Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Monday, March 05, 2012


This is post is number 39 in the marathon.

 A friend came to visit me and told me that Elizabeth, the Queen of England, had invited me for a visit.  My friend had made arrangements and paid all of my travel expenses.  

The quarter was ending at the bank and it was not a good time for me to leave but everyone insisted that I go because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and would be good advertising for the company.

I pressed my friend for details about what I should wear.  Would a long dress be more appropriate and should gloves be included in the outfit and most important...why did the Queen want to meet me?

Finally my friend admitted that she and her boyfriend were coming along and he was paying all the expenses.  Her  boyfriend was a suspect in the recent murder of his first wife.  They were taking advantage of the fact that the Queen wanted to meet me and were using that as an excuse to leave the country.  

I decided it was best if I stayed in the U.S. and took care of closing the bank books for the quarter.

And then I woke up.




Lynn said...

Yikes! I'm glad you woke up, except for the not getting to actually meet the Queen of England thing.

Granny Annie said...

Lynn -- I could blame all the medications that I take but these strange dreams have been happening to me all my life. Yes if only I could have stayed awake until I met Queen Elizabeth:)

LL Cool Joe said...

My partner has met the Queen at least 3 times now. She has a great sense of humour but she rarely lets her guard down.

Debbie said...

Wonder what the Queen wanted?

Granny Annie said...

LL Cool Joe -- Which guard is it that she holds onto and rarely lets down? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) LOL

Debbie -- Yes I wonder that as well. Maybe the dream will recur tonight and I will find out.

Nancy said...

Wow! Liz is my best friend and she never mentioned you coming over.

I was there in April helping her make the potato salad for the wedding reception (It was at her place,you know) and she never mentioned seeing you.

Maybe next dream!

Cliff said...

I'm afraid if I ever dream of Queen Elizabeth it will be on my death bed.
Yep, that would just about be the end of the line.

Granny Annie said...

Nancy -- Wow, you and the Queen on a first name basis. In you next conversation with her, see if you can find out why she wanted to see me. Since you say she has never mentioned me, it could the that the whole thing was just a bitter ruse.

Cliff -- I'm thinking it is just about that for me.

Snaggle Tooth said...

A nice dream... Well maybe the Queen was reading your blog!