Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Grandson Dillon photographs his medallion. A win that finally comes his senior year. Granddaughter Beth, with two more years in the band, was seen crying when the camera panned in at the announcement.  Grandson Ryan, now in college, celebrates the victory for his siblings and "his" band.  It is not just a victory for the performers but for anyone who has ever been a member of the BROKEN ARROW PRIDE.  It is also tremendous victory for all the parents and family members who have supported this effort. 

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 

(I haven't talked to their dad yet, who chaperoned again this year, but I know that is because he hasn't stopped crying yet.)


The Broken Arrow Pride last won the championship in 2006.


Lynn said...

That is a fabulous thing! I know you are proud and it's lovely to hear that the family is proud, too.

Cliff said...

Great family memories for a great family. Congats to all.

Changes in the wind said...

Yahooooo...way to go!

Tabor said...

Quite an accomplishment. Victory via grandchildren.

Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

Congrats to your grandson! :-)

Take care and have a nice day :-)

Thanks for your recent comment on My Blog

Pat MacKenzie said...

Congratulations to them all! It's so nice that the whole family supports one another in their successes.

Ellymae said...

So proud of my niece and nephew........including their veteran brother!!!!! Long overdue accolades !

qandlequeen said...


Chatty Crone said...

Wonderful! sandie

Monalisa said...

Been listening to a lecture where the speaker was saying what a mother couldn't, she was to accomplish through her children. Was saying that was what Mary (who gave birth to Jesus) did. Now I can see it. Not that you can't accomplish it, but the joy that youngster's victory can bring to the parents.

Granny Annie said...

All of the responses are so wonderful. Thank you
Changes ITW
Ron (TOG)
Pat Mac
Monalisa (You are right about that joy!)

Some of you have been through this with us for four years and know the climb is strenuous to this mountaintop.

When the band arrived at the turnpike gate last night they were escorted into and through Broken Arrow by police cars and fire trucks. Their bus drivers serpentined the buses up the streets. When they arrived at their school parking lot there was a large celebratory crowd with cheers, applause and fireworks to greet them.

Dani said...

How wonderful!

Bonnie said...

Congratulations!!!! That is AWESOME!!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

The little fingers holding that medal...holding it with such pride!!

Snaggle Tooth said...

It's really tough to win a National Band Competition! Congrats to the Broken Arrow Pride!

Both my girls did Marching Band in High school n were Drum Major in Senior year. The elder, BBM, went to Berkeley College of Music n played in a symphony several years. They also did Color Guard competitions which were held along with Percussion Ensemble competitions Statewide- So I've seen some of those tough battles!

Shionge said...

Wow...what an achievement!!! Congratulation!! :D