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Slim and Franke
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Monday, January 16, 2012


Question Of The Week - 01-16-12

What is in your refrigerator?

(Lots of healthy food?  Lots of expired food?  Unusual food?  Frozen food? Non-food? Beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)? Strangest item? ..for instance we keep bait worms in the porch refrigerator. Nothing?)


  1. Hey is that Farmville in your header?

    Candied Yams (todays dinner leftover), openned-covered canned cat food (she only eats a little), Milk, water, OJ, AJ, large tub of yogurt, jelly, eggs, almost empty bread, 1 apple, butter, condiments

  2. Snaggle Tooth -- Your refrigerator sounds like mine when I was a single gal. Then I had a few cans of ginseng tea as well as the other items. My farm border is from a site called Tox Town clip art. The photograph in your post today makes me wonder if we all shouldn't get out our old cameras and use film again.

  3. I am at the end of a twelve pack of Canada Dry Cranberry Diet Ginger Ale. There are loads of condiments and salad stuff (spring greens, cut up broccoli, grape tomatoes) in those Lock & Lock containers. I keep bread in the freezer since I only eat it on the weekend usually. And there are eggs and three kinds of cheese, swiss, white sharp cheddar and feta (to sprinkle on the salad.)

    I used the last of the broccoli for my lunch salad today, so I'll be going to the grocery store after work. :)

  4. A few leftovers...keeping ahead thus far. Homemade cheesecake with fig jam topping, 18 oysters in the shell, and Maui guava jam...weird enough?

  5. Lynn -- A very healthy sounding refrigerator. Of course we have eggs in our refrigerator...always...unless the hens go on strike. You had a nice recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on your blog post today.

    Tabor -- Oh my goodness, where do you get Oysters in the shell? We can't even order them in restaurants around here anymore. Your fridge doesn't sound sounds yummy. Your post today on "art" is art itself. I must spend more time on it researching the links you added.

  6. There's nothing weird in my fridge, except for a lot of leftovers that my husband doesn't want me to throw out yet. I'm of the "when-in-doubt, throw-it-out" school, and he is never in doubt!

  7. Not much in my fridge. Mainly staples, like milk, butter, cheese. I do have a beef roast, potatoes, carrots and celery for a Coca Cola Roast I am going to fix on Wednesday.

  8. Diet Pepsi, Coke Zero, bottles of water, milk, orange juice, apple/pear sparkling water (do you see a theme here?) And leftover from last night's dinner - home baked beans, potato scallop, and ham. As well as lots of cheese. Hubby keeps the fridge clear of anything approaching it's best before date.

  9. Very healthy foods with hubby's dark chocolate and my wine, just for medicinal purposes of course :) I always hate to stumble across that bowl of whatever that makes its way to the back of the fridge and by the time I find it, I am totally grossed out and glad company didn't find it first.

  10. HAHA - you got me on a good week - I went to the Fresh Market this weekend and I have all good and healthy food - what about YOU? sandie

  11. Bait worms! Hmm. We don't have those.

    At the moment...flatbread, hummus, tahini, lettuce, salsa, cheese, olives...

  12. Regular and hard-boiled eggs; steamed carrots and potatoes; roasted chicken; not-yet-cooked broccoli, yellow bell pepper, and green beans; organic apples; soy pudding; and about a hundred sauces (mostly used exclusively by my husband).

  13. Susan Adcox -- It is the opposite in our house. My spouse wants to throw it out and I believe way too early. Not sure I understood the game of Geocaching for the grandchildren because we don't have smartphones but I sure understood about the trauma of dropping grandchildren off at daycare. They don't mind their parents leaving them because that is a normal routine but grandma leaving them is an entirely different matter.

    Bonnie -- I have never heard of Coca Cola roast. I have heard of beer roast. Are those wild turkeys on your post? I have never seen a wild turkey with it's plumage spread and didn't know they had them.

    Pat MacKenzie -- I see a lot of liquids. If I drank that much I would have to spend most of my day in the bathroom. Is that TMI? Love your discovery of how to save your slide pictures. A lot of folks will be interested in that.

    Marla and Steve -- What is company doing prying in the back of your fridge? When I see how nicely you keep your home I have trouble believing you have old food in your refrigerator. Your bedroom tour is wonderful and I am so jealous of your primary comfort zone being so pleasant.

    Chatty Crone -- Jealous of your access to a Fresh Market. Our closest shopping spree takes us to the Dollar Store. Now I am having to think twice about the recipe you have posted for Christmas Trash candy. Of course it has to be good or you wouldn't recommend it but....well...just sayin'....

    Riot Kitty -- Bait worms aren't a bad thing to have unless you reach for the hummus and open the worms instead. LOL You raised some interesting questions on your post yesterday about our sensitivity to discrimination and made me wonder what I'm doing about it. I like to think I live my love of humanity on a day-to-day basis and one-on-one.

