Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is post number 12 in the marathon.

I probably should not admit what I have been watching on Netflix Instant Play.  Have  you watched or heard of BREAKING  BAD?  Well it is an absolutely horrible show where you sympathize with the bad guys (and these are really bad buys) and I usually avoid that kind of thing sister made me do it.  And I am hooked.

Yesterday I finished Season 3.  My sister and my niece assured me that Season 4 was the best and they couldn't wait for me to catch up.  Season 4 was no where to be found...unless I was willing to pay for it on Amazon or iTunes or one of those expensive places.  

My sister swore that she and my niece had watched Season 4 on Netflix Instant Play and I should call support at Netflix.  I must always do what my sister tells me and so I called support.  

"I wish we had Season 4" the support person told me.  "I've been dying to see it myself.  Right now the only places it is available is on Amazon, Hulu or iTunes and you have to pay........blah, blah, blah."

After humiliating myself on the call and whining, "But my sister swears......."  I hung up and noticed I had this voice-mail from Sis.

"Oops, my bad.  It turns out I haven't seen Season 4 but thought I had.  Also, Karen paid for the Fourth Season on Apple.  Sorry." 

Why do I continue, after 65 years, to do everything my sister tells me to do?


  1. LOVE that show.. cant wait to see every season..

  2. Sonny -- Doesn't it mean that we are twisted when we love a show about a chemistry teacher who is a meth maker? Still waiting for the rest of the Pom story:)

  3. I too am a huge fan of Breaking Bad. Is your sister older than you? If so, maybe that's why you do whatever she tells you. Big sisters can be so bossy! but we still love and obey them.

  4. I'm sure this must have something to do with birth order. But not being a student of that lets go with Mom always liked her best.

  5. Pat MacKenzie -- Yes she is my older sister. What's funny is that I always did the things she told me and so my parents blamed her for everything I did wrong. Poor kid, having to be blamed for the bad stuff I managed to think up on my own, knowing sis would get blamed:)

    Cliff -- Oh yes, that is a certainty. They liked my brother and my sister best. Poor me, poor me....

  6. My Lil-Sister has a similar effect on me...
    I called her at Xmas time first- n we were on the phome 4 hours- woops! I didn't get to call everyone else!