Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Mr. Gibson is a new mom today.  Jack Bauer is a new dad:)  The Araucauna eggs received from the neighbors, fertilized by Jack Bauer and adopted by Mr. Gibson have hatched. We wouldn't mind a new rooster Jack in the batch but hopefully most of the chicks are girls.  Thankfully I was able to briefly look under Mom Gibson and it appears all eight eggs have hatched.  Meanwhile I was able to snap this one photo before mama went totally ballistic.  Rooster Chicklet and Rooster Bonnie are announcing to the neighborhood about the new arrivals and hopefully Rooster Jack Bauer will get the message

Looks like there are six.  I managed to sneak these while mom was off the nest,  Maybe the other two eggs will hatch,

Rooster Bonnie helps spread the word.

Chicklet says, "Hey Jack, can you hear me?  You're a new dad.  Looks like six chicks."


  1. He's a handsome dad. Good luck with all the new chicks.

  2. I love all their names! Congrats. :)

    And happy mother's day tomorrow my friend.

  3. Happy Mother's Day! sandie

  4. Ann's funny farm.
    I'm sure there must be a government program to aid and assist this wacky family arrangement.

  5. This is a cute post. I love chickens. I used to raise banty's and loved how tiny the chicks were.

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  7. What a great Mom Day occassion for you n Mr Gibson!
    They are all so cute. It still amazes me all that fuzzy chick fits in those eggs...

    Chicket looks hansome too-

  8. They really do like like they are crowing about it....

  9. Adorable fuzzballs! :-D

  10. I certainly hope that David and Baby Nancy and Who and Who came to visit the old Maternity Suite to congratulate Mr. Gibson on the arrival of 8 chicks.

    I'm so proud of our Jack..I just knew we hadn't heard the last of him when he moved across the road.

  11. Judy -- We do have some handsome roosters on the place. I just hope most of these new chicks are girls.

    Lynn -- The animal names around here are getting a bit crazy.

    Chatty Crone -- Thanks!

    Cliff -- Love the name Ann's Funny Farm. Perhaps I should change my blog title. There are so many government programs why not one for wacky?

    Mountain Mama -- Right now my banty's are hiding their eggs. Once I discover a cache they just pick a new hiding place.

    Snaggle Tooth -- It is amazing how those chicks ever fit in those little eggs. I is also amazing how quickly they fluff up after struggling out of the egg.

    Changes in the wind -- Lot's of crowing around here and not just the roosters. I love announcing new chicks, kittens and goats!

    Sparkling Red -- Fuzzballs is right!

    Nancy -- On final count there are seven new chicks. These are often called "Easter Egg Chickens" because the eggs they will lay will be green and blue and pale pink and/or white. Don't know if Jack realizes yet that as their estranged father, he will have to send child support!

  12. Well, I'm sticking up for Jack in this one.

    There will be NO child support without a DNA test....

  13. Say, I just happened to think.....Maybe Jack and Mr Gibson can get on the Maury show and have their DNA test revealed there..

    Maury will announce that Jack IS NOT the father and Mr. Gibson will run backstage in tears with Maury,Jack and the stage crew in hot pursuit..

  14. Nancy -- Actually Maury would have to reveal that Jack is the father but Mr. Gibson is NOT the mother. She is only a surrogate:)