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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Why,  why, why I ask you? Is it true this  "fad" started in prisons as a show of those available for sexual activity. I simply do not get the desire for this fashion statement and  will never understand how these people walk around.  The TV show COPS often portrays the criminal being caught when his pants fall off in a chase.  Can anyone explain this weirdest of all clothing choice?

That cartoon came to me in an email and I wish I could credit an artist. It is hilarious!


  1. I wear my jeans low, but not that low. It's just a fashion statement to me and actually I find them very comfortable too. :D

  2. LL Cool Joe -- Oh please tell me you don't!!! How can it be comfortable when you have to hold them up all day. Most of the guys have one hand free to work with (assuming they have jobs in the first place) while the other hand is occupied keeping their pants up.

  3. I've never heard of the prison angle on that. I can't explain it.

  4. love the pencil drawing:) Puts it all into perspective.

  5. I don't know how they walk without pants falling down...when I've seen guys here do it, they're always holding their pants up with one hand. It is so hard not to laugh!

  6. I've been to enough rodeos that I expect a well trained chihuahua and a chicken to jump outta those pants at any time.
    I'd hate to wear something that makes other folks laugh and feel sorry for me.
    er..maybe I do.

  7. at least this guy has a long shirt to cover his rear end, most do not even have that.
    Maybe it is a way of "mooning" continuously?

  8. I will never understand this fashion statement. I love the picture you used ...

  9. GREAT picture! I LUV your blog!! You've got words posted that have sat in my brain and now feel somehow released...because YOU said 'em. Thank YOU soo much!

    and...i've got to say, "this is from one Grannie Annie to another" =)


  10. Lynn -- It turns out the prison rumor part has to do with prisoners not being allowed to have belts or fear of them using them as weapons or as implements of suicide thus their pants sag. I found this interesting article on "sagging"
    At the end it asks, What Do You Think? Do You Think Saggy Pants Should be Banned All Over the World? Vote 1. Yes, I hate it 2. No. I love that style 3. I Dont Care who wears what. I have my own fashion ideas
    Once again you had three really "Good things happened" and I love the picture of the train trestle.

    Changes in the wind -- I loved the drawing too. It is fun to think what the anatomy would have to be to honestly be suited to those clothes. Sorry about misunderstanding the price of that Colt gun on your post. $5000 makes a lot more sense than $150.

    Riot Kitty -- I do laugh. They might as well just be one-handed because there is obviously no other use for the other hand than to hold up the pants. I see you got some other comments on your post about your leg showing:)

    Cliff -- Definitely clown pants. Isn't there a saying about too many rodeos? I must admit that my children and grandchildren laugh openly at some of my clothing choices. Oh well.

    I can only repeat the comment I made on your last post: "I never watch (political speeches) for fear of drawing my own conclusions. That would ruin it for the broadcasters and spin doctors who can't wait to tell me what to think. " Guess that sounds like a cop-out but I do find that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

    Whitemist -- Oh yes the long shirt covering the derriere is definitely a plus. And as for your post, who does like to get up in the morning?

    ancient one -- Isn't that picture wonderful? I truly wonder who drew it. It almost looks like some of my grandson's art. The picture of your new granddaughter is so precious. Don't you wonder what her peers will be wearing when she is a young adult.

    rubydlipperz -- Well aren't you nice! Thanks for dropping by my blog for a visit. I returned the visit to your Ruby Red Slippers blog but wondered about the others. If I visit a blogger for the first time and find they have several blogs I like to hear back on which one I should elect to follow. There is no way I can read through five or more to find the more public one. I do not sew but several of my family members do. Plus it is always fun to meet another Granny Annie.

  11. It blows right over this Farm Chicks mind why anyone would want have to be hitchin' up all the time or show your 'stuff'.

    I adore the drawing sweetie. Heehehehee, they cracked me up! (no pun here...really!!! ) :o)

    God bless ya and have a remarkable day sweet lady!!! :o)

  12. Modern day Shakes, "To sag or not to sag..." Either way the saga continues & the sages shake their heads as the non sages show their rear.

  13. I have seen some pants that I could not figure out how it stayed up. Seriously! Maybe they have it stapled to stay up. It's insane. I've heard about the prison availability thing. I wonder if it's true.

  14. My young (30-ish) "Boss" at a previous Temp job had those slippery pants... He said having classy, clean underwear (long T-Shirt, colorful pretty boxers) to show when they slip down was key! No kidding!. It's definately a generational city fashion thing stuck on a specific segment of rap n hip-hop fans.

