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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is my second post in the marathon.

Our Tulsa house needs a new roof.  We have gotten quotes from three roofing companies ranging from $4800 to $7500 and none include all the work needed.  Each has extra fees for guttering an eave work and several have wording in the contract that allows for extra dollars to be applied if they run into this, that or the other while putting on the new roof.  It was getting scary until my bil found the name of a fellow who lives in a small town nearby who does this work and has a good reputation and wonderful references.  That roofer called last week with the lowest bid of all. 

This roofer's price is for everything.  This roofer does not have a contract.  "My word is my bond" he said.  "The price I quote is the price."  Plus we did not need to be worked into a lineup.  They started the work yesterday. 

"Should we be there to pay you?"  I asked.

"No.  You check the work and when you are satisfied you can pay me."

"Will you need cash or a cashier's check?"

"No.  Your personal check will be fine."

Of course I am jumping the gun posting this glowing report, but we just know we have found the right man for the job.  He comes highly recommended and we know why.  He is a contractor from the "good ole days" who works on a handshake and takes pride in his work and his word. My son is sending us photos of the work in progress and they expect to finish today.


  1. He sounds like a stand up guy - I imagine he is good with his word and you and Ron are good judges of character.

  2. We had almost exactly the same problem a few years ago. After a storm the roof leaked badly, so got a contractor in quickly (we were just desperate to stop the water!). Unfortunately, after we'd paid him the problem got worse and flooded the girls' bedroom. The insurance covered his cost, but we couldn't use the insurance again to put right what he got wrong!
    Thankfully a friend put us in touch with the same kind of guy you've now got. Someone who worked through word of mouth and recommendation, who quoted everything and got to work straight away. We paid when we were happy with his work, which was excellent! We learned an important lesson and now pretty much only use people with strong recommendations!
    Hope yours is great when it's done!

  3. Lynn -- We are confident of the references who all sang his praises and they are well known to us. There is a lot of work to be done inside the house too but that will have to wait until the roof is done.

    Lisa Shambrook -- We had a similar experience several years ago when our flat roof was leaking and I hired a virtual unknown to repair it. He used felt on the roof and it absorbed water. We returned from a trip and found the roof in the den:) My son said this guy put some kind of vinyl or rubber stuff that looks like it will be here when the world is nothing but cockroaches. Wow that artistic face painting on your post of the kiddos is fantastic! Lots and lots of talent there.

  4. Yes, you picked the right guy. That's all I want is a good job at a fair price. He has to make some money too.
    That's how I operate everyday.They fix it, I drive away, I get a bill, I pay it immediately. Works.

  5. Cliff -- That's the way we do things too. I just hope I'm not bragging too soon. A bit of superstition tells me not to count my chickens before they hatch. I should have kept quite until the work was done.

  6. Everyone is a lil gun shy these days. My daddy use to say, "My word is my bond." If we ever said someone lied about anything, he got us. He believed your word was the only thing people couldn't take and you could and should live by it. Hopefully this roofer can live up to your expectations. I'm betting on him!

  7. Debbie -- You were so right. We made the right choice. They did the work in a day and a half and they did and excellent job. The roof is beautiful and sturdy and has completely improved our abode as well as the look of the entire neighborhood. The street was filled with loud cheers and applause coming from inside the other homes. LOL

  8. Sometimes you just gotta take a chance on the little guy. And the little is usually actually the big guy. We have alot of friends who have small business and depend on word of mouth for their business. Of course their good work ethic speaks mounds. I'm glad yours worked out.

  9. They sure don't make good-guy roofers the way they used to!
    Glad you found him to do the job for you-