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Slim and Franke
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Monday, May 07, 2012


Question Of The Week

What is 
your ethnic 

(Where is your mom's family from/your dad's family from?  If you don't know for sure, what would be your best guess or what would  you like to imagine?)


  1. My father's family is originally from Scotland and my mother's family originally from Wales. But they both grew up in the state of Georgia, like their parents and grandparents before them.

  2. Both of my parents families came from Italy. I am a rare pure-blood.

  3. I have no background or blood ties, as I was adopted at 2 weeks old, and I'm okay with that. :)

  4. My Dads family came from France then Scotland, then Ireland to here in the mid 1700's.
    Moms family were of German descent.
    Mostly I'm a mutt.
    Wasn't there another post here last time I looked?

  5. Lynn -- I think you and I have come across our shared Scottish ancestry before. Perhaps we were discussing frugality. Love the Eleanor bench because my sister is Elenore (different spelling). All secretaries probably should have a memorial bench because the have spent their lives "supporting" others.

    Tabor -- That's funny because I haven't detected your Italian accent:) You say pure-blood, but unless you have had you dna tested, you can't be sure. Do you suppose your Italian heritage has something to do with your fantastic photographic eye? Love the mirrored reflection on your Vision post.

    LL Cool Joe -- You missed this part of my question: "If you don't know for sure, what would be your best guess or what would you like to imagine?" This post kind of ties in with you last one, doesn't it?

    Cliff -- My Mother was Scottish, my dad Irish primarily and Native American. Our DNA shows European, Native American and Sub-Saharan African. Hey, if you're a Mutt then maybe you can talk to my dog and see how she got in the house:) Yes, I got a bit carried away posting more than usual.

  6. My Mom's family was from Norway/Sweden and my Dad's family was from Germany/Russia

  7. Changes in the wind -- I find this so very interesting. You have quite a strong mix in your background which probably explains your many skills:)

  8. Annie,

    My Dad's family came to America from Ireland in the mid 19th Century during the great potato famine.

    My Mothers's family cannot be traced out of America. She was born in 1900 in St. Joseph, Missouri and her parents and grandparents were all born in Missouri.We have never been able to trace their heritage. Might have been some Native American in there.

    Did you hear about the little boy who asked his Mom "Where did I come from?" She said, "God made the Earth and put Adam and Eve here in the Garden of Eden. It was a beautiful place and they loved each other and had children and we all descended from them.

    The kid said,"That's not what Dad told me." Mom said,"What did he tell you?" The boy said ,"Dad says we all came down from the apes and the monkeys and the chimps."

    The Mom smiled and said," Oh, I talking about MY family, he was telling you about HIS!."

  9. Steve - Paternal side of family originally came to US from Spain, not sure what year. Grandparents could not speak English so maybe they were first or second generation.

    Maternal - originally from Mexico, again not sure what year and grandparents also did not speak Engish so again maybe 1st or 2nd generation.

    Marla - Paternal side originally came from either Scotland or Ireland. Dad always said he liked his women like his coffee. Hot, dark, and sweet. See below.

    Maternal - Hispanic but not sure where family originally came from. Again, no English spoken from grandparents, only Spanish. There are and always have been lots of secrets surrounding this family that mother won't share. Don't you love a good mystery :)

  10. Oh good Lord, where do I begin? Irish/Apache/Swiss Jewish/Scots/German/Polish. Whew.

  11. Nancy -- Of course you're Irish with that great sense of humor. Loved the mother's explanation to the child!!!

    Marla and Steve -- You covered a lot of territory with your family history. Quite the melting pot:)

    Riot Kitty -- Well there's a mix that explains a lot about you! I have a nephew who is full Kiowa/Apache. A store clerk asked him once, "Aren't you an Indian?" and Martin said, "Yes?" and the man asked "What kind" and Martin said half Kiowa and half Apache" and the man responded "Apache! Those are mean Indians aren't they? Are you mean?" and five year old Martin replied, "Only half mean"...

  12. Well Dad's family is from Canada, the french part. Mom's family tree was traced back to England, Ireland and the island of Corsica. So I'm pretty mixed up. My kids are more mixed up than me, though, since thier dad's family is from Italy and Lithuania. True Hienz 57's my kids are.

  13. Bonnie -- My dad used to say we were Heinz 57! Love it.

  14. Both my parents' families came from the British Isles, with Scotland being the predominant common homeland. They settled in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) on Canada's east coast. My husband's family came from Scotland as well, aboard the Hector which landed at Pictou, Nova Scotia.

  15. I have Welsh, Scottish and Irish blood - all good decent working class.

  16. "Only half mean" - I love it. That's one witty kidoodle.

    I'm a purebred Ashkenazi Jew. My ancestors hail from the general region of Eastern Europe - impossible to name a precise country because there have been so many wars around there that the maps are constantly being redrawn and my people were on the move a lot. Although I have heard mention of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Belarus as places relevant to my family history.

  17. Hello Annie
    Even tho' I was born in England both my parents have an Irish background - Dad's family were from the north and from his paternal surname its possible were German Palatines originally.

    Mum's was a little different, she was a mix of north and south - not a lot known about her father's side but her maternal grandparents had a mixed religion marriage and all the boys were baptised Catholic and the girls christened Church of Ireland. Seems that it depended on the mix in the house on a Sunday as to which church they went to lol

    Even tho they all thought of themselves as Irish there were many births in India and England because so many of the families were in Irish Regiments of the English Army.
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  18. I have been working on my genealogy for many years. Dad's ancestors were from Holland, England, Ireland, Germany, Scotland And Native American. Mom's were from Ireland and Scotland, England, Germany and Native American. Heinz 57 I am!