do look the part! A little too light in color tho- If I remember the candy correctly.
    That's ok, dogs shouldn't eat so much sugar anyhow-

    I thought there'sd be a tale here of stepping in something...

  13. Sparkling Red --I had never looked that closely at the goat pen when we went to the petting zoo. Perhaps I should have before I got all these goats!

    Chatty Crone -- If you could have seen the very distinguished fellow who was telling this story you would have had an even greater laugh. It was hard to imagine that he had been such an evil child.

    JeanMac -- Yep, our Slim is a pretty smart girl I doubt that she would say the same for her people:)

    Snaggle Tooth -- Yes the Sugar Babies are much lighter in color than a goat turd. And by the way, around here there are always tales of "stepping in something". LOL

  14. I'm stunned. I get up at 5 AM to take advantage of the silence and to sit at the computer to both catch up on my favorite blogs and watch Gods creation unfold with the sunrise. And what should I find but a blog about my favorite topic, goat turds.
    So, for the record, I have never eaten goat turds, I have seen goat turds,our dog would have eaten the goat turds, and the candy the looked like goat turds.
    And to top all of this off, I've never been able to write the words 'goat turds' six times in one paragraph in my entire life.
    Until now. cm
    PS:just so you know, 'goat turd' can also be used a term of endearment. As in: "Well you little..."
    Make that 7 or 8 if you count the unwritten one.

  15. Slim seems to have learned his lesson!

    And the next time I am eating Sugar Babies I will point out to the person I am with that they resemble goat turds. That way I'll get them all to myself. :)

  16. Cliff -- I have also pondered the times I wrote "goat turd" and find it appalling. Not necessarily the goat part but definitely the "turd" part. What was I thinking?

    Bonnie (BIZ) -- Glad I could provide you a good strategy for keeping you candy to yourself. You can also salvage your rice krispies by equating them with maggots. My siblings did that to me and I can't eat rice krispies to this day.

  17. Haha! Better safe than sorry, eh? :D