Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Sunday, March 04, 2012


This is post is number 37 in the marathon.

 This was dinner and it was even better than I imagined.  Thanks Sonic!



  1. That looks like our beloved Chicago DOG! Sandie

  2. Looks good. We don't have a local Sonic but some 50 miles away.
    I love hot dogs.

  3. Vegetarian hot dogs are no good. Trust me.

  4. Dear Annie ~~ Looks good and glad you enjoyed your lunch.
    Thanks for your comments. I must admit it did occur to me that Freedom and Jeff's
    story was a bit like mine.So Ron would say what the Marine said. How is he these days? You take great care my friend, Love, Merle.

  5. I've not heard of that subshop here- We have Subway, d'angelo Plus all th pizza shops- but I haven't had a sub in years!

    Was it all veggie or with cold cuts?
    I used to always get the Italian sub-

  6. H duh- I've never had that stuff on a hot dog either!

  7. Chatty Crone -- Yep, it' a Sonic Chicago Hot Dog. It is a new item to Sonic and they have been advertising them like crazy. I just had to have one.

    Cliff -- We love hot dogs but they have to be very special and carefully made. This one at Sonic fills the bill for me. Ron wouldn't eat one for a million dollars because it's called a Chicago hot dog.

    Riot Kitty -- This would have been good without the wiener. It has tomatoes, dill pickle wedges, relish, sweet pickles, onions mildly hot peppers and mustard.

    Merle -- Ron continues to get good reports with his third biopsy coming back benign also. Thanks for asking.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Sonic is not a sub shop. They are a drive in where the carhops deliver your food on roller skates. I'm not sure but I believe Sonic invented Frito chili pies and served them in a split open Frito bag with onions, cheese and chili. They also have regular coneys plus they have added a New York hot dog with sauerkraut and stuff. I'll have to try that next time.

  8. There's a Sonic around the corner from me, but I never go to it. Now I have to. :)

  9. Looks better than the ones they sell in New York from a cart on the corner.

    When we were kids we called them "Dirty Water Dogs" and we ate them as often as we could. The guy would lift them out of the stale looking water with tongs and put them on a stale roll for you.

    We loved them. Maybe that's why most of us are still living today,many years later. All that dirty water must have been good for us.

    Guess what,Annie? They are building a SONIC near us and we can't wait for it to open so we can taste one of those dogs.

    Also, I'm brushing up on my roller skating in case they need help up there.

  10. Lynn -- They have also added Sweet Potato Tots to their menu. I didn't have room to try those but I'll have to have them next time I go. Yes you best go round the corner and try their cuisine.

    Nancy -- Sonic has a New York Hot Dog too but I'm not sure they are flavored with the dirty water that you love. Let me know when you are working there on roller skates because we will make the trip to see that!

  11. OOOOHHHHH Chicago style, my fave. If you have a Steak and Shake near you they make really good ones too.

  12. Bonnie -- No Steak n/ Shake near here but there is one in Tulsa. We might have to go there next time.