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Slim and Franke
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Monday, May 14, 2012


Question Of The Week

What would you describe as the most profound spiritual moment of your life?


  1. I was driving on a mountain road in the snow, and my car started sliding. (I was on my way to a retreat that I really wanted to go to and knew it was ill-advised to drive on those icy roads, but did it anyway.) The car slid to the edge of the mountain and suddenly stopped, as if a hand had stopped it. And then two people I knew (also on the way to the retreat) pulled up. This is not the first time my guardian angel protected me from harm.

  2. Without doubt when my husband and I entered a tiny, ornate little church on the island of Gozo and it was as if Heaven had opened its gates. There were two women cleaners and they were just about to leave and close the church. I didn't say a word but my husband saw that I was overcome with emotion and asked if we could sit for a while. I didn't want to keep then waiting or I would have sat there for a long time. It was all very rushed but an unforgettable experience.
    It wasn't the beauty of the church - the decor was so over the top - normally I would have giggled.

  3. Lynn -- Oh my goodness, what a harrowing experience and what a spiritual moment for sure. I am awfully glad your car stopped at the edge.

    Pat -- Your description of the event takes my breath away. Unforgettable as well as spiritual.

  4. You are making me think and my brain is tired.
    I think the day when my daughter was going through an awful divorce - my ex SIL had an anger issue with her and the baby - and about ten things had to aline up PERFECTLY - in the court system - within one day! You know how hard it is to get one thing lined up? Well God did it to protect Andy - it could only have been done by God. A miracle.

  5. the first time I saw my grandaughter
    there was such a sense of life goes on and on
    and when my son held her I saw him the day he was born
    the feelings were amazing

    hope you had a wonderful Mom's day :)

  6. When I was a teen at school I was just seconds from being beaten up by 3 kids, just at that moment a parent I'd never had a lift with before pulled down their car window and said "Would you like lift?". I've never got in a car as quickly as I did then.

    I know God was looking after me, and it's not the first time, and I pray it won't be the last.

  7. it seems that i have had a number and really do not know which is the most intense for they all changed my life significantly

  8. So many! At Fave Beach, entering the 200+ yr old Methodist Church in my hometown (I was raised Catholic), Being saved falling from the top of an oak tree, not being harmed after spinning out on a snowy highway at 3 am, Testing negative on several medical proceedures thru the years, praying with Monks at an uncles funeral resulting in the Red Sox winning the world series- I prayed to the deceased (Saint)Pope John Paul n my friend AT was saved from stage 4 to see her daughter grow up (Why I strongly believe in prayer power), but most intense-
    Was feeling my Mother's soul leave as she died.
    I almost didn't comment due to how personal my answer is-

  9. Chatty Crone -- I was a little confused about your post but I certainly did get the miracle part and know that God works in mysterious ways...

    Dianne -- Oh yes, holding those newborn children and grandchildren...very spiritual moments. I did have a nice Mother's Day and hope you did too.

    LL Cool Joe -- That is a great story. You were blessed that day by divine intervention no doubt.

    Whitemist -- Like you I have many such miracle moments. Too many to list but each causing a huge difference and direction change in my life.

    Snaggle Tooth -- I do believe you have opened Pandora's box on several potential interesting blog posts. Thanks for sharing such personal moments.

  10. When I first read your question I thought I had nothing to offer as a comment. Then I began to think and realized that I have had many spiritual moments in my life. One 27 years ago when I was 38 - I was in a beautiful church and was suddenly overcome by a certainty that I would have another baby and sure enough a week or so later my seventh pregnancy was confirmed.

    And then there was the time two years ago when my husband and I visited the Sky Walk at the Granc Canyon. I had been fascinated by it from the time I first heard about it while it was being built. The moment I stepped out onto the glass pathway I burst into tears. Lloyd thought I was afraid and that was part of it, but I just felt so humbled and moved by the experience, the surroundings and the native people involved - a truly spiritual experience.

  11. When I was 5 a man the police had been looking for called me to his car. I didn't know English but he had signaled me over with his hand and I knew something wasn't right. My parents never taught me to fear strangers, only to respect adults...but something inside of me said no, what would a grown man want with a little girl like me? I ran toward home and a couple of days later the police came around asking if anyone had seen the man I had run from. God's been with me MANY times...I have a dozen or more stories like this.

    Great question, btw. :)

  12. Pat MacKenzie -- Oh I could NEVER go out on that skywalk. While I have an extreme faith in God, I do not have that much faith in man and humans built that scary attraction. There must be some daredevil in you.

