Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Imagine this is a little feathered baby chick wing.
I did not have my camera and there certainly wasn't time to get one to capture this moment.  Thankfully, when I went to google images to search for a similar picture of the event I though to myself, "How could there be a photo of such a happening?  The first impulse of anyone would be to save the chick before taking a picture."  And I was right.  There were no photos on google of a "drowning chick".

We had just returned from Tulsa and my first stop was to check on Mama Gibson's seven chicks.  Oops, I only counted six.  I heard one peeping frantically away from the others and was led to this struggling infant in the large water can paddling for it's life.  Quickly I grabbed the chick out of the water and began to dry it and cuddle it, carrying the babe to its mama.  Mr. Gibson attacked me with a vengeance.  She had no idea I was saving her child. 

Mr. Gibson gathered her active chicks under her in a corner of the hen house and I carefully place this soggy birdie near them.  It was able to hobble over to mom and crawl under the safety of her wings.  Checking back in about an hour found mama and seven scampering around together again as if nothing had happened and the rescued chick was as fluffy and normal appearing as the rest.  Needless to say this is the first of the new chicks to be named.  Can you guess?  The new name is LUCKY!


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I'm so glad you got there in time.
Lucky sounds like the perfect name to me..

looking forward to seeing pics as they grow.
happy saturday~!

Munir said...

Lucky is really lucky. Also thank goodness, it is a "Chic". At first I thought that this was a young girl( not that I care less about a hen's baby).
Yes like Sonny says, I am looking forward to the chicks growing up. There is a couple of swans in a pond on 9w. My daughter and me always watch their babies grow from gray to fresh white. It is so soothing.

Whitemist said...

yes very lucky indeed! Too often we have only found them too late!
farms are sooo interesting and hard

Shionge said...

Lucky indeed and you came in at the right time :)
Some photo soon ya ;D

Granny Annie said...

Sonny -- I have to admit that the name "Lucky" came to me when I thought about my granddaughter's lost hamster. They found it in the mouth of their dog. That hamster was re-named "Lucky" at that moment of being spit out alive. LOL

Munir -- I would post a picture now of the surviving little chick but Mama hen won't let me near her babies. The minute I appear in the hen house she gathers them all under her wings. She is the best mother hen we've ever had and her chicks usually thrive and survive. Haven't heard from you in a long time. Enjoyed your Mother's Day post and your success in the A-Z challenge.

Whitemist -- We had a kitten that was not as fortunate. The little thing was abandoned by its mother and I was attempting to save it. I was feeding it milk in an eye dropper and for some stupid reason I put a bowl of water in the cage with the kitten. Found the kitten drowned in the bowl of water. All the grandchildren refer to that kitten as "the one granny killed". Yikes!

Shionge -- It was definitely a good thing that I went in the hen house before going into our house. Usually when we return from a trip I head for the bathroom first. LOL Hope Lucky's luck will continue. I certainly admire you for your running. I am trying to ride my exercise bike 30 minutes, five times a week and it is a struggle for me. You will be so glad you are doing this now so you won't have all the aches and pains I do when you are older.

Tabor said...

Raising animals...never a dull moment. One good deed for this week.

Granny Annie said...

Tabor -- It turns out that I was a good Samaritan again this week. Remember our goat Tina that kept getting her head stuck in the fence? Well Ron finally got the new fence installed around the goat pen which none of the goats can put their heads through. However when I went to put the goats up last night, Tina was missing. I found her with her head stuck in the OLD fencing that had been removed and was propped up against some poles!! I had to rescue her and now I'm going to be covered in bruises again. Guess she missed her painful eye-popping ordeals of getting her head removed from the fence.

G. B. Miller said...

Well, it's nice to know that Mr. Gibson is keeping up the animal ritual of attacting the resucer.

Chatty Crone said...

I'm glad you found her and I think Lucky is a great name! sandie

Cliff said...

Lets call you, Noahette.

Sparkling Red said...

Heavens! Thank goodness you had good timing. Poor little chickie must have been so scared. I'm glad to hear that Lucky bounced back quickly.

Granny Annie said...

G.B. Miller -- Mr. Gibson is the best mama hen we've ever had. She watches her chicks and is ferocious when a predator presents itself.

Chatty Crone -- It was a thrill to save her from the bucket. It will be a while before I know if Lucky is a boy or girl. Hopefully we'll have more girls in this Magnificent Seven.

Cliff -- I've had a lot of nicknames in my life and "Noahette" is definitely going to be among the favorites.

Sparkling Red -- You would think Lucky would love me and run to me since I am her rescuer but no such "luck". LOL She scampers away and hides under mama with the rest of her siblings. No glory for this hero.

Bonnie said...

Lucky is a very fitting name. It was a good thing you got there when you did.

Lynn said...

Oh my - I'm so glad you got there when you did! Lucky is a perfect name.

Granny Annie said...

Bonnie -- I certainly hope we don't have six more adventures like that in order to name the rest of the chicks!

Lynn -- I could name them all Lucky because they have the best mom. Mr. Gibson is a wonderful mother hen and always take care of her chicks. She protects them with a vengeance.