Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, April 25, 2011


How well does your pet know you?

(For instance, if I just slip on my jeans and a t-shirt, Slim heads for the barn. If I put on my bra first, she heads for the van, knowing I'm on my way to town.)

This post is dedicated to the wonderful memories of kenju's cat Storm.


  1. My late cat Sophie (deceased since August 2010) knew exactly what time I should be up in the morning and was like a personalized snooze alarm with the loud in your face meowing. I never could get her to understand about Saturday and Sunday.

  2. That's cute.

    I do have a pet, but she doesn't live with me, in the house with the kids and partner. (My partner is allergic to fur). So whenever I visit my cat called Kylie she appears to know when to stay out the way and when to come and sit on my lap.

  3. It's amazing how many cues the animals know. Even the cats know when I'm heading out or when I'm just heading outside.

    The dogs get depressed and don't even bother to follow me when I head to the front hall - they know it means I'm going to get a 'going out without them' coat, but all hell breaks loose when I head to the door closet where my do walking/gardening jackets are - then they are dancing on their toes in excitement! :)

  4. My cats would take over the world if they had thumbs. Earl Grey gets up at 6 (when Mr. RK gets up) and tickles Mr. RK's face with his whiskers, trying to get his morning goodies. After eating said goodies, both cats get back into bed, where they know I'll be sleeping for another hour.

  5. I just saw a bit on Diane Sawyer where a dog discovered his mistress' breast cancer. After 4 days of him rooting around in her boob, she went to the doc and they found a stage 3 cancer. I hope a dog knows me well enough to discover that if I eer have it!

  6. My dog knows all of us better then we know ourselves - no kidding - he is so smart - he moves ahead of us.

  7. pretty well-
    Mischief answers yes n no questions. I kid you not. An eye blink is "Yes," a wide stare is "No". I ask alot of questions, from what kind of food, to what the neighbors did while I was out.
    Right now she's happy cause I said "No work tomorrow!" when I got home- n knows the difference, because I talk with her alot! She's 12 years old.
    She really hates sudden routine changes tho- but understands when I tell her to expect it.

  8. Many dogs are very very smart and can learn many words. The watch everything we do, because that is the only way they can survive.

  9. I guess with cats (and we have 2) it is more if we know them and their little desires. In return they stare at us and allow us to pet

  10. That's a very astute little dog you have.
    Just read your sensible comment over at Judy's (Kenju)

  11. Lynn – When I worked outside the home I could never get my animals to know the difference in weekends. I know you still miss your Sophie.

    LL Cool Joe – Kylie is a cute name for a pet. I’ve never heard that. Sorry you have to keep her in quarantine:(

    Talon – I know what you mean. Slim gets so excited if I pick up her leash because she knows that she is going wherever I am going. She is excited until we get to the Vet and then I know it wasn’t what she bargained for. LOL

    Riot Kitty – Thankfully God knew better than to give cats thumbs. LOL

    Kenju – I have heard so many stories about dogs diagnosing illness in their owners. Sometimes Slim is especially attentive to me and I wonder if she is trying to tell me something about my health.

    Chatty Crone – I know exactly what you mean about you dog moving ahead of you. Slim seems to be a mind reader at times.

    Snaggle Tooth – I’ll have to start watching Slim more closely to see if she is trying to send me coded messages.

    Tabor – You are so right about their survival. Our pets seem to know best to pay close attention.

    Holland – Cats are all such primadonnas aren’t they?

    Pat – Yep Slim is astute. Which comment at Judy’s? I’m just so sensible all the time. LOL