    Scarlet -- There is not a doubt in my mind that you have always been wiser than others or God has just had to protect you a little more:) Either way I am happy you have survived this incident an others in your life so we could all know you.

  13. Not sure if you would call this a spiritual moment, but.....

    Back when I had hair, which was in my early 20's, I was driving my car to somewhere in anothe part of the state. I'd just filled up my gas tank ('74 Pinto) and was cruising down the highway.

    The car started to drift into the next lane so I corrected. However, I overcorrected and found myself on the grassy median.

    I slammed on the brakes, kissed the gaurdrail, then rolled over the guardrail about a half dozen times or so.

    Even though I wasn't wearing seatbelt and thus got birdseye view of the ceiling, when the car landed on all four wheels, I was able to kick out the door and walk away without a scratch.

  14. My daughters wreck last year would be mine. The left rear wheel came off of her F250 pickup and it pulled her into the ditch. She was on a gravel road traveling at a high rate of speed because her 9 year old daughter had just called from our place to tell her she had been kicked by a horse. She had luckily just dropped off her son at a neighbors house. The pick up rolled several times. The cab was smashed so bad that no one could have survived inside and the doors were still closed and locked. She was not wearing a seatbelt and a friend found her walking in a daze in the field by the truck looking for her kids. (which of course weren't with her.) The only ill effect was a slight concussion and a sore hand that kept her from her job of playing the piano for about 2 months.
    The only explanation could have been that God said you sholdn't be in this truck, you've some very important things to do yet.

  15. I'm sure I have had many, can't think of any right now except one that happened on Saturday with my son Scott. We were walking at the nature reserve and there were many gator nests since the females are now laying eggs. Scott, in his infinite wisdom, decide he was going to scare the crap out of mom. He stepped off the path and was walking into the dry canal to look at a nest. All of a sudden there was a big hiss. Momma gators never stray far from the nests once the eggs are layed. My son literally walked on air to get back on the path. Good thing gators give a warning before they attack. Needless to say we hightailed it down the path and I know Scott will never do that again. If he had slipped and fell while coming back up to the path, he surely would have been gator lunch.

  16. G.B. Miller -- AND...the gas tank didn't even explode! Remember when Pintos had the exploding tanks? Yes, I'm thinking that would count as a spiritual moment.

    Cliff -- Who could ever forget that! Yes it had to be a more than spiritual moment. Here is the link for anyone who might have missed that post.

    Bonnie -- You painted quite a word picture. I can just see Scott gliding completely off the ground on his rapid return. LOL Glad he wasn't gator lunch.

  17. Regarding your question there are lots of benches in Central Park...also lots of room for a scooter. New York is so much safer than it used to be in terms of crazy people and crime...germs, well, they are everywhere.

  18. Holding my Dad's hand as he died.

  19. Tabor -- Just going to New Yawk has to be spiritual! LOL

    Dani -- The overwhelming sensation of feeling a parent leave this life has to be an ultimate spiritual moment. You were blessed to share that with your father.

  20. Thank you all for sharing these special moments. Many of your experiences have also been my experiences and I have searched my own memory to think of what one moment I could share. Suddenly it has dawned on me that each new day that I awake is a spiritual moment in my life.

  21. Dear Annie ~~ Believe it or not just this past Mother's Day, My youngest daughter Kathy bought me a lovely card Saying how happy she felt to have a mother like me and more (and she is adopted and 51). And lately I feel useless to be anybody's mother, but for her to choose a card with those words twice, I felt truly blessed. My other daughter Julie who lives in Gladstone Queensland and is
    even higher up than Peter at Gympie, sent some beautiful flowers, which I must water before I go to
    bed. Sorry to be so long answering, but had Peter here and wasn't very well
    one day in particular.
    I get the shakes pretty badly and can hardly write
    and sometimes eat with shaky hands. I need a Miss Piggy bowl and just eat.
    I had to smile at Ron's "Never trust a person with small nostrils as they can't pick their noses and so get frustrated and mean" Peter and I enjoyed the week together, and this past week he went down to his sons place near Geelong.
    Then he flew to Adelaide and he and Vicki drove to Geelong in her car and they are coming up for my 78th birthday on Thursday.
    Sorry your auctions or Ron's
    have had to be curtailed. Nobody said old age was fun, but while we are above ground can walk (with a walker) talk and eat well, I reckon we are winning. Take great care dear Annie and look after you both. Love, Merle.

  22. Merle -- I almost missed this comment from you. You are so good to leave an in-depth message. Glad to know your daughters pampered you with cards and flowers on Mother's Day.