Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Our goats are a lot like chickens.  If one chicken finds a tasty morsel, all the other chickens will give chase trying to grab it while they pass up other food just to get this one thing.  The other day LV (Lord Voldemort) spied a treat near the back of the house.  He began to nibble on it when the other goats stampeded to take it away.  Notice they are standing in a bed of dried leaves which they love to eat but all is abandoned just to steal from LV.  I can put out several dabs of sweet feed for the goats but they will fight over one tray at a time rather than spread out.
They also do not play well together.  The goats enjoy jumping on the big tire, especially the small goats. The bully billy goat, TK, is not allowing the youngsters to climb up and play.
Instead of guessing "Where's Waldo" you can play "Where's Slim" with the above picture.  She blends well with the goats.  Maybe she'd waiting for her turn on the tire.

This is my blog post #1900,  I am hoping to reach 2000 by March 9, 2012, on my 7th blog anniversary of FOOLS RUSH IN.

Here is something funny in case you missed it on my sidebar or on facebook.  My cousin Becky knew I would love it.


  1. I love that sign. I can tell I'd like Becky too.

    my great aunt in wilmington nc had goats are they had a slide they'd play on. I can see them right now , though its been 20 years, playing and running around. All of kids loved them even though we'd get knocked down and butted on occassion lol...

  2. Goats are just crazy! :)

    Love the sign. Wow - that's a lot blog posts, GA.

  3. Wow ... I couldn't pick out Slim. She does blend in well.

  4. Goats are like chickens? I'd say goats are like people! Well, some people.

  5. I like the sign. Your goats are just like my husband's goats. He buys them sweet feed, too! And goes through the same thing at feeding time.

  6. Crazy...goats and chickens. And some people...fighting over the food. I had to enlarge the picture just to find Slim. She really does blend in with the goats. The little sign Becky sent you cracks me up everytime I see it.

  7. Great sign and says so much in so many ways. I didn't realize that goats were such pills...egad!

  8. hmmm your goats are sounding a lot like corporate america!!! LOL just joking!!

    I do like that sidebar chicken plaque very funny!

  9. Thank you for the comments on my blog.
    Love your goats. They are my kind of entertainment. I don't need fancy stuff - just a bunch of farm animals and an open pasture provides it all. Guess it's the farm girl in me. Congratulations on post #1900. That is an impressive amount of blogging.

  10. Isn't that just like a bunch of wild and crazy 'kids'??? Heeehehehe!

    I adore your little plaque.

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

  11. Love the quote! :D

    Your goats crack me up. Great photos!

    You've written a hell of a lot of posts! Congratulations, and I look forward to reading your new ones. :)

  12. Looks like a group of 'kids'. sandie

  13. I love that sign! Also love the names of your animals.

  14. Great post. I haven't any experience with goats, so it was interesting to read about goat behavior.

  15. So it's not my imagination you've been posting more often...

    Fun goat n Slim pics. Sounds like they're all about pecking order! So competitive of the other group members- Of course, as herding animals they must all do the same thing-
    They are pretty too!
    The sign is hilarious-
    Of course, Jack Bauer crossed the road for new hens...

  16. Sonny – I love the idea of a slide for the goats. I know that mine would love it because climbing to a highest point is their favorite thing.

    Lynn – Goats are crazy and they are rude too. I can’t believe I had never seen that sign before. It is so perfect.

    Bonnie (BIZ) – Slim is at the far left. She usually stands outside the herd where she can better control them.

    Sparkling Red – Goats and Chickens are like people. You should hear my hens gossip about their day when I close them in the hen house at night. By the way, it is so great to hear you feeling better these days.

    Ancient one – Sweet feed is good for tempting the goats into doing things but it is also of the devil because it brings out the selfishness in them.I know your husband can attest to that as well.

    Bonnie – My cousin Becky knows me well to have sent that sign. Slim is being vigilant in her observation of the goats. That is part of her job.

    Tabor – It does say a lot. However I do still question their motives on occasion. LOL

    Brown English Muffin – Exactly, my goats act like corporate America.

    Rae – Then you would also enjoy these evenings when we watch the guinea fowl try to interact with the mass onslaught of starlings. It is hysterical.

    Nezzy – Clever pun my friend.

    LL Cool Joe – It is amazing when I stop and realize this was my second blog. I has a different one from 2003 to 2005 and I deleted it. I don’t remember how many posts were on it.

    Chatty Crone – Okay you and Nezzy couldn’t resist. LOL

    Riot Kitty – I think I have goofed again in my naming. I decided to call two of the new chicks Bonnie and Clyde and it appears Bonnie is a rooster. It also looks like the three Hueys are all girls. I always name them too soon.

    Susan Adcox – My mother lived long enough to know I was getting goats an that one would be named for her. She would laugh because she hated goats. It seems she had more than one bad experience with a bill goat chasing her. I wish so often that I could share stories with her because she would love the fact that the billy is after me all the time.

    Snaggle Tooth – Thank for remembering poor old Jack. I guess he is doing okay so far. I resist barging in on our neighbors too often to check on him but they assure me he is still king of the hill there. Oh yes there is a pecking order among the goats and Elizabeth is definitely in charge. I call her Queen Elizabeth.

  17. I, being a city girl, did not know that about goats. Thanks for the education.

    I have heard chicken crossing jokes and love the sign.

  18. I love your animals. I wish I lived on a farm. Funny, when I was young and my grandparents had one, I really didn't get it. I was just a city girl. Now that I am getting older, I wish we still had that farm in our family. My husband and I are learning to use a pressure canner. Who would of thought? Love your posts. Oh, and your goats are a lot like my grandkids. LOL