Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, October 28, 2011


Do not mark on greeting cards.  Post-it notes are great to stick on the envelope with their name and in the card with your sentiment.  This way the recipient can recycle the card..

The new chicks are now named.  They are Bonnie, Clyde, Huey, Huey and Huey.

We received our annual order of fresh Medjool dates from California yesterday.  Oh my goodness they are wonderful.  Yesterday Ron offered a visitor a date.  She had no idea what he was talking about so she must have thought he was asking her out.  She did not know dates were fruit.   She was just sure we were offering her prunes.

My laptop computer broke this past weekend.  Our desktop quit on me for a while today and was very difficult to get going again.  My cell phone broke when I dropped it the other day.  Now it appears our coffee pot is going out. Guess Mercury is in retrograde again.

Do your pets recognize carry-out boxes and go crazy as soon as they see one?

Should you tip the restaurant employee who hands you your to-go order?

How much should you tip the golf cart driver who takes you from the parking lot to the casino door?

Can you remember ever seeing your parents run?

 NOT YET!!!!

Hope these thoughts will keep your mind active over the weekend.  Have a good one and DON'T change your clocks.  We don't "fall back" until November 6th.


  1. I have never been to a casino. I'm betting you are expected to tip them though. :)

  2. I love the thought about post it notes for greeting cards. I have a sister who would actually do that if she thought about it, lol. And thanks for the tidbit on the time change, since I was one of the early "posters" on FB because I wasn't paying attention and EVERYTHING on FB is fact. And yes my dogs do recognize take out boxes and we usually end up giving them what we took home, lol. I wouldn't tip the fast food take out person OR the golf cart driver, they make a set pay for their job. Thank you for naming one of your chicks after me...I feel so honored. I'm sure your guest was disappointed to find she didn't have an actual date with your man. And I've very sorry about all your electronic woes. Hopefully your weekend will be better.

  3. Yes, you should tip for a to go got served even if you didn't sit down.

  4. Good grief. Recycled cards with sticky notes, lol!! My mother in law would love this. She was regifting years before it was popular. I was gifted one year for Christmas a box of liquid home fragrance with metal pot. I should have known by the torn packaging that it had been around the country and back and by the tarnished container and rancid smell of the fragrance. Maybe I'll send her a recycled card this Christmas. :)

  5. Lynn -- I don't know what other type of places offer a ride from the parking lot to the restaurant, hotel or casino but somehow I believe those cart drivers expect a little gratuity. I gave the fellow a dollar last night but didn't think his "thanks" was very sincere. He is probably used to high rollers coming out and giving him huge bucks. We just went for the food and not to gamble.

    Bonnie -- Glad you like the chick's name. Of course I was thinking of you AND Bonnie and Clyde Barrow:) But yes, you too because you're quite a chick!

    Changes in the wind -- So we tip 20% in the restaurant. Should we tip the same amount on the carry-out? It worries me that the person bringing the food would get the tip while the person who boxed everything did the work. Surely they would have some way to distribute it fairly.??? Guess that wouldn't be my concern would it? Also, do tip at a drive-thru place like McDonalds or Burger King?

    Marla and Steve -- I love having an unused card at the right moment and if someone gives me a card that is not signed or written on it's like a gift as well as a nice sentiment. Cards cost $3-$5 and what do you do with one once you've read it? Oh wait, I know. You cut them up and make crafts with them. LOL!

  6. Thank you so much - I wanted to know when the time change was.

    And I do tip carry outs - but I don't want to - lol - what do other people do?


  7. That is hilarious about Ron and his dates! Is there something to the three Hueys?

  8. :-D

    Post it notes, your laptop, desktop, cell phone and coffee pot will make my week.

    It was a hilarious post :-)

    Thank you checking in my blog.

  9. Chatty Crone -- We rarely order to-go food from a restaurant but we did recently and our order was so carefully packed it made me thing someone needed a tip.

    Riot Kitty -- Donald Duck has three nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. Since all three of my chicks look alike with no distinguishable characteristcs I had to just stay with Huey for all three.

    Monalisa -- Glad I could give you a smile. I often try to do just that on my blog.

  10. Granny Annie, I wouldn't say you should tip 20% but maybe 10%. Hubby and I freguent Red Lobster and have our meal at the bar. We have become friends with the workers there and this is how it goes there. The bartender along with making drinks for the whole place takes the to go orders on the phone and serves the booths in the bar area and delivers the to go orders and checks them out. If he gets a tip it goes in the tip jar and it is distributed per company policy. So many people do take out only because they don't want to have to buy drinks and leave a tip. As for McDonalds and other take out bussiness places....they advertise for take out and no tip should be required. That's my view:)

  11. Changes in the wind -- Sounds like that bartender earns his tip. Looks like there is no hard and fast rule and is most likely a matter of personal choice. In your case at Red Lobster you can see how hard that bartender works. Now that lots of places have car-side-to-go I would think the person who brings your order to the car would expect a tip of some kind but if you go in to pick it up, it's maybe a different story. Interesting observations.

  12. Dates are too sweet for my liking but I would love to be asked out for a date kekekekeke....

  13. Shionge -- But that is the reason we like dates...the sweetness. Now don't be going on any dates with my husband kekekekeke...

  14. Sorry to hear your gizmos are acting up too! Haven't had dates in years! Either kind- I like dried apricots too. cute names. hioe the chibks grow up pretty, n don't rob banks...
    Mischiek smells the food before seeing it- n must be fed before I am or totures me.
    Never been to a casino- would like to have the bux for that. Yes, my parents could run after my lil Sis pretty quick.

  15. Snaggle Tooth -- We rarely gamble at the casinos. Our primary goal is to take in a nice meal and all the casinos around here have the best restaurants. I guess I don't remember seeing my parents run because i was the lil sis and guess they were probably chasing me so I didn't dare look back. LOL