Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Thursday, June 30, 2011


My son was visiting us and told me that my dog Slim was after something in the tall grass next to our house. Slim would run to the edge of the grass and begin barking, running back and forth, and jumping up and down as if she was trying to catch a glimpse of something, but not daring to go into the high brush after it.

A few days later, looking out the kitchen window, I thought I saw Slim sleeping under one of the tractors. I heard a noise in the kitchen and Slim was standing next to me. So what animal was under the tractor?

I ventured out to inspect the large reddish-brown dog with an aging gray face. She raised her head to look at me. Once it was determined that I was not the person she expected, she darted quickly into the high grass to hide. Slim followed her, barking loudly, but only to the edge of the clearing.

I am sure it has happened once again. Someone has driven to the country to drop off an old pet. We have many strays in our area due to that fact and the animals are rarely adopted by the locals. Usually they are shot because these abandoned animals quickly turn into predators and threaten the livestock.

This old girl has not adopted us, but she had adopted this particular tractor. Each time we become preoccupied with other things and Slim is in the house, the stray will creep out of the bushes to rest under that one tractor. (We have several.) The minute I walk out the door she does the same thing – she glances at me with anticipation, hoping I am her lost owner, and then disappointed, runs away to her hiding place. For some reason Slim is not trying very hard to run her off.

We are guessing that the dog’s owner must have passed away and the family didn’t know what to do with the aging dog, so they abandoned her. This elderly canine may have picked us because we had a tractor that was probably like one her owner had.

I doubt she will ever let us come near her, but I know that at night she has shelter and can easily access Slim’s food and water. This visiting dog does not show any interest in my chickens or my goats. My husband won’t be driving that old Ferguson tractor for quite some time, so it can be hers for now to shade her and to allow her to sleep with peaceful dreams of times gone by.


Changes in the wind said...

Well, I am glad she landed at your house where she found some sympathy and horrible to be old and abandonded.

LL Cool Joe said...

Aww what a sad by lovely story, and how lucky the dog is to have found you!

Granny Annie said...

Changes in the wind -- Hope that doesn't happen to us someday:)

LL Cool Joe -- Our dog Slim came here as a stray but she was about 6 months old and was running with a pack of strays. Ron actually popped her with the pellet gun and she just kept on coming so he said she could stay. As everyone knows, she is the best dog in the world. This dog is welcome too as long as she doesn't take a liking to my chickens.

Lynn said...

I had a feeling this post would end with you showing this dog what a kind lady you are.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

bless you Annie.. maybe the tractor dog will feel your kind vibe and come closer one day soon.. they have a sense about folks and she can feel your loving spirit.. she's just scared and her heart hurts.

Granny Annie said...

Lynn -- Well I don't know that I'm that good of a person, but I know that when a stranger shows up hungry and is nice and not scary, he or she is welcome. The last stray that came calling was killing my chickens even though food was available for him.

Sonny -- If the dog would come close I think Slim would let it. I can't help but think Slim was just trying to tell us the dog was out there. She seems fine with it now that we know.

Tabor said...

So sad how these animals are treated and then abandoned. Dogs especially adapt to their human pack. I honestly do not know how I would solve it.

Mountain Mama said...

She looks so pathetic and hopeful. Sure tears at the heart. So many people are heartless when it comes to caring for animals.
Thank you for being her friend.

Holland said...

It is wonderful if you are in the position to give an old dog some peace and a place to shelter. But you are right to keep an eye on the stray just in case she does like chicken.

Granny Annie said...

Tabor -- When it comes to stray cats and dogs, the problem is never solved. I don't know what happens if a person is caught abandoning an animal. There should be some harsh penalties.

Mountain Mama -- Some people should never bring a pet into their home but I guess they do so with the best intentions. Surely they don't do so with plans to ever just abandon the animal.

Holland -- I guess as long as we live on 10 acres, we'll always have room for one more. The dog should not resort to going after my chickens as long as there is always easy food to reach outside. At least that is my hope.