Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is my handsome 18 year old grandson Ryan. He has been notorious all his life for telling the most lame jokes. So how in the world did he have me laughing harder last night than I have in years.

Ryan simply opened the dinner conversation with "I saw the funniest episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM the other night"...and he went on from there to basically re-tell the entire episode. I doubt he left out one detail and his gestures and facial expressions and his own enthusiasm are hard to describe.

I like that show sometimes but will not be able to enjoy future episodes without wishing Ryan was around to re-tell the story.

He has been accepted at OU and will leave for college this fall. 18 years! I must have blinked.


  1. Hi Annie ~~ Your grandson is very
    handsom and must be fun to be with. Be careful of those blinks !!
    Love, Merle.

  2. What a cutie!! We like Curb Your Enthusiasm too, and I always say that he emulates mr. kenju!

  3. Cuz, getting older is NOT for the faint-hearted! It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that he was riding his bicycle. I really regret living so far away from my extended family, that we only got to see each other every couple of years. It meant so much to me to see you all in March.
    Know that my love is always there for all of you!

  4. What a handsome young man! And so talented, too, that he can make you laugh like that. Truly a time to be treasured.

  5. Good looking guy and if he's funny too, he's going to be very popular!

    Time flies by doesn't it?

  6. Now that is a good looking fellow...glad he is persuing his education and wish him well.

  7. They grow like weeds, don't they?

  8. That is a great talent to have...the only time I make people laugh is by accident, when I am self-deprecating. Or think people say things that they really didn't!

  9. He is a real cutie pie!

  10. He does look very smart n witty there! Congrats for his acceptance to a good schol1
    Yep, from diapers to adulthood in one blink. I didn't even bat an eyelash n the two older boys are in grade school already...

  11. That's a memory to treasure for sure;)

  12. Merle – Isn’t he a handsome young man! We are very proud of him.

    Kenju – It scares me to think Mr. kenju is like Larry David. Yikes!

    Frank G. – Thanks cuz. It is fun to have you comment on my blog.

    Lynn – Laughter is the best medicine and I felt so good after he finished his dialogue. Our grandchildren are all growing way too fast.

    LL Cool Joe – He is a pretty popular fellow and we anticipate he will go far in a successful life.

    Changes in the wind – He is as good a student as he is good looking and has some nice monetary rewards for is college because of his great test scores, etc.

    Tabor – Just like weeds…only prettier:)

    Riot Kitty – I have to disagree. You are a very talented humorist.

    Chatty Crone – Thanks Sandie!

    Snaggle Tooth – We’ve got eight grandkds to blink about and they are all growing way too fast.

    Pat – Yes, it’s a memory for the grandchildren’s book

  13. He is adorable..good luck to him..and congrats as well..!