    Sparkling Red -- Does your husband put sauce on the soy pudding? LOL You got some great recommendations about clothes shopping on your last post. It is interesting to see what a dilemma shopping for pants can be for all of us.

  14. At the moment I have a small bottle of antibiotic eye drops as I have an eye infection. The Chemist told me to keep it in the fridge.

    Actually there's very little else in there apart from milk and fruit juice.

  15. Hi Annie..
    I think I got my comment pop up box working again. I saw you had posted this morning.. yeaaaaaaa:) I love seeing your smiling face.
    as for my fridge contents. the salad bin drawers are full of fresh greens as well as carrots and turnips. Other than condiments and bread its rather empty. I let the contents go down when I plan to do a major cleaning of it.
    I grocery shop every two weeks and cook that same day so 2 person meals go into the freezer, so we can toss a salad and be ready to eat in 15 minutes of less..

  16. fresh vegies,leftovers, non-alcholic drinks (milk and stuff), cheese.

  17. You don't want to see the inside of my refrigerator, Annie.... It has some of everything you listed inside... I can always make room for a new

  18. Ya'll gotta realize what a clean freako I am so I keep the old stuff cleaned out.

    I have oodles of fresh produce in my frig. Does that count for healthy???

    My most unusual food would be sun~dried tomatoes which really isn't unusual at all. I have a big freezer for the frozen stuff. My frig freezer is filled with ice filled chilled glasses. (see I truly am twisted)

    I have milk, water, orange juice, apple cider, tea and Kobucha mushroom tea.

    Strangest item is probably a diaper. Seems I have a drip from the upper coils and a diaper takes care of the problem. Cheap fix.
    I also have many bottles of cattle vaccines that require refrigeration.

    I remember a time Julia Child's opened her frig on a show and all she had in there was beer. Really...Julia!!!

    Have yourself a fantastically blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  19. Lots of stuff in my fridge. Let's see..cheese, eggs, meatloaf, mayo, jellies, some dressings, pickles, water, Diet Coke, chocolate milk, white milk, grape juice, apple juice, tropical fruit punch, Ensure Plus, Boost with Protein, yogurt, celery, fruit cups, carrots, a cabbage, butter, Cool Whip, lunch meat, lettuce, and I have some critter medicine and human medicine that have to stay in the fridge! You can probably tell that lots of that stuff is for my husband.

    I like your header picture!

  20. We've got about everything. But we live 9 miles from a small grocery and 25 from a decent sized one.

  21. LL Cool Joe --Your refrigerator worries me. You are raising teenage girls and don't have more food than that??? Be sure and let us knoe how the world tour with Rihanna comes your dreams!

    Sonny -- I have tried and tried to comment and did not know this last comment took because I couldn't see it. Glad to hear that it did. I am concerned about lamps on the tables next to your bed. You would have to have really short lamps or no pictures like the ones shown.

    Whitemist -- I am curious about what delicious leftovers you have. Your response to your fellow traveler, "never, for otherwise I would be dead" said it all in your post.

    Lucy Stern -- Well you know now how I came up with that list...from my fridge. LOL It is hard to believe that you haven't posted on your blog since March. I like seeing you on facebook but miss your interesting posts on so many how-tos.

    Nezzy -- I am jealous that you have space to keep chilled glasses. Also please tell me what do do with sun-dried tomatoes. I had some once for some recipe I never tried and they just got old because I couldn't think of anything to do with them. Your Cow Patty Surprise is certainly full of surprises in each post and your multitude of followers denote the fun to be had on every visit.

    Rachel -- Your refrigerator sounds like mine did before the new year. Now that Ron is better we are both eating more of the same things. So far none of our animal medications need refrigeration but Slim goes to the vet today for an injured foot and we might come back with new medicine for her. Loved your rhyming post and had no idea you were such a poet. Also I just noticed the picture behind you in your profile picture. What is that about? I love it.

    Cliff -- We too have lots of stuff in refrigerator and pantry because we are far from grocery stores. There is a dollar store and a quick stop four miles away and WalMart is 16 miles from us while the nearest metropolis is 45 miles away. Your recent post certainly made me happy that I am now a sports fanatic. Too many bowls for me but pass the chili please.

  22. Annie, yes those are wild turkeys on my post. I'll send you the recipe for Coca Cola potroast but you have to send me the one for beer roast, lol.

  23. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Hi Granny Annie, I have found my way to your blog via a dear friend, Sandie at chatty crone :) Lot's of good stuff in the fridge...enjoy your Day!


  24. Eva Ason -- Thank you for your visit and for my chance to visit you in turn. I was captured by your watercolor paintings. Great work.

  25. You'll be proud of me when I tell you that at the new year, I went through the fridge, cleaned it and threw out the expired things. We have a rather boring fridge. It's filled with the usual veggies and fruits AND a box of vanilla popsicles left over from my colonoscopy. :-)