Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We had dear friends in a horrible automobile accident this week.  Thankfully husband and wife both are doing well at this point and no one else was injured.  I think the worse part will come when they read the news account of the wreck and learn the husband was referred to as "the  elderly driver".  Yikes!  These are people our age. Guess that is how we are referred to now and I try not to think  about it.  Let's make "elderly" a non-PC term.



Brown English Muffin said...

I wonder what age someone is automatically considered elderly media standards?

Brown English Muffin said...

But I have noticed one thing though....the next time you're watching the news and they're talking about a crime that has been committed and they describe the person who might have committed the crime...notice how if the person is African American they say so, if he is Latino they say so....but if he is Caucasian interestingly enough nothing is said it's just implied or assumed he's that.

Not stating this positively or negatively I just thought it was fascinating...I think I was brushing my teeth one day and I couldn't see the tv I could only hear it and they described him but said nothing about his race...I thought well how am I supposed to know who to look out for?

Then each morning I listened and I realized they did the same thing with the news....I found it fascinating...and now I can't NOT notice it! LOL

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

It seems lately everything and everyone gets a LABEL ,as if you can describe something in a one word sound bite.

thanks for coming to see me. I always enjoy seeing your smiling face.


LL Cool Joe said...

Don't start me on labels!! It's something I've battled with my whole life.

I get pissed off with any labels about age, gender, size, colour, nationality.

Why do we need them?

Granny Annie said...

Brown English Muffin -- White hair is probably what earns that label. It's too bad for my sil who has been white headed since she was 20. As always, you made some valid points to ponder.

sonny -- I'm sure, since this was a one car accident, the term elderly was their way of explaining it. There was not alcohol or drugs involved so it must have been because he was "elderly". Actually he had an unexplained black out that could have happened to someone at any age.

LL Cool Joe -- Yes you are definitely the best champion of human rights.

Riot Kitty said...

You are not elderly! Glad your friends are OK.

Funny, I just had this discussion with a volunteer at work who is 64. She qualifies for "senior" housing, but we both agreed she wasn't ready to be with a bunch of old people.

Whitemist said...

my mom was an "elderly driver". At 87 i thought she drove better than most. I never think of people who drive as an "elderly driver", but someone who is fortunate enought to still have their freedom and wits about them.

Chatty Crone said...

I hate to tell you but that is what the young call us. sandie

Beverly said...

They don't know elderly until they come to Florida.

Lynn said...

I'm glad your friends are OK. I have a degree in Journalism and I was taught not to put labels on people in articles. I'm surprised they did that. Terrible.

Changes in the wind said...

This accident looks awful no matter who was driving...glad no one was seriously hurt.

Bonnie said...

I am glad that your friends are okay. I guess if I was in an accident I'd be called elderly too even at 50. Especially with my white hair. Like your SIL I have been grey since 16, however, dying it until a few years ago. They don't even check my ID when eating out, just assume I'm old enough for the senior discount. So I dont' even correct them anymore, I just take it. And Amen Beverly, we definitely have "elderly" drivers in FL especially this time of year.

Monalisa said...

Oh thats a terrible accident. Sorry for your friend.

My husband's grandma who is >75, and her friend >90 are the healthiest ladies I know and the most efficient when it comes to hard work, I say. And their stamina, I can't help admire. No one counts on youngsters when these two are around.

Granny Annie said...

Riot Kitty -- I don't seem to mind "senior" as much as elderly. Especially when "senior" is followed by "discount". LOL

Whitemist -- I hope to be like your mom when I'm 87.

Chatty Crone -- Yep, I know that:)

Beverly -- That is what I hear about Florida. What makes you call them "elderly"?

Lynn -- I don't think that reporter will make that mistake again because evidentally I wasn't the only person it bothered. Guess that comment got more response than the wreck.

Changes in the wind -- Oh yes it was a horrible accident and it is a miracle they were not killed. I know they are giving thanks even with the injuries they did have.

Bonnie -- Yes, I've been getting that senior discount longer than it was earned.

Monalisa -- You are so right about the work ethic of the so-called elderly. My parents were running circles around the rest of us for their ability to tackle any kind or job.

Sparkling Red said...

I'm glad to hear that your friends are doing well. Car accidents are awful things. Even a "little" fender bender can give a whiplash that pains people for years. I wish them all the best for a speedy and full recovery.

Shionge said...

I am so sorry about the accident and hope they are recovering from shock.

Granny Annie said...

Sparkling Red --Thank you for your wishes for my friends speedy recovery.

Shionge -- Thank you too.

And special thanks to all my "elderly" friends for your comments and concerns:)

Snaggle Tooth said...

That's scary looking!
Glad youe friends are ok-
Ya mean it wasn't a mechanical failure, it was due to just being old? They make it sound that way huh?

cube said...

I'm glad your friends are fine. As far as being called elderly, I will adopt my dad's attitude towards getting old... he never fails to mention that he's not old but he does want the senior discount.

Getting old isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.

Kay said...

It does give me a weird feeling at times to see so many people in power who are now younger than I am. :-)

Granny Annie said...

Snaggle Tooth -- People of any age have accidents but it sure seems easy to blame age if the driver has white hair.

cube -- I don't mind being called older just not "old" and senior is okay as opposed to "elderly" and I don't know why.

Kay -- The most difficult thing is having such young doctors who look like they still belong in high school. Oh dear, is that reverse discrimination? Welcome to you. It is nice to have someone from Hawaii join us here.