    I can see where it would be difficult to run away from the cops that way!

    My daughter's generation had alot of "Goth" fans- Heavy black hip-hugger jeans, hair dyed black, purple ect, piercings, tatoos, n heavy eye make-up. Still see some now n again still!
    The fad always sticks to some...

  15. I think it's just a fad, a fashion statement in some youthful crowds. I often think that "look" is tied into gangs but I could be wrong. My two son-in-laws do not dress like that nor do the young men I know from church. I personally think it looks awful but I can remember some of the things I wore in the 70s and 80s that made my parents cringe.

  16. I wore low pants ONCE. Of course it was on a fire and the previous day my regular fire pants got charred. The closest size they had in supply was two sizes to big. My crew got to hear a lot adjectives the following days as I was always trying to pull them up. They also got a good laugh when I said I never had reach down to my knees to get something out of my pocket.

  17. That sketch is hysterical! I don't get it either. The worst is watching them hitching them up all the time. I don't get it.

  18. Hubby is on the Sheriff's Advisory Council in our county and the kids do it for gang association, but it's also does mean that you will be available for sexual activity. The kids don't ever think they'll go to jail, but once they get there, they are against the other meaning. And our jails and prisons use elastic waste bands so the pants don't fall down.

  19. Nezzy -- "Cracked me up"...good pun:) Your recent post by the cancer survivor reminds us all of the enemy in that disease. Thankfully due to some strides in modern medicine many more are winning the battle. But many of us know that the battle can also be worse than cancer at some point It is amazing that we have not found a cure yet in this 21st century of so many other achievements.

    Debbie -- That is so funny. We're shaking our heads as the saggers are shaking their rears. I am thinking you might be a bit of a rebel yourself in the educational field. Sound like you challenge the administration and that is always a good thing.

    Kay -- I've always believed they must use duct tape. LOL You have certainly taken us on on some interesting trips on your blog lately. Colonoscopies, blood pressure checks, unusual barber shops and grandchildren journaling. The topper was your most recent post on Jonathan's birth. I laughed and cried and enjoyed every word you wrote. Thanks for sharing that marvelous tale. It is the first story I've heard of a birth in an elevator.

    Snaggle Tooth -- When your boss was a "temp" did they ever send him out on any jobs? Yes every generation has it's own fad but this has to be the most uncomfortable. However LL Cool Joe said he thinks wearing pants this way is comfortable... Your "Tracking" post was so cool, both the computerized pictures and the actual photograph. I love looking at animal tracks in the snow to try to determine who the visitors might have been. My spouse knows because he was a licensed trapper at one time in California

    Marla and Steve -- What would happen if the young men from church DID dress that way? I hope a lot of decorators will take you project challenge. We are working on a remodel project (actually several) but the closest to completion is my new utility room. I'm afraid when it is finished it will be as rustic appearing as the language my spouse is using trying to complete the plumbing and electric portions of the project.

    Ralph -- I'm sorry but I had to laugh too just picturing you trying to work in those baggy pants. Now why would anyone want to tease you? Could it be revenge? LOL I'm still laughing at your joke about the Jewish fellow delivering "last rites" to the Catholic accident victim.

    Talon -- That is exactly why I don't get it. How could anybody select such an uncomfortable fad? If they were poor, that would be one thing. But most of these clothes you see them wearing (or rather trying to wear) are pricey items. Your "Gnarly" post for the 26th was absolutely hysterical. Who knew such a deep thinker could offer great comedy as well.

    Bonnie -- That is very interesting. A lot are probably gang related. However it seems a lot of these are just "Urban" rebels trying to show mommy and daddy how "independent" they can be in their clothes selections. Never mind the fact they still put their feet under mommy and daddy's table and sleep under mommy and daddy's roof, etc. I thank god that so far none of my grandchildren have succumbed to this awful fashion. (At least not when they come to grandma's house.) I am so happy with Hut's great progress after his triple by-pass. Glad to keep up with all that on FB as well as on your blog.

  20. Hmmm...interesting observation and I think it is indeed a kind of fashion statement ya ;D

    It is the same here in Singapore :D

  21. Shionge -- Saggy pants in Singapore?!!! Who knew that fad was around the world. Loved your "So True" cartoon on your recent post. We still love most of those things but we do read newspapers online.