Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, May 05, 2012


Our granddaughter Hope participated in Field Day at her school.  She worked hard preparing for the various events.  Exciting results for Hope in winning three Fourth Place ribbons and two Second Place ribbons. 
On your mark...
Get set...
Go Hope...Go!!!!
Look at that form, that grace, that style!!!!!


  1. What a lovely young lady! And she did do very well. Very nice that you got to go see her.

  2. Lynn -- I wish. Nope we missed it and I stole those pictures from my daughter's facebook. Wish we could have gone.

  3. Yay, Hope, and congratulations! She did great and looks fantastic in the photos!

  4. Dear Annie ~~ Hope did well and is a beautiful girl, no wonder you are proud of her.
    I apologize for being so lond replying to your comments. I have not been well, hurt my back some and the toe gave more trouble, but I am OK now and my brother Peter is coming 1000
    miles to stay. That will lift my spirits. Also he gets to try out the high mattress - I am so short now
    I am glad you liked the Women's Worth story, and the jokes. Have you found a cat to bathe? I enjoyed reading your posts, the twin goats are priceless and
    I love the names you give your animals. You are a fun lady I think. Glad I made it to your blog roll.
    I do enjoy my crazy clocks - the cuckoo misses occasionally and has no idea what time it is. I do have normal clocks, but can hardly see them and rely on my watch which only comes off to shower. Take care my dear friend. Much love, Merle.

  5. She is a beautiful young lady - tell me why kids love field day - yuck to me. lol sandie

  6. Scarlet -- Doesn't she just look like a natural athlete? We're quite proud of her.

    Merle -- Never worry about commenting. Just get to it when you can. I know you have not had all the best luck lately. Glad Peter is coming to check on his sis.

    Chatty Crone -- Well all the kids don't love field day. I certainly did NOT. But this grandchild is definitely our athlete and dare devil. She loves a challenge. I'm glad the ones who worked hard won ribbons and they didn't make everyone a winner. It certainly would not have been fair when I was a kid for me to get a ribbon when I obviously wouldn't have worked for it by practicing like Hope did.

  7. Congratulations to Hope. I know it's the good bloodline that produced such a talented girl. Your timing is appreciated as I just spent all day at a JR High track meet. I guess when you've given up on kids in general, you only need to go to a huge jr high trackmeet. Neat, well behalved kids who mostly are just there to participate.

  8. Cliff -- I wish I could claim she got some of that from our side of the family but her dad gets to claim her athletic ability. She would only inherit "couch potato" from us.