Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, July 22, 2011


Unusual Flock -- June, Baby Chick, Mr. Gibson, Jack Bauer

The chickens are feeding us. I manage to collect two eggs a day. The heat is definitely affecting egg production. (I am 65 years old and still have to toss a coin on when to use "affect" or "effect".)

Jack Bauer and Rooster Chicklet seem to have reached some agreement and Jack Bauer splits off in the mornings with his own little flock of girls. He wanders all day with Mr. Gibson (who happens to be Chicklet's sister) and Mr. Gibson's young chick plus June who assisted in setting on the nest where this chick was hatched. This leaves Chicklet with the remaider of the flock and that seems to satisfy both camps.

The goats must be insane because they want out of their cool, shaded pen every day to graze under the hot sun. I guess their affection for the heat must be part of their African heritage. The same for the guinea fowl as they do not seem to be bothered by the heat. My own Sub-Saharan African blood does not help me in the least.

Loving the heat -- Elizabeth, Polly, TK, Tina, Dixie, LV, Dr. Cole

Boomer's kittens born in April have moved back here from the neighbor's. David's one kitten, Vern, was born a few days after Boomer's and is only about one third their size. I'm thinking Vern is a dwarf cat.

Boomer's kitten to the right of the name -- Vern directly below name

Slim is trying to go outside but keeps feeling the pull of air conditioning which keeps her from her designated tasks.

However we are having air conditioning problems once more and I don't know how much longer it will hold up under this heat wave. Only half of the house vents blow cool air and the other half seem to be clogged but no one is willing to crawl under the house and see what has happened. I would do it but know I would get stuck in the crawl space. We have fans strategically placed everywhere in hopes of moving cool air to the warm side.

The old stray dog that has adopted us seems to be pulling our leg because everyone in the area thinks the dog as adopted them too. It seems to be panhandling everywhere but still not bothering any livestock or property. I must say that Slim is not happy to have the visitor here any longer and definitely believes it has overstayed it's welcome. The stray has moved from the shady spot under the tractor to Slim's favorite spot under the front porch. Not a good idea.

Our refrigerator is finally repaired ($300 later) and it is a real treat not to have to go to the den freezer or to the small fridge on the utility porch to get our food.

Our kids have been coming almost every weekend from Tulsa and Oklahoma City to help around the place. Son helping with Ron's outside jobs, property maintenance, etc. Daughter putting her magic to work on organizing the inside of our home. I would be ashamed to tell you the number of bags that have been filled and directed to Goodwill, to my storage or to the incinerator.
I know Ron and I both are borderline hoarders and the children fear having to dig us out someday.

Ron is gradually progressing as he gets further away from his chemo and radiation treatments but it looks like we're a long way off from him being his old self. It will still be August before we have a clue on how much the treatments helped.

The past six weeks of my Alli weight loss program have resulted in two steps forward and three steps back. I have managed a net loss of another pound (38 lost) but it is very frustrating after it has gone so easily up until now. I am sticking with the plan however and continuing to journal my food intake and exercising daily.

This is definitely TMI (too much information) but just wanted to catch myself up as much as informing you guys. Thanks for, reading.


  1. I love the names of your feathered friends. :) And so neat that you get eggs from them - delicious, I'll bet.

    Congrats on the weight loss!!! Very good and you are doing exactly the right thing - writing it down and exercising. I am inspired by you.

  2. Things are tough now with the heat and wait but there is light at the end of the tunnel....

  3. I read on FB that Satan wants his weather back...I wish he would come and get it. Funny how it doesn't seem to affect some animals or people. Congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the good work.

  4. 38 pounds is wonderful Granny! You just keep on going.

  5. I think watching your chickens and goats must be better than TV. I hope your air conditioner holds out through the heat wave!

  6. As a city girl, I love the glimpse you provide of life with the chickens, the goats, the cats, and even the stray dog. All I have are 2 huge dogs and 3 cats, but I wish I had more.

    I could use your daughter at my house. We have too much stuff too.

    Sending good health vibes your way for Ron and motivational ones your way to stick with the diet.

  7. Stick with it - you'll get over the hump. 38 lbs is great!

    Sending hugs to you, Ron, and all of your critters.

  8. Thanks fot the interesting Chicken, goat, kitty, doggie, Children, house, Ron, Ali diet updates!
    I'd love time to clear out some old stuff taking up space myself.

    I'm sure the heat has been tough to endure. I'll pray your AC hangs in there the rest of the summer.