Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Here is Rooster Chicklet, in charge of the flock.  Notice his proud tail feather, flying like a beautiful flag unfurled.  You can see that the tail feather balances him and makes him walk proud.

Oops, what is this?  It appears to be a tail feather missing a rooster.  Something seems to have happened among our flock that caused proud Chicklet to lose his banner of rule.

Introducing "Little Joe",  Chicklet's nephew who is only six-months-old.  As you can see, Little Joe is already as big, if not slightly bigger, than his uncle.  You will also notice that Chicklet's tail feather is missing and his shoulders are slumped in shame.  It appears they had a lively game of "capture the flag" and Chicklet lost.  It wasn't very fair because Little Joe doesn't even have a tail feather yet.  He does, however, have a healthy set of spurs. It seems he just might know how to use them.  

And the rooster wars continue...

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  1. I'm not sure if I could handle being around all that rooster violence. :) They sure are pretty though - with their multicolored feathers.

  2. Poor Chicklet getting upstaged by a youngster so soon! The life of roosters seems to be so harsh!

    Well I do remember the gambling over cock fight stories...

  3. They are very healthy chickie huh? Strong and healthy ... :D

  4. Rooster wars! Keep us posted on who is winning :)

  5. that youngin' needs to show some respect! ;)

    I think I may need a tail feather to help me balance

  6. Lynn – Roosters are the most beautiful as are most males in the bird family. They are wonderful protectors and can work in harmony to protect the flock. But when it comes to lovin’ they are not much on sharing:)

    Snaggle Tooth – Oklahoma had outlawed cock fights and sometimes I fear my guys will catch the attention of the authorities. At least we do not take bets on who might win and at least we don’t add metal spurs to their legs. Still poor Daryl fought to the death and that was definitely a first around here. It is amazing to watch them fight. They are like dancers in their moves and actions.

    Shionge – Yes they are strong and healthy and that makes me happy. Our girls are healthy too and lay such beautiful eggs. We also have five new baby chicks and I’m hoping they are all girls. Usually, however, we get a majority of men and have to go looking for new homes for them.

    Riot Kitty – My guess is that Little Joe will grow to de-throne Chicklet because I can’t remember having another rooster as aggressive at this young age. He has the coloring of Chicklet but the size of Rooster Jack Bauer. It will be interesting to see what he looks like when he is fully developed.

    Dianne – Sorry, but only the boys get the great big tail feathers to wave around. The girls, as is most often the rule, are all well balanced to begin with:)

  7. I love your rooster stories here. They are indeed beautiful animals. I just don't always think of them that way. When I lived in Haiti, we heard roosters crowing often during the day.

  8. Husband went out to catch some batam chickens tonight. The man who wants them prefers dark colors. He is going to put them in the barn with his miniture ponies. He wants them to blend in with the scenery, hoping the hawks can't see them. I stay away from the chickens. I've seen what the spurs on those roosters can do.

  9. I think you are right that Little Joe will be the man around the girls. So young and already going for King of the Hill... lol

  10. Even the animal world fights but at least once it is settled it isn't approached again until the new challenger shows up.

  11. Keep us updated on the rooster wars. They are fun to read.

  12. Anonymous5:32 PM

    We kept chickens. Mom got a box of peeps from Sear's and Roebuck and the "mixed" box contained hens and roosters. But mostly laying hens. We ended up with two or three roosters. I liked to hear them crow in the morning.

  13. Beverly – I am happy when people like my fowl stories:) Thankfully our neighbors like to hear the sound of roosters crowing. At least they say that they do.

    ancient one – We have only had one very bad rooster. His name was Boss Hog and suddenly one day he decided to attack me. I passed him and he charged from behind. I screamed and ran and my husband yelled turn around and kick him hard. I did just that and don’t know how far Boss Hog flew but my shoe went way up in the air. I didn’t have trouble with him after that but he tested every new person on our property. We had one grandson meet Boss Hog with a bucket of water and when the rooster charged, Michael poured the whole bucket of water on the bird and he never bothered Michael again.

    Holland – Yes Little Joe already as the attention of the hens. I believe Jack Bauer must have been his father. He has the coloring of his mother but the size and build of Jack. It is going to be interesting to watch him evolve. I just wish I could get some good pictures of Little Joe.

    Changes in the wind – Yes they usually do just have one major fight for position but after that they will have a few battles just to show off.

    Ralph – I hope to continue having rooster tales of rooster tails.

    Dani – Don’t worry. Chicklet’s tail feather is already growing back.

    Abe Lincoln – Little Joe is just now starting to crow. It is the funniest thing to listen to a young rooster learning to crow. They love the sound and have no idea how wobbly they sound at first. You would think he has a bad sore throat.