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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, March 08, 2012


This is post is number 51 in the marathon.


Jessi said, "You should have a blog."

I said, "What the heck is a blog?"

That is how it started.  My goddaughter introduced me to this world of blogging because she knew how much I loved to write and how much I enjoyed keeping a journal.   

How and why and when did you start blogging?


  1. Golly it was so long ago and I started doing it on my lunch hour at work. I was fascinated that I could talk to such a huge variety of people. I have always been a big fan of diversity as it does help me think!

  2. My friend Whitney (who was interning at my church at the time) said in a sermon that she kept a blog of positive things. So I asked her for the link and started reading it and realized how easy Blogger is to configure. I just started doing the same thing, but more as an online journal, until I started acquiring readers. Blogging has brought so much to my life and I love all the wonderful people I've met, like you.

  3. I used to be part of a message board for a famous author, and after writing on there for a while people suggested I should have a blog. I started out on a strange place run by Alkablogs, but they disappeared taking my blog with them, and so I ended up on blogger.

    Up until recently I've loved blogging, but at the moment I'm going through a love/hate relationship with it, and have been wondering whether to have a break.

  4. i started it at the invite of a Stamford Blogger who has moved out of Stamford. At first i thought it might be political or environmental, but then the brain tumor came and went and it was all about recovery and the strange life after which i call my "adventure". I still write about the environment and was once told to take it down because it was not something the "city" did not want (especially since i have differnet views many times). I challenged that and won.

  5. A friend of mine had a blog - I followed his and then started one of my own - the rest is history. sandie

  6. I used to write Christmas letters that many thought were entertaining. I actually had folks call and ask to be put on our list. One day my nephew Marty mentioned he liked my Cards and wanted me to start blogging. I told him I think I already do but I've been keeping it quiet. He called me one day and said, "UNcle Cliff, You're a blogger, here's your web address and password.
    That was June 16, 2004. I wrote:

    If I told someone from our small town that "last night about 4:30 A.M. I was
    blogging for the first time", the women would turn red, and run. The
    men would just wink and say, "well attaboy. It's about time. You're what, 54 years old"?
    I may wait a while to try and explain just what blogging is until I figure out what
    blogging is. My nephew Marty, from Indianappolis, though well intentioned, got me started
    doing this, and here I am, the maiden voyage.
    I see two possible outcomes to this. One, in a few years, this may cross my mind one more
    time as the thirty minutes I wasted that one June morning back in oh-four. Or I may brag
    a bit and say "oh yeah, I've been blogging for years" as if to say "you moron, get with
    it, learn how to use that computer.
    Now I lay me down to sleep. Thanks Marty. I think.

  7. I can't believe it will be four years next month since I started my blog. I knew no one who had one, knew nothing about them and just set one up and didn't even think about anyone else ever reading it or even wanting to read it. Making friends through blogging has been an unexpected and beautiful gift. :)

  8. I just started a year ago. A former student of mine, now a teacher herself, invited me to follow hers & then told me I should start one of my own. So I did.

  9. Ok, I know I am tired, but out of the corner of my eye, I thought it said, "Jesus said I should have a blog..." That would be a blog all to itself!

    I started blogging as a way to vent and rant and get it out of my system, mostly about political stuff. Now I find that I care very little about political stuff and just enjoy writing and connecting with people.

  10. My Daughter, MB, aka Blonde at Times, aka Blonde Chick Mama, aka Bleachie98, (back in The Day) suggested I blog on Blogger in 2005(instead of maintaining my 3 old websites html updates) as she was blogger blogging- to easily keep in touch with her after she moved 200 miles away.
    Now I like it better than her- She's so buzy tho, n she does FB alot.

  11. I was busy creating havoc (and having havoc rain down on me) in the chat rooms back in '07/'08 when a cyber friend suggested that I move my writing talent to somewhere where it would be not only greatly appreciated but away from Big Brother the censor.

    Since he was already at Blogger, Blogger is where I migrated to.

    It will be four years this coming May and through all the ups and downs associated with it, it still remains the best decision that I've ever made.

  12. Six years ago my son urged jme to do it.
    Little did I know how important it would become to me.

  13. Interesting question. I have always been a political wonk and, one morning, I was talking to Mr. Cube about expressing my views. He dared me to stop talking and do something about it.

    That was October 4, 2004.

    When Mr. Cube got home from work that day, The BLOG was born. He was impressed.

  14. While filming our documentary, we have heard a lot of interesting stories and are trying to encourage some of our seniors to blog. A majority basically started from scratch and still want to master the computer basics before they even consider sharing their thoughts and stories.

    One woman in particular (88yrs old) really does want to put together her stories to share with her family, but she's too much of a perfectionist and hasn't finished her first entry! I'm guessing there are some nerves to get over in publishing a first entry, and hopefully some positive feedback from family will encourage her to continue on when the first one is complete. She has so much to share!

  15. I was feeling lower than low and googling "Paralegal Programs in Miami" and then I found a link to a blog. I liked the idea of a blog and started writing. I was VERY candid about my feelings back then, more than I am now. Scary, if you think about it. LOL