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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, July 07, 2011


A friend on Facebook (Misty, one of those former bloggers that we all miss) is trying to figure out what to tell her family she wants for her upcoming birthday. I understand her dilemma. I am not and never have been a "material girl" and was once criticized for not craving diamonds or gold or other items of intrinsic value.

It seems my wishes are always for things like peace, joy and happiness. Now I am attempting honestly to put together a wish list that I could give someone who wanted to give me something.

Audio books on CD
Movie DVDs
Music CDs
Sketch pads and/or markers
Vintage books (poetry primarily)
House of Stuart Scotch
7 new strong goat collars
Cute hats (for me not the goats).
Auction, garage sale or yard sale booty.

Basically clever items for very little money. The less spent on me the happier I am. Some of my best gifts have come from the dollar store.

Well that list could go on but I'm surprised I came up with these "wants" so quickly. Maybe I am a material girl. What would be on your list? Oops, did I just waste what could have been a good Question Of The Week?



  1. I'm pretty much like you. Oh I see things that I would like to have, but then think of things that would be of better use of the money that would have been spent. I'd be perfectly happy with yard sale items, vintage items. Or anything my kids or grandkids want to make me. Those would be the most special. Right now though, I would really like some good walking/running shoes and some Zumba DVDs, lol.

  2. My daughter's can never come up with birthday lists etc. but I think that's because they have everything they want. :D

    I can always come up with stuff I'd love. Caps, cds, arts and crafts stuff, diy tools, paint, woodcraft kits, blank cds, bling chains, clothes. :D

  3. Like you I can never come up with a list...should try harder to avoid those bath scrubby things that I often get out of desperation.

  4. I really have everything I need, so I am always hard pressed to tell anyone what I would want for Christmas or birthday. My mom gave me money for my birthday and I used it for the annual parking sticker for the park I frequently walk in.

    It's gotten to be a joke in my family that I say I want cleaning supplies - like a new broom. Or measuring spoons. They gave me an American Express gift card last Christmas that I just rediscovered in my jewelry box - I think I am going to use it for new running shoes.

  5. my kids get perturbed cuz I always say "If I wanted it, I'd already have it."
    I tell them I just want them to be good little children. They're in their 30's so that doesn't fly. I tell Mailyn I just want her to not be a good little girl. Doesn't fly either.

  6. I like money - teehee then I can get what I want.

  7. On my list?

    gift cards
    spa credits
    travel vouchers

  8. Someone actually criticized you for not wanting more jewelry? Wow.

    I just always think of the verse that says, "Where your treasures are, there will be your heart."

  9. I don't wear jewelry. My fave gifts are hand-made crafty-artsy things.

    What I really want more than anything is more free time, to be rested, not hurried or stressed, n be able to get to more painting pics n music playing on instruments without contant schedule interruptions.
    Of course a pile of money to pay for everything so I could do that would help!

    I do have alot of stashed sentimental treasures around here- Mostly I get Photos of kids for presents.

    I do love your questions n the answers they have me come up with!

  10. Bonnie – I’m hearing a lot about Zumba. Just what is that? Guess I’ll have to research it.

    LL Cool Joe – I knew you would always be able to come up with stuff. Anyone who didn’t know they could get you a hat would be someone who didn’t know you at all. LOL (Of course I know just any hat would not do.)

    Changes in the wind – Oh and I was going to send you a bath scrubby for your next birthday. lol

    Lynn – I find money the easiest gift to give but I always want to know what I bought them once they spend it. I’m not crazy about receiving money though.

    Cliff – Good children and a bad wife – what more could any man want?

    Chatty Crone – You sure “teehee” a lot!

    kenju – You’ve got a good list there. It is sensible and fun.

    Riot Kitty – The critic was my ex-husband. I don’t know why he cared because he spent all the money on his toys so there wouldn’t have been anything left for me to buy. ‘

    And oh yes, my treasures are in my heart!

    Snaggle Tooth -- I love hand made things from family members. My home is filled with sentimental treasures. Family photos are always welcome gifts. So happy you like the weekly question.

  11. Zumba is a quick kinda of dancing exercise with a latin history. I've seen it on TV and we have a class through the city that I am going to try to check out. For some of the dances they are claiming you can burn upwards of 1000 calories. Not sure how true that is, but it looks fun and not so much like exercise.