Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Here is a heart breaking commercial we see on television constantly about saving the needy children of Africa.

So is this the commercial they show in Africa about saving the needy children of America?


Aren't we going a bit far? We leave battered, abused and starving children in the home with bad parents but we want to take them away if they are eating too much. Get a grip America, we're going way too far with this supposed concern. It is just another social issue clouding the matters of more immediate concern in the United States.


Ralph said...

Both of those are the kind of commercials that are making me think about starting my own country.

Terry said...

Amen Sister !
Love and hugs from Texas:)
Until next time
Happy Trails

ancient one said...

yeah really... I don't think GOD intended for every child to be the same size...

Dani said...

Gah! I hear yah Granny!

Riot Kitty said...

Wow. Just sad. And I'm with Ralph.

Oddly enough, I was just thinking about this the other day - I keep seeing headlines about the obesity epidemic. How amazing it is that we live in a country where there is so much surplus that we can be such oinks. Meanwhile people in other parts of the world are starving. It boggles the mind.

Granny Annie said...

Ralph – Well our forefathers already did that over 200 years ago. How’s that working for us?

Terry – Love and hugs to you too!

ancient one – It seems God’s intentions don’t count for much these days. I’m guessing the plan was for human beings to be a lot smarter than we are.

Dani – Perhaps we should all count how many obese children we encounter each day (not on television) and report back here. I can’t think of a single one that I have seen this week, can you?

Riot Kitty – I found the answer is hidden in your comment. We simply could do a foreign exchange program and trade one fat kid with one starving kid and there would be the cure for both..

Can you just begin to imagine how this media hype is playing around the world. Talk about displaying our opulence and greed as well as our overwhelming drive for government control of our lives because we're not smart enough to make reasonable choices. I am totally embarrassed.

Cliff said...

I'll be in Ralphs new country if anyone is looking for me.
The camera man should have given the poor kid a sandwich.

Bonnie said...

Where I live in Florida, there are no obese children. The children in my neighborhood are all heathly and believe it or not, do not sit in front of the tv all day eating. They actually have parents who are outside with them, riding bikes, playing games. I have seen many malnourished children near where I live though. Parents are all hyped up on drugs and could care less if the kids eat. Where's the media for that?

Granny Annie said...

Cliff -- That is exactly what Sam Kinison used to say in his comedy routine.

Bonnie -- I continue to search the internet for pictures of groups of school children and I have yet to see one group that has any children who could be labeled "morbidly obese". The media searches out the minority and plasters their pictures all over everywhere as if they represent all of our children in America.