Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Trouble is a brewin' as Rooster Chicklet keeps his eye on two young roosters.  

Some of you may remember that Mr. Gibson hatched five chicks in September.  They were named Bonnie, Clyde, Huey, Huey and Huey.  It turns out that I was right about Clyde.  He is a rooster, but so is Bonnie.  They are starting to get in Chicklet's cross hairs as he works to keep them away from his ladies.

All three Huey's are hens. They stay close to their brothers and do not mix with the rest of the flock.  That will work nicely for now. This was an exciting week as two of the Huey's laid their first eggs.

It doesn't take much to guess the direction of this unfolding drama.  As the five young ones mature the greater interest Rooster Chicklet will pay to them and it won't be long until we have another rooster battle.   It is my hope that they can co-exist and maybe we can buy some more hens so each guy can develop his own harem.

If you remember Rooster Jack Bauer, you might be pleased to know that he free ranges over at his new home and has never attempted to cross the road back to us.  He's in Hog Rooster Heaven with his very large harem.

(My granddaughter Beth was here this weekend and spent a great deal of time stalking my chickens to catch this nice picture for my blog. Thank you Bethie!)


Rae said...

Sounds like a feathered soap opera at your place. Too many roosters, too few hens. Gonna have to stay tuned to find out how this one turns out.

Granny Annie said...

Rae -- That is pretty funny since you have your own drama unfolding with The Life Of Riley. Love your Sheltie's post. He's quite a good writer.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I can see where all that nature around you would make you happy.
My g'dad raised turkeys and they are actually quite smart and very interesting in their relationships to each other. I used to watch them interact for hours..
Very happy Mr. Roo found a home where he's cozy:)


Shionge said...

Nice to know them all Annie :)

Granny Annie said...

sonny -- Yes some of it makes me happy and some of it makes me very sad. Turkeys sound interesting. I've occasionally thought about having a pair and maybe some ducks but for now we're probably better off with our livestock situation. Wow, your lamp restoration project got a lot of attention didn't it? Good job!

Granny Annie said...

Shionge -- Hi Betty. I almost missed seeing you there. Happy Birthday to your Bibi. Sounds like she was a much better project than diving would have been:)

Sparkling Red said...

I have never had the experience of meeting the hen that laid the eggs I eat. That would be so cool.

Chatty Crone said...

You are really running a hen house over there aren't you? sandie

Granny Annie said...

Sparkling Red -- Pay me a visit and I'll give you some fresh, free range chicken eggs to take home and introduce you to the hens that laid them:) So happy to read that your are more and more in touch with "being here". Maybe I am because I go barefoot all the time:)

Chatty Crone -- We're running a cat house too. LOL It was wonderful to learn from your blog that January 21st is "hug day". That is my daughter's birthday so it is more than appropriate to be hug day because it is a huggy day.

Riot Kitty said...

I think every male I know would like to believe there is reincarnation, so that he could come back as Jack!

Kay said...

Oh my! You've certainly got an Animal Farm there, full of intrigue, sex and mystery. :-)

Merle said...

Hi Annie ~~ I love chickens and the eggs they lay are so fresh and yummy.
I am glad you got the card I sent as I did yours. I am still feeling pretty weak but trying to do a bit more.
Thanks for your invite to e mail and confide any time. I try to stay positive.
Love and Hugs dear friend, Merle.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Another chapter of "All my Chickens"- thanks
That sounds like a good plan- get more hens- as long as you can eat all the eggs!
Maybe you could get some of Jack's off spring from across the Road. Glad g\he's doing well over there-

Who is the white hen?

Whitemist said...

get this situation on our farm, but the coyotes take care of excess roosters, only the smartest stay alive.

Granny Annie said...

Riot Kitty -- Sad but true! LOL (referring to your comment about men wanting Rooster Jack's life.) Your post on the program regarding the mental health state hospital was also "sad but true". To many of us don't give enough thought to the fact that mental illness is a disease like any other and we should not tolerate misunderstandings of the human element affected by it's many forms.

Kay -- My animals are trying to talk to me seriously about spilling all their secrets in blogland:) So just when did you climb that tree? We love retirement but, like you, wish we had the energy and physical strength to accomplish even more of our favorite things.

Merle -- It is extremely difficult to eat eggs in a restaurant because they are so pale and bland. There is nothing like a farm fresh, bright and hearty egg for breakfast. Plus free range eggs are good for you. Now, there is my commercial for the day. It is wonderful to be sharing your uplifting posts again. So glad you are back and on the mend but don't think you have to be positive all the time. A good pity party is good for the soul once in a while:)

Snaggle Tooth -- It is indeed a plan to get some of Jack's gal's eggs and put them under a broody hen over here to hatch some of his offspring. We're just waiting to get a broody hen and the neighbors are ready to put back some eggs for us. The white hen is Mame and she is a beauty. She is a Brahma Hen. There is a good picture of her with Jack Bauer on my 1-1-11 post. I relate to your post about trying to get motivated this year. There seems to be a huge void in our lives and we cannot get up and going like we usually do in a new year. High prices of everything doesn't help. We have to deal with that but at least we can avoid the horrible news by the flip of a switch and we do. Hang in there. I'm sure this too shall pass.

Whitemist -- We have lost a few hens to coyotes but our roosters seem to live forever. Once we had five grown roosters and ended up finding homes for three. By the way, Oscar has the face of a regal lion. You can certainly see his ancestry in that face.

TALON said...

I guess there truly is a pecking order, isn't there? Sorry, I couldn't resist. It would be scary to have them battling. I'm glad Jack is happy in his new home. Maybe the separate harems would work, Annie!

Granny Annie said...

Talon -- I actually never had a problem with roosters battling so much until Jack Bauer came here. He started right in kicking butt and truthfully things have calmed down since he moved across the road. I think they might all be able to co-exist now with only minor scuffles from time to time. You really hit the button with CLARILY today. Excellent prose.